James A. Masters High School has become completely fed up with the new rules—no jackets, no accessories, no cellphones, and no weave—and the students aren’t having it. The Savages encourage the students to start silent protests, which caused friction between the students and teachers, who even threaten to quit. Alex and Gina make amends after Alex tries his hardest to impress her, but Carl convinces him to be natural. Joe continues to manipulate by targeting Sydney, who knows of his suspicious acts. Trae and Zach’s quest to expose Brian and Vik also backfires in the midst of an assembly performance gone awry.


The same morning that Trae heard his name called on the intercom was the same day things felt tense, bitter, and slower than usual. As Trae walked swiftly in the empty hallways of James A. Masters High School, uncertainty entered Trae’s mind; not that he cared, but he didn’t want to face Rose De Vil, who seemed biased and rude in general. Trae entered Principal De Vil’s office, watching her every move before she faced him.

Rose leaned back on her flexible office chair, looking in a small mirror as she coated her soft, pink lips with red lipstick. She pushed her upper and lower lip together and smirked.

Trae stood outside of her door, watching her impatiently, “You wanted to see me?”

Rose turned to the front, smoothly with her chair. She closed her mirror and looked up with an infatuated glance. “Just in time; take a seat.”

As Trae sat across from Rose, he rolled his eyes—Trae usually never had any animosity towards Rose until his sophomore year. It was like the two never seemed to meet eye to eye. At this point, Trae didn’t even care what Rose was going to say; he just wanted to leave.

Rose grabbed her pink mug, printed with roses around the circumference of it. She took a sip of her coffee and placed it gently on the desk before she began to speak.

“Want some coffee? Vanilla, black, or almond?” Rose asked.

Trae responded with a different answer, “I’d prefer we cut to the chase,”

Rose was impressed, briefly stunned by Trae’s eager, succinct attitude. She chuckled as she responded, “We actually agree on something, Ventura,”

Trae nodded sarcastically, and replied, “So, what am I here for?”

Rose cleared her throat and pushed her seat closer to her desk, organized and clear, “Well, Trae, considering the fact that you and your friends rudely interrupted the assembly—”

“—We didn’t interrupt. We saved the assembly,” Trae interrupted Rose, with a sarcastic smile and tone. “And I’m pretty sure that the majority of those 5 minutes—I believe—everyone threw jabs at you.”

“Just like every teenager in this school, your respect is necessary to maintain a peaceful school environment,” Rose stated. “Your little impromptu performance was inappropriate,”

Trae tried not to laugh. The lecture seemed amusing to him, more than it seemed to Rose. Trae replied, “I thought you’d be impressed at the talent that your students have in this school. We’re talented, creative, and all human beings with feelings,”

“Okay, Poetic Justice, you can save the sarcasm,” Rose De Vil said. “But, I’ll bring up the most important piece to this puzzle. The inappropriate thing about your little musical rant was the video afterwards.”

Trae shrugged, but deep inside, he felt irritated, “Well, I agree. It was inappropriate, especially since my friends and I didn’t have anything to do with that,”

“Are you sure of that?” Rose questioned.

Trae scoffed, “Listen, Principal, my friends and I have lives—we wouldn’t care to spend about 8 minutes of our time recording two guys kissing, which could easily be mistaken for some high school jock porno.”

“But I’m sure you may know who did it,” Rose continued to test Trae—in her mind, she wanted to know the truth, regardless of how long it would take.

Trae responded, “And if I actually did, I wouldn’t even bother telling you. Snitches get stitches. Otherwise, I’m clueless just like you and Alicia Silverstone,”

Rose changed the posture of her body, responding, “You know, I’ve been good friends with your mother Stacey for years—we used to play Bingo every Friday….”

Trae rolled his eyes; it was the same story. Rose De Vil used to be a good friend of Trae’s mother, until Rose began drifting away from Stacey when she became more “richer.” To this day, Stacey holds animosity towards her.

“…and when you were 3 years old, you were the sweetest thing ever, but you grew up to be just like her…stubborn and sarcastic.”

It was silent at that moment; Trae was trying to keep his composure. He responded, “Principal De Vil, I don’t mean no disrespect—well, actually, I do—but my mother hates your guts. So, making that type of insult could easily allow her to report you to the school board…”

Rose De Vil’s smirk decreased; she watched Trae continue to talk.

“…for harassment of a student and his parent. If you haven’t perused my records, I’m 1 point away from having a 4.0 GPA, and my test scores are on par, regardless of how much I despise your rules and this place. Principal, I find it ridiculous that you’re prohibiting our extracurricular activities and outside involvement just for some stupid video that anyone could have done. For all we know, Barack Obama probably did it. It doesn’t matter—what matters is that if you want to know who did it, don’t punish the entire school for it; you’re pretty much taking away our opportunities for college. Other than that, it’s your rules, our opinions.”

Rose sat silently, suddenly replying in a sarcastic tone, “You know, I’ve always liked you.”

“If I was you, I’d like me to,” Trae shrugged. “If you’ll excuse me, I do have to finish my Gatsby book,”

Rose was taken aback. Trae departed from the office, but he turned back, with another response.

“By the way, I’m allergic to almonds—all nuts,” Trae said. Rose De Vil looked at him, memorizing the coffee flavor question she asked minutes prior to his entrance.

Trae continued, “—I might also be allergic to you…’cause you’re nuts if you think I’m responsible for that video,”

After Trae left, irritated and annoyed, Rose De Vil was left alone. She slowly crossed her legs and smirked.





Gina narrates, Feminism; a nation of political, social, and economic inequality. Women are more than underestimated, deprived of their civil rights to the country. Women are objectified, used, abused, and harassed by men.

Status-Quo LG

We are often considered too timid, too sensitive to do what men do, that’s why women earn less of what men earn. Women become less successful compared to the successful man. According to most, women belong in the kitchen—at home, taking care of the children. Men are all in control; they have the masculinity and the power over us. But as women, we shall not stand for it.

Did Rosa Parks immediately get off the bus? Did Beyoncé or Rihanna truthfully care when critics panned the sexuality in their music? Okay, they weren’t great examples, but feminism is more than women speaking for their rights. It’s for everyone’s rights.

Not only should women deserve the respect, young girls in high schools deserve to be respected. And.. well, this is what this episode is all about. In this episode, you will see a variety of perspectives and stances on feminism—what does it mean to them? Is it effective? Hopefully, you’ll see what women are coming from.

Usually Trae gets in detail of the political and psychological flaws of society, but as a supporter of equality, it’s best to introduce a new term…



The night after, the Savages prepared for a night out to the movies. Outside, the weather was cold. As leaves slowly fell down to the concrete, the wind blew them away. Meanwhile, Trae, Gina, Alex, Sydney, Carl, and Lily waited for Nate’s exit.

“Let’s go, Osbourne, before we’re late!” Trae yelled.

Nate yelled from the window, “You can’t rush perfection, damn it!”

Trae rolled his eyes—while The Savages groaned--and turned to Sydney, whispering and asking, “What the hell could he be possibly doing almost 10 minutes before the movie?”

Sydney responded, “Probably braiding his ass hairs,”

Alex and Gina were laughing at the comment, while Carl raised his eyebrow in disgust, and he turned to Sydney.

“Now, that’s just disgusting,” Carl responded to Sydney—she looked back at Carl and folded her arms together, chuckling softly.

She replied, “Disgusting like that yellow tooth in your mouth, Crayola,”

The Savages began to laugh, while Carl grabbed his iPhone 5, using his camera as a mirror to check his teeth. Trae shook his head, smiling at the response, but he became more impatient with Nate. However, Nate exited his house, wearing ripped black jeans, exposing his knees. His black shoes and his leather jacket matched his apparel, but he looked unusual—somewhat different.

The small group of the Savages silently stared at Nate, who looked at everyone in retaliation—“Hello?”

“It’s about time you came out, Nate,” Carl commented, his tone seemed annoyed and impatient, just like the others.

Nate smirked and crossed his arms—he walked past the Savages as he replied, “Oh, I’m not Nate, I’m Breadquanda,”

Trae and the Savages turned around; they were perplexed by Nate’s response, as they all turned to Nate and replied in unison, “What?!”

“Yep, my name is Breadquanda Aquafina Osbourne,” Nate replied confidently. “Nate couldn’t make it,”

Sydney raised her eyebrow, “Did Watermelondrea’s spirit come inside your house to possess you, or?”

Nate scoffed and stared at Sydney as he spoke; after 2 days ago, it was clear that their friendship was taking a turn for the bad. Nate responded, “If you must know, I am a diehard fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Breadquanda has encouraged me to find my inner diva, so don’t judge the queen,”

“The queen of what?” Lily snickered.

Nate responded, “Your edges, hunty,”

Lily closed her eyes briefly, “You know, I cut people like you,”

“Seriously, we don’t have time for games, let’s roll,” Trae said quickly.

The Savages immediately jumped into Carl’s father’s van, which he usually borrowed because his father was often considerate enough to give it to him. Carl drove quickly but carefully to the movie theater.


In approximately 6 minutes, the small group of Savages exited from the car to enter the AMC movie theaters. Trae checked his watch, 7:35 pm. As the movie would begin almost 10 minutes, Trae nodded his head and continued to walk with Carl next to him. Trae’s phone vibrated—as he grabbed his phone, a message notification popped up quickly from Zachary.

Zachary texted—Srry I couldn’t make it. Can we talk?

Trae read the text, and quickly replied. We’ll talk later, he texted, with a thumbs up emoji. He turned his phone off completely, placed the phone in his left pocket and continued to walk.

“So, are you excited for the new Jurassic World or nah?” Trae turned to Carl, who was blasé about it.

Carl shrugged his shoulders, “I’ve never saw the other ones; I’m only seeing it because people claim there’s this hot guy that almost looks just like me.”

“If that’s the case, don’t touch yourself, Touché. We know how you get when you see attractive dudes in movies,” Alex said. Carl turned around, flipping his middle finger.

Nate—or Breadquanda—entered the theater fervently, cheering and yelling, “Yas!”

Trae and Sydney turned their faces towards each other, awkwardly reacting to Nate—or Breadquanda—and his behavior.

The others laughed as they all entered the theater and paid for their tickets for the film. As they entered the food court, the strong, appealing scent of buttered popcorn filled the air. The Savages circled up, Trae faced the others, giving everyone their tickets.

“All right, I’m heading inside to get dibs on the seats—whoever is staying to get the popcorn, let me know,”

Gina responded, “I’ll go,”

“I’ll go with her too,” Alex said. Gina turned around with a small smile, while the others stared, and Alex continued to speak, “Well, to help with the drinks.”

“Mmmhmm,” Carl could already sense what Alex was trying to do. He smirked and winked at Alex, until he turned around to an irritated Nate.

“No, no,” Nate (Breadquanda) objected. “I don’t want any popcorn. I want pretzel bites, damn it.”

Trae sighed, “Nate, my mama… is not made of money, and neither am I.”

“You still take money from your mother?” Lily chuckled, surprised by the fact. Sydney laughed alongside her.

Trae replied, “When I tell her I’m heading out, she gives me extra money—who am I to turn that down? That’s like turning down a hot date,”

“Or a dollar menu special at McDonald’s,” Alex said.

“A free shopping spree at H&M and Forever 21,” Gina replied.

Carl increased the silence, “Or a free B.J. in the alleyway,”

It was silent, and the Savages stared at Carl suspiciously. Carl looked at Sydney, who crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.

Carl chuckled nervously, “Too far?”

“Yep,” Sydney nodded her head. Trae scoffed and grabbed his leather wallet, taking out 40 dollars to give to Alex.

After Alex slowly took the money from him, Trae, Sydney, Carl, Nate, and Lily departed from them to enter the theater room.

“We’ll see you inside!” Carl yelled out. At that moment, there was silence between Alex and Gina, who watched them and took a deep breath.

Gina turned to Alex, “Well, it looks like it’s just you and me,”

“Yep,” Alex chuckled—Gina smiled back. “Let’s get the food, shall we?”


A couple of minutes later, Alex and Gina continued to wait patiently in line. The lingering smell of buttered popcorn continued to diffuse through the food court. The silence between Alex and Gina continued as the sounds of arcade games, music, and children increased. After the cashier gave the current customer their snacks, he politely greeted them.

Gina’s iPhone vibrated twice—Trae texted her: The movie’s starting in a couple of minutes.

“Damn, the movie’s almost starting,” Gina told Alex.

Alex responded, “If you wanna go and save your seat, you can, I can handle it,”

Gina chuckled and stared at Alex—“I wouldn’t do that; besides, we’re almost at the counter,”

Alex shrugged and winked at Gina. He lifted his arm, flexing confidently, “Oh, don’t underestimate me,”

Gina chuckled; she was impressed by his physique. She surrendered, “Hey, you win!”

Alex felt proud that he and Gina were finally interacting; it was what he wanted all along—a time to interact with her and perhaps find some way to win her heart. He didn’t want to take any big steps, but as long as Gina felt happy around him, that’s all that mattered to him.


Two minutes later, Alex and Gina were finally at the counter—the cashier was polite and presentable. “Good evening, guys, what can I do for you?”

“Um, yeah, we would like a large popcorn, extra butter,” Alex continued. “4 large Cokes and some Skittles on the go,”

Alex grabbed the Skittles and placed them on the counter.

“All right, sir, that’ll be $24.95,” the cashier said. Alex nodded his head, and Gina watched him with a smile. Alex grabbed the money Trae gave him to pay, and he took $30 out of the forty to pay.

The cashier took the money and gave Alex the change, but Alex nodded his head. Unaware that he used Trae’s money, he gave the cashier a tip, giving him the other $10. The cashier smiled after Alex said, “Here’s a tip,”

“Thanks, dude!” The cashier said.

Gina turned to Alex, impressed by his benevolence—“That was nice of you,”

“It’s pretty rare,” Alex shrugged, “You don’t really see a lot of welcoming workers like him every day.”

As Alex and Gina waited for their food, Gina continued to look at the front, patiently waiting. From behind, however, two boys began to examine Gina’s body from the back. One boy was infatuated—his name was X. He was a former student at James Masters A. High School, after being transferred.

X whispered, “Should I do it?”

“Yeah, you should—go ahead, do it,” The other guy said, continuing to look at Gina’s buttocks.

Gina could hear whispering from behind, but she didn’t pay attention to it, that is until she felt a huge slap, sharp and quick, on her buttocks. Gina gasped at the feeling, and X and his friend laughed, yelling “Woo!”

Gina’s eyes widened; she turned around and verbally confronted X, ‘Excuse me…”

“No, excuse me,” X said flirtatiously, “But you have a nice rack under that skirt, mind if you flash us?”

Gina scoffed, “No, back off, you pervert!”

Gina backed away from the two, and Alex watched the occasion, walking in front of the conflict. “Do we have a problem here?”

X chuckled, “No, but if you want it to be, it can. Back off, Diego,”

“Listen,” Alex walked closer to him. “If I were you, I’d back off, or else you’ll have to deal with me or the police, your choice…”

Gina crossed her arms, watching Alex defend her. The cashier walked to the counter, placing their snacks down. He asked, “Is everything okay, sir?”

Alex turned around, calmly replying, “Yes, everything is fine,”

X scoffed, “Let’s go, Rich, she’s probably a thot anyway,”


THOT – Another term boys use to call a girl a “hoe” or a “slut.” People also call this an acronym for “That Hoe Over There.” It’s a wretched word, Gina narrates.


Rich and X departed from their area, and Alex and Gina watched them. Alex sighed and grabbed their cardboard tray of four large Cokes, and Gina grabbed the large popcorn.

The cashier responded, “Have a great night and enjoy your movie,”

Alex politely greeted him and walked away with Gina, who was very stunned by the occasion, and by Alex’s defense. She turned to Alex as they walked to the theater area. “Thanks for defending me. You really didn’t have to do that,”

“I just despise a guy that harasses a girl like that,” Alex said. “Besides, when you’re a Savage, it’s best to stick together,”

Gina replied, “It just irritates me when guys do that—I just hate the way they are.”

“You know, not all guys are the same,” Alex said.

“That’s true, but it seems like most guys think they have the power over us girls,” Gina said. “Sometimes I just wish that I could address it.”

“Go for it,” Alex said. “Whatever you do, I’ll support it.”

Gina gave a good smile, “And to think that you were some thirsty lover boy,”

Alex rolled his eyes and grabbed his arm, flexing once again, “You underestimated me,”

Gina laughed, and Alex laughed alongside her before they entered the first theater, where Jurassic World would be screened. Gina appreciated Alex’s defense, but she was willing to try to defend herself on her own, without the Savages’ help. She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she was a girl and she deserves respect.

The next morning, the skies were clear and the sunshine lit the school building. The Redhawks, despite extracurricular prohibition, were demanded to prepare for football practice. Rufus had put his football uniform on, sighing as he conversed with Matt, ho began dressing himself.

“Are you sure we’re supposed to have practice today?” Rufus asked.

Matt shrugged, “That’s what Coach Radnor said,”

“I don’t know, man, what will De Vil say about this?”


DURING LOCKER ROOM: In Principal De Vil’s office, Coach Radnor stood with Rose’s legs wrapped around his waist. Her hands grasped around Radnor’s cheeks as she pulled herself in for a long, passionate, yet aggressive kiss.

“Yes,” De Vil said seductively.

“Yeah?” Radnor said in a flirtatious tone.


The two continued to kiss each other.


Back in the locker room, Matt chuckled as he asked, “Since when are you so stuck on De Vil’s stupid rules?”

Rufus took a sip from his Dasani bottled water, and responded, “I’m just getting the feeling that football isn’t for me anymore,”

Troy, another football player on the team, put down Rufus’s dilemma. After putting on his football jersey, he commented, “What? Are you serious? Playing on this team means scholarships, money, and free bitches. It doesn’t get better than that, bruh,”

Matt looked at Troy and turned to Rufus, nodding his head, “He’s right, man. I mean, look, you have it all. Why waste the opportunity? What, are you gonna quit to be some freaking Red Hot “Queer” Pepper?”

“I’m not gay,” Rufus sighed. “But I’m doubtful, because look at us—we suck, and the way you, Brian, and Vik treated Zach could be a reason why we haven’t won any game,”

“Bro,” Matt stood up, grabbing his shoulder, “Foxx was nothing but a nonentity, a waterboy. Besides, it’s only our first game. At least give it a chance, you’re our star quarterback,”

Troy scoffed, “Well, looky here, if you decide to quit, I’m gonna be doing my thing and getting these chicks; I’ll be outside,”

Rufus rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Matt, you understand, don’t you? Sometimes, you focus so much on your dreams, you just lose interest. Football was cool and all, but being a Redhawk has changed me,”

“It’s changed you for the better,” Matt tried to give him advice, encouraging him to think otherwise, but the two were interrupted by Brian Gustin, who walked inside as he stared at Matt, who didn’t seem to acknowledge his presence. Rufus stood up from the locker room bench, trying to greet Brian.

“Hey, man, what’s—” Rufus tried to greet him, but Brian continued to walk away. Vik followed the same direction, but as far apart from Brian as possible.

Brian stood at the same direction that he stood in, where he kissed Vik. Matt and Rufus watched the two from afar, and the heat inside of the locker room increased. Vik looked at Brian briefly and began to change to his uniform.

“I’ll be outside,” Rufus said, sighing. Matt followed him, turned back, shook his head and exited out of the room.

The school bell rang, an hour after practice was over, and Sydney Prescott, wearing her hair out, with a pink shirt and dark blue pants, with small cuts, attempted to walk to her next class after leaving her decorated locker.

Glenn Pierce, a less appealing member of the Sexxx Symbols, stood by his locker, giving a whistle at her. Sydney closed her eyes and sighed as she held her binders tightly with her right hand. She turned around to Glenn, who stood in an awkward position.

“Hey, hot stuff,” Glenn raised both of his eyebrows twice, chewing a piece of gum while he spoke.

Sydney exhaled, and replied, “If you even think that’s a flattering position, you have problems,”

“I like your sass,” Glenn said, continuing to flirt with her.

Sydney replied, “That’s nice, now goodbye,” she walked away from Glenn, who chased after her to ask a question.

“Wait,” Glenn continued, “Tell me, what will it take for you to go out on a date with me? Do the hot diggity deed?”

Sydney rolled her eyes, “It’ll take a toothbrush, deodorant, and a new look. Dude, you sweat more than me, and I don’t even sweat. Your breath smells like Felix Winchester’s chest hair, and you look like my grandfather. Dude, you are not my type,”

Glenn began to smell himself, and he noticed his excessive sweat, but he refused to acknowledge it. “That’s not true, I always use deodorant,”

“The deodorant at the local dollar store doesn’t count, honey,” Sydney said. “You see, this is what’s wrong with you guys—you think that you can easily get to a girl but you only want her for the sex.”

“Gee, you girls are so sensitive,” Glenn stopped walking, and Sydney nodded her head, continuing to walk away.

Glenn watched her as she walked, and began to sniff his armpits. He grimaced and groaned, “Damn, she’s right,”



Glenn was interviewed, standing in front of a large gray backdrop. He answered the question informally, shrugging at the response.

“Feminism? I mean, if you support men and women getting their nails done together or girls exposing their vaginas without shame—actually, that would be hot—then, that’s feminism for ya. Being a Sexxx Symbol, I personally don’t see feminism as a thing, I see it as a way for girls to bitch and moan about how men are so damn immature, sexist, and oppressive, when that’s clearly not the case. Men have hormones just like them. We don’t have menstrual cycles, but we do have feelings, and damn right, we get hungry. We don’t get pregnant, but when a girl’s pregnant, the baby’s father can have the same symptoms…”

There was sudden silence, and Glenn rethought his example, “Actually, that sounds stupid…”

“Anyway, I don’t mind a woman standing their ground, but it’s not that deep, girls. It’s really not that deep.”

“Also, what the hell is with all of these ‘-isms’ in this world?” Glenn questioned. “We have racism and sexism, but what about ‘Glennism?’”

“Yeah, I like that—Glennism,” Glenn smiled at the camera and winked.

In the hallways, Zachary walked to get to his next class, while transitions were only 5 minutes. Trae approached him from behind, watching everyone before he whispered to Zach.

“She’s on to us,” Trae said. Zachary turned around to him, confused with his sentence.

“What? Who?” Zach asked curiously.

Trae looked at Zach and continued walking with him; the two walked at a similar pace. “De Vil. She thinks that one of the Savages is responsible for the video.”

“That’s not fair; we didn’t have anything to do with the video,” Zach exclaimed.

Trae lifted both of his hands up and sighed in disbelief, “That’s what I told her, but in my mind, I know she’s gonna try to target every one of us. So, I’ll just say, you may be next, bro.”

“I just don’t get it,” Zach said. “What if that Kalleb guy had something to do with it?”

“He was just as clueless as we were that day,” Trae said.



FLASHBACK: Minutes after the event, Kalleb explained his reaction to Principal Rose De Vil and Mr. Baxter, who seemed sort of disappointed in the outcome. Kalleb crossed his arms and responded.

“I didn’t know it was a video,” Kalleb said. “I thought it was some music to add on for the assembly. I was literally doing my job, so I didn’t know.”

Mr. Baxter asked, “So, how did you exactly get the video?”

Kalleb replied, “Minutes before the assembly, some dude had given it to me,”

“What dude?” Rose De Vil asked.

“I don’t know, he didn’t talk—he wore some mask, a black one, and he just gave it to me and left, and that was it,”

Rose and Mr. Baxter looked at each other, and Rose began to ponder about the possibilities of who was responsible for the scandal.


“I just don’t get it; I don’t understand how the video was made at all,” Zach said, he scratched his head.

Trae asked, “Are you sure you didn’t do it? I mean, you were there when it happened,”

“Yeah, but my phone was in my locker, so there was no way for me to record it even if I wanted to,” Zach said. “Besides, a video wasn’t what I truly hoped to use to expose two people I hate,”

“So, that means someone else was in there with you,” Trae said. “Just tell her that, and you’ll be fine,”

Zach sighed, “But if I tell her that, she’ll assume that I was the accomplice, not the witness,”

“Sh*t,” Trae began to rub his chin. “Okay, look, just stay calm. If you know you didn’t do it, and she calls you, just give her a sensible alibi.”

“All right,” Zach said.

Trae walked to his class, replying, “I’ll see you soon,”

Zach sighed as he stood, watching Trae depart from his presence. He walked the same direction to get his next class.


In the cafeteria, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers and the Jocks, minus Brian and Vik, were almost close to each other. The cheerleaders sat in their designated spots, and Iesha played a song on Spotify—a song titled “11 Something.”

“It’s only 11 something, but why does it feel like it’s 2 something? We just vibing, we just cruising, baby…”

“I don’t get it,” Angelika commented, eating a fry from her tray. “Principal De Vil prohibits all extracurricular activities, but the jocks are allowed to practice for the next game,”

Sena shrugged and responded, “We’re at the top of the school pinnacle; she’s going to give us our privileges if we convince her. She’s not that smart.”

“Why do you say that?” Angelika asked.

“Do you really think those Savages are gonna try and help us?” Sena looked at Angelika.

Angelika shrugged, “Well, they are against De Vil’s rules just like us, so, that’s what I assumed.”

“Honestly, I think De Vil is just full of sh*t,” another cheerleader replied and shrugged. “She likes the football team more than us, it’s so obvious,”

Angelika scoffed, “Unless you’re Alphabet Soup over here,”

Alyssa rolled her eyes, continuing to take the insults and name jokes. She gave a response, but towards Rose De Vil, “I only like her when she gives me candy,”

“So, that’s why you got me suspended—for candy?” Iesha crossed her arms. Alyssa smiled confidently, and Sena looked at her and raised her eyebrows.

“Quite impressive for an 11-year old girl,” Sena said. Alyssa smiled at the compliment, but Iesha rolled her eyes.

Brianna had commented, “So, what do we do?”

“We’ll go to her office tomorrow and demand our privileges,” Sena said. “If she declines, I’ll have something up my sleeve to make her say yes,”

The cheerleaders all agreed, but Brianna stood up to dump the trash from lunch tray into the can. As Brianna began to walk with her pocketbook, Troy sat the jock table continuing to stare at her buttocks. Infatuated with Brianna’s thick figure, he whispered to the other jocks and immediately approached her.

Troy faced Brianna, biting his lip and briefly grabbing his crotch, and grabbing her buttocks, “Damn, you got a fat ass, shawty,”

Brianna was not pleased with Troy’s statement, taken aback by the touch. While the cheerleaders began to watch the two interact, Brianna defended herself, “Excuse me?”

“What? A man can’t acknowledge what’s under your skirt?”

Brianna became angered, “Don’t touch my butt; I don’t know you like that, pervert!”

The jocks instigated the situation, jeering and laughing at Brianna’s response, encouraging Troy to respond.

Troy sucked his teeth, and eyed Brianna up and down. “I’ll make you know me. I can touch your butt if I want to,”

“Oh, really?” Brianna said.

The cheerleaders stood up, gathering together as they witnessed Brianna’s confrontation. The jocks had watched, and a jock stood up carelessly, yelling, “Give it to me!”

As the jocks began to beat-box, Troy faced an angered, sassy Brianna, saying, “Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,”

Everyone began to watch the moment, as the jocks continued to beat-box, Brianna said, “Say it again? Oh,”

Troy rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, “I’m supposed to be scared, right?”

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,” Brianna said, as the jocks beat-boxed. “Check this out, here,”

“Looking at my body, I bet you thinkin' bout it. Don't cha wanna know how I get down?” Brianna changed the posture of her body, sarcastically emphasizing her appeal to Troy.

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers began to walk behind her, “Uh huh,”

Take a number, baby, you ain't the only brother trying to get up under my skirt now,” Brianna sang.

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers sang to Troy, who rolled his eyes once more, “Rockin’ all your hot shit, stuntin'. Thinking that your God's gift, to woman,”

“More like a buzz in my ear. Please. Shoo, fly, don't bother me,” Brianna sang, and the jocks and Red Hot Cheer Peppers began to harmonize as she sang to Troy.

“I got my hair in a ponytail, and by all means, trust me I can get 'em all. They say I stride like a model, curves like a bottle, watch me as I hit the wall, when I make ‘em say,”

The jocks sang immaturely, “Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh,”

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,” Brianna sang, dancing.

“Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh,”

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,”

“Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh,”

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,”

“Ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh,”

“D-d-d-d-don’t make me,” Brianna sang with the Red Hot Cheer Peppers. From afar, Gina could watch the confrontation--she shook her head while continuing to eat.

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers sang, “Said you got a lot of nerve…. playing with my feelings boy. Do you always speak before you think?”

“Lucky me, I know the game. I’m a flip my hair and walk away,”

“If you follow me, it’s on and poppin’,” Brianna sang. Troy replied, “Is that right?”

“’Cause I think you’re getting out of pocket. Stop it, before you make me, oh!”

Troy rapped, “Before I make you do what? Girl, you know you want it. Your body's nice, but eh, you need some Troy on it. So, find a mattress, so we can start jerkin on it, movin' on it. Baby, cause tonight's the night. For you to rock up on the mic cause I rocks the mic…”

“Right!” Troy yelled with the jocks.

The cheerleaders rolled their eyes in disgust, and Brianna stood with a smirk on her face, deprecating the jocks’ ridiculous humor.

“It's Chris Mind Freak in the back of a Rolls. I know magic, poof, and do away with ya clothes, then come here and let Troy give that body a rub.’ Cause Damn little mama you thick as a mug, just how them southern boys like it. Hurry up and get me some punch, I might spike it. Party in my Babsen, yes you’re invited.”

“So, we can make a wet scene and we can win an Oscar, all up in your best dream. Girl, I think you know you're driving me crazy. They jingling baby, go 'head baby!”

“With two hams in your pants girl, I think you's a crook. Let me touch what's under that—”

As Troy tried to touch Brianna again, she slapped his hand, “Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,”

“Aw, man, you ain’t gonna do nothing,” Troy said.

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,” Brianna sang.

“Go ahead and do it, then,” Troy laughed, and Brianna faced him, repeating the same phrase.

“Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook,”

Brianna and Troy stood face to face, “Keep it moving, brother,”

Troy sucked his teeth, “Whatever, man, I like skinny girls anyway.” The jocks walked back to their section, and Troy shook his head.

“Bye, bitch,” Iesha yelled out angrily, while the other cheerleaders waved.

“Has anyone told him he looks like Lil’ Bow Wow?” Claudia said ironically. The cheerleaders all looked at her, and she shrugged.

“Who?” Sena said.



Claudia was interviewed first for the question—she cleared her throat before she began to speak. However, it took her at least 10 seconds to think and answer the question thoroughly.

“Well, um… feminism is like what you make it, you know,” Claudia said. “We’re like… um… um…”

Claudia continued to process her thoughts.


Iesha and Angelika were both interviewed for the question together, and Iesha expressed her anger and annoyance towards the impact of the term. Angelika supported her as Iesha began to speak.

“These dumb ass boys think that they can have power over us; they ain’t sh*t,” Iesha yelled, crossing her arms.

Angelika agreed, “Right—feminism deserves to be a term known for everybody. Girls are tired of being behind men; we’re tired of feeling like we’re not worth anything because boys have stronger abilities,”

Iesha continued, “This whole generation is biased, like Beyoncé deserved that freaking Grammy, and they decided to give it to some other dude. What the f*ck is a Beck?”

“Let’s talk about those stupid Reality TV show competitions,” Angelika yelled. “You can’t tell me that boys always win those competitions,”

“Women have done a lot in this world, too, and people barely acknowledge the way women can be portrayed in this culture,” Iesha continued, “Like Queen Latifah and Jada in Set it Off,”

“Katniss in The Hunger Games,” Angelika commented.

Iesha continued, When J. Lo beat that man’s ass in that movie,”


“Um…. Feminism is….um, well, um….yeah,” Claudia continued to struggle with her definition of feminism.


“Jackie Brown,” Iesha and Angelika continued to give examples.

“Harriet Tubman,” Angelika yelled out. “Even Daria Morgendorffer,”


An innocent Alyssa was interviewed for the question, prior to her intelligence, Alyssa answered the question.

“In second grade, boys used to pick on me because I was a girl,” Alyssa said. “They took my lollipop and pushed me outside at recess. I cried, and I cried, and I cried, then I beat the boys up and never got in trouble for it,”

Alyssa giggled as she had a cherry Jolly Rancher lollipop in her mouth.


“The Cheetah Girls,” Iesha said in a sassy tone, making a claw, during their interview.

“Janet Jackson,” Angelika said.

“Tina Turner,” Iesha said.


Brianna Townsend, who was harassed by Troy in the cafeteria, was interviewed for the feminism question. With her hair out of her ponytail, and her arms crossed, she began to speak.

“Feminism is more than just equality to me, feminism is freaking respect,” Brianna exclaimed. “Every day, women are always objectified. The only thing men see out of is our asses, boos, legs, and our kitty cats. When boys touch us, it’s okay, but if a girl even touched a man, they’re thirsty or slutty. It’s not fair the way women are treated, and I swear if that Troy boy touches me or looks at me one more time, I’m going to shank him. I will go over to his house with a knife and chop off his di—”


Brianna yelled as she left the interview, “Ooh that makes me so mad!”


Alyssa continued her interview, replying with, “I support feminism because I’m a lesbian,”

From afar, Iesha yelled in response, “You don’t even have your period yet, shut up!”

Alyssa’s smile turned into a serious expression. She crossed her arms and scoffed.

“My grammar is good, thank you very much,” Alyssa responded.


Sena burped very loudly—it was disgusting, lengthy, and deep. After she finished burping, she stated her opinion on feminism, “That’s what feminism means to me,”


 unexpectedly by a polite approach from Rufus King. Carl was confused at first, after stopping abruptly.

“Look. Me and my friends didn’t have anything to do with your friends’ video,” Carl said defensively, “But if you still want to fight…”

Rufus shook his head, “No, no, I’m not here for that, don’t worry. They aren’t really my friends, anyway,”

Carl replied, “They aren’t?”

“Associates: that’s how I put it,” Rufus said. “Anyway, I just wanted to talk to you about something—if that’s okay with you.”

Carl shrugged, “I guess,”

“Well, first off, I’m Rufus,” he lent out his hand to Carl for a shake. At first, Carl was tentative; he looked down at his hand.

“Yeah, I know, you’re the guy that took Alex’s quarterback spot.” Carl didn’t shake his hand. “Carl,”

Rufus pulled back his hand and began to speak, “Well, I’m having a dilemma. I don’t want to be the quarterback anymore,”

“Why?” Carl said.

“I guess I just don’t have any heart for football anymore,” Rufus said. “I used to love being quarterback at my old high school. I dated a lot of chicks, had great grades, and now that I’m here, it just feels different. I don’t really belong on my team,”

“The cliché “I feel like an outcast” statement,” Carl chuckled. “Believe me, my friends and I have heard it all before.”

“I know it seems cliché, but it’s true for me,” Rufus said. “Personally, I was just wondering if I could…well… join The Savages.”

To Carl, he felt like he could hear the sound of a scratched record. He was surprised—the football quarterback, asking to join the Savages. With Zach, it was different, but Rufus? Something seemed strange.

“Really?” Carl said. He was surprised. “Well, I mean, we accept anyone who asks, but do you really have what it takes to be a Savage?”

Rufus began to think, “Um…”

“You know what, hold that thought,” Carl said. “Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to the Savages, and we’ll see how it goes.”

“All right, cool,” Rufus smiled, and Carl nodded his head before he departed from his presence.

From afar, Alex watched warily. He was suspicious of Carl’s interaction with Rufus, someone Alex truly despised. He didn’t know Rufus well, but Rufus took his spot and that’s all he cared about.


Outside of the courtyard, the Savages were scattered around—they were unusually apart, but Gina sat with Lily and Sydney at an empty picnic table. Gina watched closely at most of the guys outside—the jocks were continuing to flirt with most of the Red Hot Cheer Peppers, and the girls slapped them.

The Moneybags sat together and began to watch the Red Hot Cheer Peppers dancing, likely practicing their routines.

Felix commented, “I hate girls,”

Glenn continued to stare at Sydney from afar. Sydney looked away in disgust.

Lily sighed, “I swear, it’s like we’re in the Testosterone Zone in this place. Why are boys so annoying?”

“Because they’re from Mars, and we’re from Venus,” Gina shrugged and replied. “We’re two different species,”

Sydney spoke angrily with her legs crossed and arms folded, “Boys think they can take your virginity and abandon you afterwards. They think they can try to flirt with you and encourage you to shake your goodies for them. They think that because they can afford deodorant and one bottle of mouthwash, you’re his type, and I’m not falling for it,”

“Damn, what happened to you?” Gina asked, chuckling with Lily.

“Sorry, I’m just—irritated. Glenn keeps looking over here at me,”

“Wait, Sexxx Symbol Glenn?” Lily said, “He is a total pervert. He tried to ask me out last year and I said yes…the next day, he dogged me like a can of Pedigree,”

“He asked me out, asking if I wanted to do the “hot diggity-dog”?” Sydney said. “I swear, I cringe everytime I think of that,”

“Did you guys see what happened at lunch today?” Gina rolled her eyes. “That was just horrible. A guy at the movies the other night slapped my butt and called me a thot.”

Lily gasped, “Did you knock him out?”

“Alex defended me,”

“Oh, Gina,” Lily sighed. “Sweetie, never let a man stick up for you all of the time—it’s your body, so retaliate however you want to,”

Sydney used her nail file on her long, pink polished nails, “True,”

Gina began to think about an idea, “That’s what I want to do. I think as a girl, you’re supposed to speak up for yourself and oppose the way we’re treated. I think I should hit a Trae and take a stand.”

Sydney chuckled, “You can hit a Trae, but don’t let it backfire.”

“Well, it won’t—if maybe two more girls can help me with this feminist movement,”

Lily was intrigued, but she didn’t respond, while Sydney nodded her head, “Okay, I’ll call Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen right away,”

“I was actually thinking of you guys,” Gina smiled. “I mean, you guys have been pretty much anti-boy for a while. It’s like you guys could be lesbians,”

“Excuse you, I’m 100% strictly d*ckly, hunty,” Sydney said.

Lily shrugged, “I’m bisexual, so, you can think what you want, haha,”

“This could really help the Savages, especially after the assembly,” Gina encouraged. “And for once, this could mean that the girls can take the lead this time,”

Sydney began to agree, but hesitantly, “Okay, but what will I get out of this?”

“Equality,” Gina said positively.

“I was thinking more of money, but fine,” Sydney said. Lily agreed, “I like the idea, Gina. We’ll promote feminism throughout the school, no matter what the guys say,”

“Yay, yay,” Gina said enthusiastically.

“Now, if we’re going to be an organization, we’re going to have to make a catchy name,” Sydney said.

“The Femme Fatale,” Lily said immediately, “Boom, just like that,”

“Yes, Lily, yes!” Sydney agreed with Lily’s name idea, and Gina accepted it as well. The three made it official, they were the feminism organization of the school. Gina wanted to make sure that it would be known.

However, her ideas became distracted by a sudden commotion. The Red Hot Cheer Peppers and The Moneybags were in sudden confrontation, prior to Felix’s rude comment towards girls, the situation escalated.

“What is going on?” Gina asked.


“Ya’ll some haters,” Iesha  confronted the male members of the Moneybags, specifically towards Felix and Kyler, who both confronted Iesha and Sena during the commotion.

Felix scoffed, “Why can’t you guys just face it? We’re always going to be better than you guys. I mean, girls, sorry.”

“Nobody cares about you or your money, Winchester,”

Felix chuckled, “Oh, sorry, I thought most of you needed it considering the fact that all of you can’t afford anything compared to us,”

Suddenly, Iesha provoked Felix, as she began to rap, “Love it when I'm flexin' up in my car. Door swing, open from my passenger. Look up in the mirror, fix my mascara. People wanna know who the hell is her?”

“Tell ‘em, Esh!” Brianna yelled. The Moneybags watched in disbelief; Felix rolled his eyes and looked at Kyler, who scoffed and looked away.

“Drop top ride in my coupe DeVille. I stay mobbing in my hoopty still. Rattling in the trunk when I play the track, Swerve to the left, yelling holler back,”

Alyssa led the Red Hot Cheer Peppers, backing away from the Moneybags in an empty space. Alyssa began to sing and dance with the Iesha and the girls, “Ooh, these haters got a sour, sour look upon their face. Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade,”

In a choreographed manner, Alyssa continued to dance, leading the chorus, “Ooh, they lookin' so thirsty, might just need a drink. Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade.”

Kyler watched Alyssa, and he looked away (implying that the rumor of their alleged relationship may have been true). Mike Daugherty seemed intrigued—he wasn’t the type of person to get into confrontation, but he instead watched it. Cass watched as well, seeming to respect the girls.

Sena sang, walking in Felix’s direction, “I feel your eyes on me. I like how it feels, I hope that you enjoy your five, but I'll take it from here.”

Felix watched, and Sena continued, “I'm late to the party, but I'm always on time. Misunderstood, but I'm always on your mind,”

Felix responded to the song, with “Classic Man,” by Jidenna. He sang in defense of the Moneybags, “I burn through the hood like whoa. When everybody's feeling so cold, I'm cool like Nat King Cole, and haters get a bit of my glow.”

Sena and the girls looked in confusion, while The Moneybags all stood up, except for Cass, and followed Felix.

“I got charm like a leprechaun, motherf*cka. Now y'all f*cking with the wrong motherf*cka. Treat me like a don, motherf*cka, and we don't live by the law, motherf*cka,”

Claudia sang, changing back to their song, “Who cares if we turn up every night the top down, when we pull up at the light. Don't listen to what nobody say, so loud, I can't hear nobody say nothing,”

In the background, Kyler sang, “Even if she go away, even if she go away,”

Claudia had looked at Kyler, while continuing to sing, and found him suddenly attractive. Kyler looked back at Claudia. Claudia looked back and continued to sing.

“I wish you would say something, while me and my girls is stuntin'”

“Even if she go away, even if she go away,”

“Ain't no problems here. See, I'm just trying to have me a good time, ooh,”

Felix and the Moneybags sang, “I'm a classic man…”

“Lemonade, lemonade,” The Red Hot Cheer Peppers sang.

“You could be mean when you look this clean, I’m a classic man,”

“Lemonade, lemonade,”

“Calling on me like a young OG. I'm a classic man,”

“Lemonade, lemonade,”

“Your needs get met by the street elegant old fashioned man. Yeah baby I'm a classic man,”

Iesha began to ad-lib, while Alyssa led the chorus to “Lemonade,” the girls began to dance, “Ooh, these haters got a sour, sour look upon their face. Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade. Ooh, they lookin' so thirsty, might just need a drink. Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade.”

“I’m a classic man,” Felix faced Iesha, and she responded, “Lemonade, lemonade,”

The sudden silence changed after security guards confronted the groups, “Hey, what’s going on out here?”

Iesha rolled her eyes and departed with the cheerleaders, and Felix left with the Moneybags, and Cass continued to find herself annoyed by Felix’s attitude. Mike walked with Cass.

“Hey, you all right?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Cass smiled at him and continued to ponder.




Kyler Chase was interviewed, standing in front of the gray backdrop. He scratched his head before he responded, showing his muscles.

Kyler sighed and addressed feminism, “Personally, I could care less about feminism. The only things I’m more concerned is getting a full ride to Yale University, a nice $50,000 Jeep, owning land in my hometown, and marrying the girl of my dreams. I do believe that, yes, a woman should work and do her own thing, but the feminism thing is ridiculous. Girls believe in equality, but they try to act like we’re so different, which is true.”

“Girls only care about their hair, nails, and Starbucks. Boys care about sports, videogames, their bodies, and Chipotle,”

“I mean, look at these guns,” Kyler showed off his muscular arms to the camera. “Beautiful,”

“In my opinion, if girls want to take a stand, talk about the poverty in this world. One day, I’m going to donate to all of the poor children and animals and be the next Sarah McLachlan. That’s my goal…not to care about some stupid term named feminism.”


Zach’s fingers trembled that next morning—just like Trae predicted, Zach would be inside of Principal Rose De Vil’s office, interrogated. As he faced De Vil, her light colored eyes intimidated him. His heart rate escalated as soon as Rose began to speak.

“So, Jamie Foxx,” Rose De Vil turned her chair. “First time in a principal’s office, eh?”

Zachary corrected Rose, “Um, it’s Zachary Foxx—and yeah, it is.”

Rose noticed Zachary was very high-strung. She gave a suspicious look and smirked, “You seem nervous, young man. You’re not nervous, are you?”

“Nervous? Of course not,” Zachary said. “I’m just—”

Rose grabbed her mug, and interrupted his statement, “It’s all right to be nervous. Almost every student here tends to be nervous when they enter my office. That’s what I love,”

Zach remained silent, while Rose stood up from her seat. She grabbed the evidence—the iMac laptop, where Kalleb entered the video. She kept it closed, tightly locked with her hands. Along the way back to her desk, she responded.

“You know, for years, I’ve ran into many different cases of inappropriate behavior and immature pranks—band geeks urinating outside of the football field. A teacher making love to a student, and a former student named Watermelondrea Jones who was caught having fellatio with another student. But never have I ever faced a major issue like this,”

Zach was unsure of what Rose was going to do, until she opened up the computer, and entered the DVD inside. Brian and Vik continued to kiss each other in the video, and from what Zach saw, it seemed more clear.

“Young man,” Rose De Vil cleared her throat. “This video could jeopardize the budget of our school, even all of us. Do you know that every penny, nickel, and dime of this  school goes to textbooks, Apple computers and uniforms each year? I would like some answers and I’d like them from you.”

Zach remained silent, nervous of what Rose would ask him.

“Mr. Foxx, are you responsible for this inappropriate video?” Rose De Vil interrogated a scared Zach.

Zach shivered and his hands began to tremble even more, “N-n-no, ma’am.”

Rose noticed that Zach was indeed even more nervous than before. She didn’t want to believe he was responsible, prior to his anxiety. “Do you know anyone who may have been responsible for this video?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Mr. Foxx, if you don’t tell me who was involved, you may put yourself in a bad space,” Rose stated. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Zach tried to keep his composure, slowly calming himself down. “I don’t know anyone who was involved. I was very unaware of this situation; I didn’t know anything,”

Rose sighed and closed the laptop; Zach felt relieved after Rose accepted his answer. “Okay, you’re free—have a great rest of the day,”

“I will,” Zach said hesitantly, exiting out of the office angrily.


As soon as Zach exited the office, the school bell rang. Trae walked directly to his locker until Zach ran to him, confronting him bitterly.

“Thanks a lot, “bro”,” Zach said.

Trae was surprised by Zach; he didn’t know what was going on. Trae replied, “What did I do? What happened?”

Zach mocked Trae, “Oh, De Vil is coming for you, Zach, but you’re going to be fine, bro. Just give an alibi,”

Trae was still confused; Zach continued to speak, “I’ve been in there sh*tting bricks because I couldn’t seem to be all Mr. Cool like you and tell her “No, I didn’t do it, ask someone else,” like a freaking Savage.”

“Zach, calm down…” Trae tried to calm him down, but Zach continued to rant.

“No, don’t tell me what to do. If it wasn’t for your little scheme, this would have never happened,” Zach claimed.

“Listen,” Trae said in a serious tone, but in a whisper, “First of all, even if we didn’t revolt, the video was not in our control. I wasn’t the one who claimed I wanted to call out the jerks. I encouraged you to do that and you agreed. You wanted revenge, and I wanted to help you through it.”

Zach still remained angered, “Well, they say revenge is sweet…but it tastes bitter to me,”

After Zach walked away, Trae remained confused, and somewhat offended. Zach wanted support and Trae gave it to him, and now he’s to blame. He sighed as he walked the other direction.


Meanwhile, Alex was going to confront someone as well—Carl. In Chemistry, the two were partners. As classrooms began to return to its original state, Mr. Lee instructed the students during a partner experiment.

Alex could feel the sudden tension in his fingers. He squeezed his hands together, cleared his throat and turned to a focused Carl.

“So, yesterday,” Alex whispered, “I saw you talking to that Rufus kid, what was that about?”

Carl looked up, but not directly to Alex. He looked at the board and continued writing, “He needed some advice, so I gave it to him.”

Alex chuckled, “So, are you the school’s Dr. Phil, bro?”

“I mean, I’m sure what I say is effective,” Carl shrugged. “It has been for you and Gina.”

“What did he need advice for anyway?”

Carl replied, “He’s thinking about quitting the football team and joining the Savages,”

Alex was in shock when he heard Carl’s response. With the chemicals on the desk, he banged the desk with his fist, shaking the chemicals. “What?!”

It was silent as Mr. Lee stopped his lecture and turned to Alex. Students began to look at Alex as well.

“Mr. Herrera, is everything all right over there?”

“Yes, sir,” Alex gave a phony smile, and Mr. Lee rolled his eyes and turned around to the board.

Alex’s smile stopped as he quickly turned back to Carl, whispering, “No, n-n-n-no, that’s not happening. Hell no,”

“Look, we’ve never turned an aspiring Savage down, and I’m pretty sure Trae would allow it if he had what it takes,” Carl said. “Besides, why are you so pissy about it?”

“Pissy?” Alex whispered. “Dude, he took my freaking quarterback spot. My spot.”

Carl shrugged, “So? It’s not like he knew.”

“Damn right he knew,” Trae said. “There’s no way I’m teaming up with that guy. He seems weird; like he looks like Super Mario on crack cocaine,”

Carl responded, “Alex, just at least give him a chance, he seems like a considerate, nice guy, compared to the other jocks we’ve ran into together.”

Alex looked up to the ceiling, remaining stubborn.


Outside of the courtyard, Rufus stood next to Carl, across from The Savages. Trae had stood in front of the others, Alex sat in the empty table with his arms crossed, with Joe and Nate (Breadquanda) present as well. Carl introduced every one of the Savages to Rufus.

“All right, Savages, this is Rufus. Rufus, here’s the Savages,” Carl said.

“Hey,” Rufus said.

“He’s cute,” Lily whispered, and Sydney nudged her. She spoke out defensively.

She scoffed, “Don’t you think we have enough guys on this squad? Where are all of the girls?”

“Right,” Gina crossed her arms.

Trae responded to the girls’ claims, “Now, guys, come on. It’s cool enough that someone wants to join us. But the big question is, Rufus, do you have what it takes to be a Savage?”

“And we’re not talking a fight in elementary school,” Nate (Breadquanda) stated. “We’re talking about every day ass kicking,”

“Nonstop sh*t talking,” Joe commented in a staid tone.

“F*cked up permanent records,” Sydney said.

Trae smirked as he replied, “Finally, badass intelligence,”

Rufus chuckled, “Well, I don’t really do or have most of those things, but I’m like the best mascot. I can be like—“Yasss! Legendary! Iconic! Preach, brother! Whoooo!”

There was silence, and Trae raised his eyebrow and looked at Carl, who seemed confused himself.

“I think we’re definitely gonna have to give you Badass 101,” Trae said. “But mascots are perfect for our propaganda. Welcome to the Savages, Rufus,”

Everyone, besides Alex, who was immediately irritated by Rufus’s presence, began to cheer and welcome Rufus to the Savages. Alex immediately had the feeling there would be tension, drama, and confrontation.



Alex and Carl were interviewed together—the duo stood behind a gray backdrop, and Alex began to speak about his definition of feminism.

“What’s feminism to me? Feminism is equality. I support it 100%.” Alex said. “I appreciate women—I believe that women can do more than cook, clean, and take care of a child. I believe that they can work and bring in a fair amount of money compared to a man. Women can make a difference, and so can men. You see, if women were pretty much able to do certain things, they could have more respect, but women are always deprived of their rights to America, and it’s ridiculous.”

“You see, I remember a time when I actually discovered the true meaning of feminism—when I was listening to Nicki Minaj’s new album because she’s like totally awesome,” Carl said.

Alex rolled his eyes, “Get to the point,”

“Okay, geez,” Carl said. “And when I looked up the definition, I realized that honestly, women in certain industries are doing it way big. Like my girl Nicki, who’s the top-selling and high-charting female rap artist in the industry. Take that, Lil’ Kim. But seriously, feminism is pretty much everything that Alex said, and that’s why I support it.”

Alex nodded his head agreeing with Carl, who continued to praise Nicki Minaj, “I’m still hoping to meet you, Nicki…”


Trae closed his locker, the next morning, hoping to have a more peaceful day—no scandal, no Zach drama, just peace. At an inopportune moment, Trae accidentally bumped into Mike Daugherty, a member of the Moneybags. His attractive appearance—he wore often what male Moneybags wore, a suit. Mike was fancied in a black suit with a white button down shirt underneath.

Trae still didn’t understand the Moneybags’ purpose for wearing professional attire, but he didn’t truthfully care at that moment.

“I’m so sorry,” Mike helped  with his items, which reminded Trae of the moment he first met Zach. Trae didn’t want to make a snarky assumption, but he did anyway.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to pay for replacements,” Trae said in a smirk.

Mike laughed, “Good one,”

Trae and Mike looked at each other and there was suddenly visional chemistry. Trae’s green eyes stared deeply in Mike’s, and he bluntly asked a question.

“Has anyone told you how good looking you are, my good man?” Mike said politely.

Trae’s face immediately flushed. He took his question as a compliment and shrugged, “I get that a lot.”

“Well deserved,” Mike winked.

Mike had a very thick accent, and Trae began to notice it. “Are you from here? You sound British, and it’s sort of appealing,”

“Yeah, I’m actually from the UK,” Mike said. “I moved here when I was about 4 or 5, moved back there for a couple of years, and moved to Seattle.”

“International, huh?” Trae chuckled. “For you to be a Moneybag, you don’t seem so uptight like the others.”

Mike smiled, “Yeah, I’m not like the others. Once you say the phrase, “My parents are rich,” or “We live in a large house,” you’re immediately labeled. I’m surprised, since we’ve moved so much.”

“Yeah, I feel you,” Trae chuckled.

Mike looked around and whispered, “If I can be honest, I hate the Moneybags. Felix Winchester is a jerk, and all he’s been doing is downgrading women. I have a feeling some girls are going to get him soon.”

Trae chuckled, “I’ll get my popcorn and chair when it happens,” Trae said, causing unison of laughter.

“Well, for the help, you’re welcome. See you around, my good man….” Mike said.

“Trae,” Trae introduced himself immediately. “Trae Ventura,”

“Mike Daugherty,” Mike said, giving him a handshake. He smiled and departed from Trae’s area. Trae looked back and seemed to be intrigued by Mike’s suave persona. He walked away, and Zach had watched their conversation.

Zach felt jealous—after what Zach said to Trae, he feared that Trae wouldn’t talk to him. He walked away and went to his class.


The Red Hot Cheer Peppers were completely fed up—it felt like “Hey, f*ck the Savages, let’s take a stand of our own.” Sena led the group of 7 cheerleaders inside of Principal Rose De Vil’s office.

Rose took off her glasses and greeted them in a sarcastic yet polite tone, “Good morning, children, how are you all today? Did you eat your Cheerios?”

“We want our extracurricular privileges back…now,” Sena said with her arms crossed.

Rose De Vil was shocked, but she responded, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t give them back,”

Angelika responded, “Bull, we know you let the Redhawks practice the other day,”

“They weren’t practicing, it was Gym,” Rose lied.

“Since when is physical education gender separated?” Sena said. “You’re being biased and unfair, Principal De Vil, and you’re taking away from our championship. We don’t even have a coach,”

“You’re the captain, right?” Rose De Vil said. “Who says you need a coach?”

“Principal, you do realize that depriving us of our extracurricular activities can affect you and our team in different ways right?”

“And you do know that prohibiting my weave is discriminating, too?” Iesha said.

“Iesha, hush,” Sena said.

Iesha complied, “My bad.”

“If we don’t go to the championships, we won’t get our scholarships. If you don’t allow us to go and win, your budget will decline and you’ll likely be screwed.” Sena warned.

“Is that a threat, Ms. Demir?” Rose asked. “I’d like all of you except for this young lady to leave, and Alyssa, since you’re in this mess, no more candy for you,”

“B-b-but,” Alyssa was sad.

“No, buts,” Rose yelled. “Get out!”

Alyssa began to cry and Claudia began to comfort her. Iesha walked behind Sena, whispering, “Tell her I want my weave back,”

“Iesha!” Sena exclaimed.

“All right, all right,” Iesha backed away and left the office quickly.

After the cheerleading team exited, Rose stood up with an evil smirk on her face, pacing back and forth across her office. “You know, you remind me so much of myself. So smart, sassy, and beautiful. I used to be like you, and now it’s good to see myself right in front of my eyes.”

Sena scoffed, “If you’d like me so much, you’d give us back our privileges, just like you did the football team,”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,”

Sena chuckled, “It’s funny you say that—I mean, considering the fact that you’ve been letting the jocks run free around here disrespecting the girls. It would be really sad for me to talk to the school board about your steamy office meetings with Coach Radnor every week,”

Rose was shocked at Sena’s statement, considering it blackmail deep inside.


FLASHBACK: As Coach Radnor continued kissing Rose, Sena watched from the small window of the door. She had a smirk on her face at that point.


Rose immediately looked at Sena, “W-w-what are you talking about?”

“We have windows, ya know?” Sena began to leave, and Rose followed her. Sena turned around and chuckled, “Just give us our freedom and I won’t tell,”

Rose closed the door, and leaned on it, whispering, “She’s good,”



Rose De Vil, surprisingly, was interviewed for the feminism question. Standing still in front of the backdrop, she began to respond.

In a serious tone, Rose responded, “Feminism is working 9-5 every day just to get your children clothes on their back and food in their mouths. Feminism is working night shift to get that extra money just for you. Feminism is being sexy without being called derogatory names. Feminism is watching Coyote Ugly when you’re depressed. Feminism is a man’s understanding of PMS, Menopause, Bipolar Disorder—all of those freaking mood swings we go through. Feminism is Fiona from Shrek; she kicked ass.  Students think I favor boys—I just think they’re hot. It doesn’t mean I don’t support feminism. Look at me, I’m a 5-year head principal, making lots of money a year. People fear me. Women fear men most often, but look at how the tables turn.”

Rose smiled and crossed her arms.


“I just don’t see women going in the army with men,” Felix shrugged. “I don’t even see women doing anything at all but staying at home,”

The Moneybags walked in the hallway together, and Cass rolled her eyes, and Kyler began to add on to Felix’s opinion.

Kyler sighed, “Felix, we get it, bro. You hate women in general,”

“I’m not saying I hate women—I’m just disgusted of their personalities,” Felix said. “To me, they don’t deserve to get respect if they’re always busy bitching and gossiping about gossip.”

Gina, Lily and Sydney overheard the comment—as the trio looked at each other. Gina stared at Felix and commented, “Ladies—reality check time,”

The Femme Fatale walked together, as if they were walking in slow motion—like Charlie’s Angels. Gina looked fierce and angered, preparing for a final showdown with Felix and the Moneybags.

It’s time for action.

The trio quickly faced Felix and the Moneybags, with their arms crossed. Lily lead the confrontation, “We’re tired of your sh*t, Felix. Enough is enough.”

“Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup,” Felix smiled, teasing the three. “What can I do for you three ladies today?”

The Moneybags immediately backed away from the confrontation, and Sydney responded out of defense, “You can hate women all you want, but you’re not going to disrespect us with every chance you have. It’s not happening anymore.”

“And I didn’t know I had 3 more mothers to listen to,” Felix said sarcastically. “Who’d have thunk?”

“To think you’re so smarter than me, I thought your grammar would be perfect while addressing us,” Gina said.

Felix laughed, “I am smarter than you, there’s a thing called a sense of humor, get one,”

“You’re not funny,” Gina smiled.

“I can tell you what’s funny,” Felix said. “The fact that 2 days straight, I’m targeted by a bunch of girls for speaking the truth.”

“It’s not truth, it’s an opinion—there’s a difference,” Sydney said. “What you’re saying about us women is degrading and rude, regardless of your thoughts.”

“No one said you had to respect it. And it is true, Prescott. All women belong in the kitchen, and they will never get the same respect as men,” Felix stated carelessly in front of Sydney, Gina, and Lily.

The three were all disgusted at Felix’s comment.

“That’s ethical, if you ask me,” Felix shrugged carelessly.

“Lily said, “I literally just have the urge to rip your nut sack off.”

Gina looked at Lily in shock, “Lily!”

Felix rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as the girls confronted him.

“What? My cousin did it to her boyfriend—lost all of his future kids,” Lily shrugged.

“I file lawsuits, Lily Blossom,” Felix said. “I’m pretty surprised you’re a Savage—considering how many times you’ve asked to be in the Moneybags.”

“You’re delusional,” Lily said.

“Thank you,” Felix smiled sarcastically. “Now, please leave my circumference,”

Sydney, Gina, and Lily looked at each other and replied in unison, “No.”

“Now, don’t be childish, children,” Felix said. “Just do what I say, and everything will be fine.”

“I am not a child,” Gina said in a sassy tone. “I’m Destiny’s Child, sucker,”

The three girls snapped at Felix, who pushed back at the action. The trio strutted through the hallways, and began to sing. Felix turned himself around as he walked back to the Moneybags, watching them in disbelief.

“Lucy Liu... with my girl, Drew... Cameron D. and Destiny. Charlie's Angels, Come on,” The girls sang, smiling at each other.

The girls shook their bodies, “Uh, uh, uh,”

Gina turned around, center front in the hallway, Sydney and Lily walked behind her as she led the song, “Question: Tell me what you think about me. I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. Only ring your cell-y when I'm feeling  lonely. When it's all over please get up and leave.”

“Question.” The girls sang, while Gina approached a random guy to sing.

“Tell me how you feel about this. Try to control me boy you get dismissed. Pay my own car note, and I pay my own bills. Always 50/50 in relationships.”

Sydney sang, encouraging the girls to follow the trio.

“The shoes on my feet,”

The girls sang, “I bought it,”

“The clothes I’m wearing,”

“I bought it,”

“The rock I’m rocking,”

“I bought it,”

“Cause I depend on me, if I want it,” Sydney sang. The mob of girls gradually increased as members of the Red Hot Cheer Peppers escorted to the center of the hallway.

“The watch I’m wearing,”

“I bought it,” all of the girls sang. The boys were all confused with the event, and the jocks watched and shook their heads.

“The house I live in,”

“I bought it,”

“The car I’m driving,”

“I bought it,”

“I depend on me, I depend on me,”

Lily jumped in front of the mob, leading the chorus, “All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me! All the honeys who makin' money, throw your hands up at me!”

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, and Cass, and other girls chanted along, “All the mommas who profit dollas. Throw your hands up at me. All the ladies who truly feel me. Throw your hands up at me.”

“Girl I didn't know you could get down like that. Charlie, how your Angels get down like that. Girl I didn't know you could get down like that. Charlie, how your Angels get down like that,” the girls sang.

“Destiny's Child,” Gina chanted.

“What’s up?”

“You in the house?”

“Sure 'nuff.”

“We'll break these people off Angel style,”

Gina began to belt, while the girls all sang, “Child of Destiny. Independent beauty. No one else can take care of me. Charlie's Angels,”

The boys were intimidated slightly as the girls overpowered them. Iesha pushed Matt away from him, while Lily faced Felix, flipping the middle finger.

Principal Rose De Vil watched, as female teachers began to join, dancing to the performance.

“All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me! All the honeys who makin' money, throw your hands up at me!”

“All the mommas who profit dollas. Throw your hands up at me. All the ladies who truly feel me. Throw your hands up at me.”

“Girl I didn't know you could get down like that. Charlie, how your Angels get down like that. Girl I didn't know you could get down like that. Charlie, how your Angels get down like that,” the girls sang.

“All the women who are independent!” Gina, Lily, and Sydney sang, ending the song and causing a commotion. The girls all began to cheer and jumped up, rooting. Gina felt proud and hugged Lily and Sydney.

Felix watched as Cass continued to cheer. He walked to her, commenting, “So, you’re with them now?”

“I’m definitely not with you,” Cass said. “I quit the Moneybags.”

Felix crossed his arms, while Cass continued to cheer. Felix scoffed and walked away, whispering, “Women.”



Felix Winchester was interviewed for his view on feminism, and he ensured that his opinion was right over everyone else’s.

“Are you kidding me? Feminism is a sorry excuse for a movement. It’s not even a movement, it’s like blasphemy. You see, women belong in the house. Men brings home the money, the food, and the penis. I keep my eye on women and it’s obvious they can’t manage working like us. That’s why they transform into prostitutes, hookers, strippers, baby “mamas,” and worst of all—gold diggers. Then again, I’m gay, so I don’t really care about what women go through. It’s a well-known fact that women are less likely to make more money than us. Women earn approximately 10%, less than what men earn. You want to talk about feminism? Talk about it. But it’s not going to change the fact that men are more likely to get into elite colleges, earn more money, and take control. That’s what this society wants, not a woman crying and running around saying, “We’re not equal!” Face it, it’s reality. We’re never going to be equal. Women, you want to take action? I’ll tell you what to do, fix me a sandwich. Hold the mayo.”

Felix said, leaving out of the interview.


Zachary found himself guilty for confronting Trae—in the hallways, Zach took a deep breath and approached Trae, who closed his locker to prepare for his next and final class. Zach turned to him nervously to apologize.

“Hey,” Trae said, somewhat pleased.

“I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry for yelling at you, and blaming you. I’m stupid, I was just angry and I should have never confronted you. I’m just annoyed, because this whole situation—”

“Zach…” Trae tried to make him slow down, but Zach continued.

“You were being a good friend and I should have respected that. It’s not your fault we’re in this situation, and I really just wanted to let you know—“

Trae didn’t give Zach a chance to continue talking. In the heat of the moment, Trae grabbed Zach in for a passionate kiss. Zach’s eyes remained open due to the shock, but Zach felt the connection. Trae’s hands were soft and caressing to Zach, and he couldn’t resist kissing back. Zach felt it—he was feeling Trae and he was almost 3 seconds ready to admit it.

Until he heard his name repetitively, “Zach…. Zach…”

Trae continue calling his name. Zach realized the kiss was a fantasy, not reality. He snapped out of the moment and continued with “Hmm?”

“What did you want to let me know?”

‘Oh, um…” Zach was afraid to admit what he expected to admit, so he covered it up. “I wanted to let you know that The Savages want to meet up at the courtyard after school.”

Trae was confused, but he nodded his head, “Yeah, I know, Sydney told me, and by the way—I’m not mad at you, man. You’re my new bro.”

Zach felt relieved, but the images of him kissing Trae remained on his mind.

“See you after class?” Trae said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Zach immediately responded. Trae slowly patted his back and walked to the other direction, and Zach sighed.



Cass Everett was interviewed for the feminism question and she definitely was eager to explain her definition.

“What really pisses me off about this country is that back in history, it was claimed that “All men were created equal.” Okay. Where are the women in this case? Boys don’t have to shove tampons up their private parts and use Kotex pads every day. They don’t have to deal with women grabbing their butts and being called bitches, hoes, sluts, tramps, and c*nts. This is why girls stick together—we’re tired of being pushed around by men who can’t even pee straight or stop having wet dreams. We have feelings too. As an official ex-Moneybag, I agree that I will stand for feminism no matter what people feel about me,”

A group of girls cheered for Cass, Iesha yelled, “You go, girl!”

Cass smiled, proud of her ability to defend herself from The Moneybags.


After school, the Savages remained in their designated spot in the courtyard. With Rufus in the Savages, he gathered the opportunity to interact with Trae, Joe, and Sydney, getting to know each of them.

Alex stood as far apart as possible, with Carl; it was true that he did not feel comfortable with Rufus in the group. Carl even knew this, but he became completely fed up with Alex’s complaining.

“He doesn’t even seem to fit in with us,” Alex commented. “He thinks he’s hot stuff now?”

Carl rolled his eyes and turned to him, “Dude, you’re my best friend and all, but I do need you to listen to this two words—shut up.”

Alex was in awe, but Carl refused to let him speak. “Let it go. You haven’t let Marisol go, and you’re blaming a guy that doesn’t even know how or when you got kicked off the team. Give him a chance, man.”

“Fine,” Alex said briefly. He crossed his arms and continued to watch.

Meanwhile, Lily began to converse with Gina, who received advice on how to defend herself.

“Look, sweetie,” Lily spoke, “I think it’s time for me to give you a little 101 on physical defense.”

“I don’t really fight,” Gina laughed. “Well, despite the past few weeks.”

“Not a girl, silly. A boy,” Lily said. “If you want to defend yourself over some dude, all you have to do is this—just walk to him, look at him with a  smile, kneel him in the balls and walk away.”

Gina nodded her head, “You think it will work?”

“Of course,” Lily said as she slowly drank a soda. “It worked for me. Never let a man downgrade you.”

Gina took Lily’s words seriously and looked back, smiling.



Gina Woods took her interview seriously—she stood in front of the backdrop,  holding her hands together as she began to explain feminism.

“Feminism is very complex and it can be interpreted in various ways. The way I interpret it, however, relates to everyone in general. I believe feminism is more than just male oppression, more than women’s rights. I don’t expect anyone to live happy without some obstacles in their life, but I believe it’s fair that we are treated like women, not like lapdogs or just emotional support. You want to know why I support feminism? I’ll tell you. My mother was raped when she was 17. She had no control. I don’t want men touching and feeling on me and treating me like their toy—because I would never let anyone hurt me the way those guys hurt my mother.”

Gina began to cry.


Lily Blossom began to state her opinion, clearing her throat before she spoke.

“F*ck stereotypes—let’s get to the meat of things. Let’s talk about feminism. Why, Felix Winchester? Because it’s necessary. You believe that women belong in the kitchen or in the streets. That’s your opinion, but be considerate. Take a look around you; this world is full of men who do the same thing too, but it’s respected because they’re boys. If girls are forced to do it, it’s immoral.”


Sydney Prescott spoke on feminism during her interview.

“Feminism is clearly what it’s called. Feminism. Do I have to spell it out? Look at us. We’re girls. If girls want to grow up being the richest bitch on Earth, don’t discourage them. Simple as that.”


Joe Bender, Nate Osbourne, and Zachary Foxx stood together as they all voiced their opinions on feminism.

Joe spoke first, “I believe in female empowerment. We have tons of female singers and bands who address it, even men, and I feel like it’s well deserved.”

Nate flipped his hair, “Breadquanda here—and I’m going to answer this question with FEMINISM IS FIERCE!”

Zach smiled and responded, “Feminism is just what we make it; there’s really no purpose for me to elaborate because feminism will never go away.”


Trae Ventura was the final person to answer the feminism question. He looked straightforward at the camera and began to thoroughly respond.

“Feminism. When I think of that, I think of my mother raising me on her own for 10 years, until she finally found someone to cooperate with to help raise me. You see, I was never taught to call a girl out of their name. I’d never call them a bitch because my mother taught me to respect women and appreciate who they are. Feminism is understanding what women all go through. It’s true—men and women are different, but we can still be equal in society if we have fair and equal judgment, equal consequences. That’s what feminism is to me,”

Trae left the interview.


The next morning, Gina walked outside of her house, locking the door before she began walking. As she left out of the house, she grabbed her keys, placing them tightly in between her breasts. She moved her hair back and walked confidently.

A couple of minutes later, Gina walked in an area, where a few boys began to talk. X, the boy she confronted in the movies, spotted her familiar face. Gina rolled her eyes and continued walking.

“What’s up, thot?” X yelled out.

Gina ignored him, trying to keep her composure. However, X continued to provoke her.

“I said, what’s up, thot? You don’t know nobody now?”

X chased her, stopping her. Gina refused to face him, and X spoke behind her, “When you gon’ let me get a piece of that fat ass of yours?”

Gina immediately remembered what Lily told her—she smiled and turned around. “Just let me know when, baby,”

X bit his lip, intrigued with Gina’s seductive tone, “I knew you wanted me,”

Gina walked closer to X, who expected her to kiss her. Gina reached in for a kiss, wrapping her arms around X’s shoulder. Gina could smell his awful stench. Immediately, she retaliated, lifting her knee, kneeling him in his crotch.

X grimaced, screeching in pain and falling down to the ground. X’s friends watched in shock, while he remained in pain. Gina felt good, sweeping her hands together.

“Damn!” Another boy yelled.

Gina walked away from X, with another smirk on her face.

Gina narrated, Feminism also means kicking the sh*t out of someone for disrespecting a woman. Self-defense, bitch.


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