The first time I've ever seen your name, we hardly ever spoken
It was like I hardly didn't know you, it's true - I didn't.
But when the time you introduced yourself to me, I knew from the start that we would end up being friends.
But never have I ever come to believe that we would be in love.
From the day we conversed, I realized we had chemistry.
Which pulled us so closer together minute after minute.
From Broadway, to our insecurities, days later, bam, I'm having romantic feelings.
So much feelings that I didn't even want you to know it.
Although you did, and I attempted to show it in song.
I felt like it was impossible for us to be.
You may be next to normal, but you're perfect to me.
That was until that night, something had changed.
Something had caused us to become just one.
Those words, "Will you be my boyfriend?"
It left me in awe, and people beg me to say yes.
And, heh, I did. And now look at us. Two worlds that collide.
No more frustration, no more feelings to hide.
Kyle, I love you, and that's all I can say.

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