So, here's what you've missed so far on Glee: Los Angeles:

Mercedes moved back to Los Angeles, California with Sam after a long break in New York, and in order to focus on her music career and her debut album, it's a bit difficult for her to manage. Especially since she's the director of a new glee club, Harmonic Explosion, at West Ridge High School. Considering that they're a new club, they're already down at the bottom, and in order to get up, they are urged to promote themselves at an assembly, leading to many more members.

And that's what you missed on Glee: Los Angeles!


It was completely dark outside of the studio where Mercedes would record her songs. Exactly two hours before the sun would rise, Mercedes sat inside of the studio with another producer, DeShawn, with an expression of complete fatigue. However, she made it through that night, continuing to wonder how she could manage her debut album.
"Well, Mercedes. We've come a long way, haven't we?" DeShawn leaned back in his chair near the equalizers from behind. He folded his hands together with a smile.
Mercedes nodded her head, seemingly relieved. "I guess we have. Let's talk about this release date now. I'm super ready."
DeShawn cleared his throat, with a noise that showed nervousness, he changed his posture to respond. "Hmm, that's something that I've wanted to talk to you about. I took a final listen of all of the songs so far, they're great, even one of your singles so far has made it up to the charts. There's just something missing in this album that needs that final touch."
Mercedes took a deep breath, feeling exhausted and disappointed all combined. "DeShawn, look, it's been months already, I've finished at least 28 songs, 15 of them are the final tracks, why does it need a final touch?"
"Listen, Mercedes," DeShawn sighed. "When it comes to making albums, you need the right type of music. Most of the songs can't be the same, we have to hook people into it if we want a hit. Hell, not just one hit, more than that. A finishing touch of this album can be the best, it has to be hit potential. Something that you can get a million views on with YouTube."
"I just don't know if my heart's in coming up with another song." Mercedes said. "Especially because I'm trying to manage a lot of things outside of this music career."
"You're supposed to be a girl that's so diligent in their music, promoting, going on interviews, singing live. The first time we met, you told me hat you wanted to be just as successful as Beyoncé. Yeah, she makes time for her life, but she works hard every single day, and with you, it shouldn't be a free for all. We have to get this done if we want to set a date. Everyone wants to hear you, Mercedes Jones."
That lecture continued to repeat in Mercedes' head, she began to look away, sighing as she began to think of her new-found dilemma.

She narrated, I know I said that I really wanted a music career back in high school, even all that "I'm Beyoncé, no Kelly Rowland" stuff I said, I still have my dreams right near me. But, my focus has been on Harmonic Explosion and being with Sam, roommates and money, that I can't even focus on what's the most important. Back in New York, it's all about what's raw and underground, but now, it's just the real deal. I'm not even as confident about my album anymore, I'll never be a hit maker. This single must be the matter of success and failure and I need to keep my focus on music.

"Well, let's get started this single, then." Mercedes shrugged and smiled nervously.
"And that's what I like to hear." DeShawn said. "We'll start a bit later on, looks like you need some sleep."
"I'll only have 2 hours in." Mercedes stood up, yawning. "See you later."


What seemed to be a 2-hour sleep for Mercedes back at the apartment, it seemed even more quicker than that. The sun already shined brightly when she woke up, she could feel the light glisten on her face as soon as she got up from her bed. Yawning uncontrollably, she went downstairs, very surprised to not have seen Sam on the couch as usual.
She could hear music playing on in the kitchen, and the sizzling sounds from afar. While she heard the rattling, she assumed it was Sam, but she doubted, because the aroma that lingered outside went straight through her nose, and she smelled something very good.
Mercedes walked into the kitchen slowly to see an attractive and shirtless Patrick making breakfast. She was in shock when she walked in not knowing what to expect, she pulled herself back accidentally pushing the silverware from behind.
Patrick looked and chuckled when he turned around, exposing his bare chest and pajamas. "Are you okay?"
Mercedes fixed herself up quickly in embarrassment, she stood back up after placing the silverware back where it was. She replied, "Yeah, um, I just didn't know who was in the kitchen, I figured it was Sam, but he can't cook."
"I'm sorry," Patrick chuckled. "I thought I'd cook for you all as a token of appreciation for allowing me to stay here."
Mercedes smiled as she walked towards him, trying to ignore his attractive physical appearance.
She responded, "Aw, that's really sweet of you. It's no problem at all, at least you could manage staying longer than the rest."
Patrick smiled when he turned around with a plate of breakfast in both of his hands. After he glanced at Mercedes, his abs exposed when he exited the kitchen, he slowly placed the food on to the table for both Sam and Mercedes.
Sam had suddenly walked down to the living room, uncontrollably stretching and yawning from a night's rest. When he walked into the kitchen while straightening his hair, he raised his eyebrow when he sat down across from Mercedes in the dining room table.
"Cool, breakfast." Sam said in a proud, but sarcastic manner. "What caused this occasion?"
"Well, our fellow roommate here wanted to thank us for allowing him to stay here." Mercedes said.
Sam immediately took a portion of food with his fork when Patrick came along into the dining room again with his own plate. He sat down slowly while Sam responded.
"Oh, it's definitely no problem." Sam said. "So, what is it like at UCLA, Patrick?"
"In my perspective, it's nothing special," Patrick shrugged. "College is super overrated if you ask me, but I'm only attending because my mom wants me to. I know what I'll major in, but other than that I'm just here with my brother, who barely can afford to let me stay with him."
"It's been pretty hard dealing with things as well, which is why I'm glad I decided to leave UCLA. Going on tour, giving autographs, recording, and interviews are just fine with me." Mercedes replied.
"How does it feel to be an amazing recording artist?" Patrick winked at her quickly, his eyes all gazing at her due to his interest in the conversation.
"I was at one of your tours actually, you definitely rocked that show."
Patrick and Mercedes continued to converse, "Amazing? Ha. Please I still feel like an amateur. I haven't even gotten a chance to re-release my album because my debut didn't exactly go as well. My producers figured if I added a couple of new, mainstream songs that it'll sell more."
"You should try to add songs that will hook people, something that your fans can remember forever." Patrick had suggested, seemingly interested in helping her.
Mercedes shrugged when she continued to eat the scrambled eggs that were left on the plate. "I doubt anything I'd come up with can end up that way. It's super difficult finding something for everyone, and I have a major deadline."
Sam had watched their conversation silently, trying to eat the rest of his food, but secretly feeling out of the box. Patrick looked at Mercedes afterwards and an idea immediately came to him.
"Why don't I just help you?" He asked quickly, Mercedes looked at him and raised her eyebrows.
"Are you experienced?" Mercedes asked. She was briefly vague about his suggestion, but seemed intrigued when he began to explain himself.
"Music is one of my greatest efforts thus far, I wouldn't mind helping you at all, besides, seems like it's hard for you to think for yourself." Patrick chuckled.
Sam attempted to get their attention, "Hello, people, am I invisible here?"
Mercedes nodded her head, "Sure, I'd like to see what you'd have in mind. Recording studio tomorrow afternoon?"
"Deal." Patrick nodded his head in agreement, it was that awkward for Sam, however. He continued to watch them converse, and he began tampering with his fork, moving his breakfast sausages in different directions of the plate.
"I guess I am invisible," Sam claimed to himself. He wasn't as fond of being left out of something, especially when it comes to Mercedes. Uh-oh, what could this be?



It was the accustomed type of sunny day, but it was dull, boring Monday at West Ridge High. A tense, suspenseful mood lingered all around Coach Devine's office, she stared at the three cheerleaders in their blue and yellow uniform. Phoebe Milano, Shep Gunner, and Cassie Munroe all sat in the seats in front of her, and the entire room was silent.
Until Coach Devine scooted her seat and moved closer to her desk, slowly and sarcastically stating, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the Pretty Little Liars of L.A."
Phoebe rolled her eyes and looked at the other girls when she made that comment, while Devine continued to talk to them.

"Word around the school is that you all decided to migrate into Glee Club with the girl Barney and her friends." Devine replied. "How pitiful, you guys."

"Before you even attempt to jump to conclusions, Coach, I have my reasons." Shep had talked afterwards. "Despite the fact that I was forced to join this club, no offense, Phoebe, I'm trying to get involved in more extracurricular activities, it's not like I'm abandoning cheerleading."
"Shep, please, no one forced you," Phoebe interrupted Shep for a moment. "Sure, I'm trying to get close to some jock who joined, but what's the big deal?"
"Coach Devine, be real, their performance at the assembly was the bomb." Cassie crossed her arms and shrugged rebelliously.

Devine's facial expression immediately transformed into something scarier, but in a calm tone, she decided to respond. "You thought that was the bomb? That was a 'try-too-hard' moment, my friend."

"Listen, you three have an image to uphold. We have Nationals coming up in a couple of months, and instead of going Cheer Queen-style, it's High School Musical chaos. Do you really think these people care about you joining some show choir? You cheer, don't queer."
Shep rolled her eyes, "Since when did you control what students choose to do in school?"
Devine chuckled sarcastically, "I don't, sweetie. But my cheerleaders are one thing, and since you guys are my top cheerleaders on the squad, you know I'd expect a lot more from you. You guys are just pathetic."
"You guys are just pathetic," Cassie mocked and laughed afterwards. "You're too funny."
Shep quickly looked at Cassie with a straightaway annoyed expression. "For once in your life can you shut the hell up, Cassie?!"
With Pheobe stuck in the middle of the bickering duo, she sighed as she interfered with their constant verbal altercations.

Cassie yelled at Shep with angst, "Don't tell me to shut up, looking like Black Swan on crack."
Phoebe ended their arguing after attempting to respond to Devine's ill-mannered remark towards the girls. She commented, "I have my reasons for joining and you can do what you want... you can kick us off the team and lose your strongest members.. or deal with it."
After Phoebe had said that, Devine's entire facial expression changed. The only thing she couldn't handle was losing her best members of the Cheer Queens, but she decided to make a deal. As soon as her brown hair pushed back from behind, she changed her posture.
"Oh, what a genius you are, Phoebe." Devine said. "Fine, I won't kick you out, but under certain circumstances. Let's be precise, you can enjoy the revival of Teletubbies, but trust me, it won't last that long, but if you want to get my full support, do all you can to tear down that club."
Phoebe, Shep, and Cassie all looked at each other for a moment, and turned back around to her.
"I don't care if you fight people or take someone's man, but as long as you lower that club's confidence, you are all fine with me. Deal?"
Back to the suspenseful and edgy feeling that diffused through the room minutes ago, the girls found themselves, at first, in a sudden predicament. But Phoebe turned around after thinking about it, "Deal."
"Good, now the three of you get the hell out of my office." Devine said in a blunt-like tone. The three made an exodus out of the room and Devine put on her reading glasses, and began to read a book.


The choir room was almost empty, literally because the silence inside left an awkward setting. Because Mercedes' absence likely affected this moment, to break the silence, an eager Marcus decided to speak up.
"Well, now that we're here, maybe we should get started on rehearsals." Marcus stated at first, he stood up from a chair to stand.
Becky cried in concern. "Where the hell is Ms. Jones? Why isn't she coming?"
"If your ears weren't so clogged up, she sad that she wouldn't be able to make it today because she has to work on her album." Charlotte walked inside of the choir room after hearing the question.
Phoebe's arms were crossed and when she rolled her eyes, she responded, "How sad, a director that abandons a club for her album. So funny that I forgot to laugh."
Caleb stood up quickly to reply, "Well, since she's not hear, I figure we'd focus on what to perform for Sectionals, including a solo from yours truly, Caleb."
"Dude, Sectionals is like several weeks away," Thomas commented. "Besides, we're supposed to be rehearsing for Invitationals in 2 weeks, if we can at least get through that, we'd be prepared for Sectionals and beyond."
"And Caleb, no one wants to hear you belt out something from Broadway, today's not the time." Marcus looked at Caleb, who looked at him up and down and groaned.
"You guys never respect new talent until it bites you in the ass." Caleb walked away from Marcus and sat back down in the seats.
"Maybe we should just wait until Ms. Jones comes back, we're unsure of what to do and debating isn't worth it at all." Brittany commented. However, her opinion was immediately shut out as soon as Becky replied.
"You know what guys, I think we should just wait until she comes back, I'm confident she'll be back tomorrow. Until then, let's just calm down and just dismiss ourselves."
Everyone agreed to that point, but Brittany was puzzled, why did she feel so invisible, why were her ideas just other's ideas. She felt immediately pushed back away from everyone and it made perfect sense: she didn't feel like part of a group. Not only that, but her extreme loneliness in her personal life merged with this.
Brittany sighed and stood up with her backpack, departing from the choir room in dismay. While a sympathetic Thomas notices this, he decides to follow her in the hallways. Brittany went back into her locker to check if she'd left behind her important items, and Thomas approached her from behind.
"Are you okay? You seemed super sad in there." Thomas asked curiously.
Brittany closed her locker door and walked away while replying, Thomas walked with her.
"Look, I know I'm not as desperate for attention like most people are in Glee Club, but I have feelings too. I just find it insanely awkward that if I have an opinion it's neglected by a bunch of other opinions that seem to matter the most."
Thomas looked away to think of what to say, "You know that you can be just as outspoken as everyone else in the club. If you don't feel like you belong, speak out. But don't be like Caleb though, he's a total drama queen."
"I feel this way mostly because of my isolated life, when it comes to my family, but mostly love. I'm only 16, but it would feel great to experience what love is really like."
"Here's what my mom used to tell me... don't rush to be in love, and that's why I'd rather force myself not to fall in love with anyone until the time is right." Thomas said. You'd probably have so much potential to date someone than I would, but everyone needs that person in their life, I can understand."
Brittany looked down when they stopped walking, "I just wish that I wasn't singled out, nor do I want to be single. I want to feel like I belong and focus on my dreams."
"Then make that effort, Brittany, otherwise, you'll feel worse. Not everything and everyone can come running to you, but I'm gonna go back to the choir room, are you coming back?"
"No, not today, I need a little time for myself. I'll talk to you later on." Brittany said in a solemn and depressing mood. She pushed the left strap of her backpack on to her shoulder while Thomas nodded his head.
"All right, then." Thomas walked away from her, and there left Brittany, alone in the middle of the hallway, but surrounded by jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends, and even the minorities holding hands.
Brittany walked all around with a feeling of isolation from everyone, even Harmonic Explosion. She began to sing, "Incompatible, it don't matter though 'cos someone's bound to hear my cry. Speak out if you do, you're not easy to find."
"Is it possible Mr. Lovable is already in my life? Right in front of me or maybe you're in disguise." Brittany walked all around the school, through each class window and to the cafeteria, thinking about love.
"Who doesn't long for someone to hold who knows how to love you without being told somebody tell me why I'm on my own, if there's a soulmate for everyone."
"Here we are again, circles never end, how do I find the perfect fit? There's enough for everyone, but I'm still waiting in line." Brittany stood in the gymnasium at that point, watching most of the cheerleaders work on their routines.
"Who doesn't long for someone to hold who knows how to love you without being told somebody tell me why I'm on my own, if there's a soulmate for everyone."

"If there's a soulmate for everyone," she sang. "Most relationships seem so transitory, they're all good but not the permanent one."

"Who doesn't long for someone to hold who knows how to love you without being told somebody tell me why I'm on my own, if there's a soulmate for everyone, if there's a soulmate for everyone."
Brittany let out a very soft sigh. The final bell rang for school's dismissal and she departed out of the school building.


Mercedes couldn't concentrate when she tried her hardest to write a simple, intriguing song. It was difficult, the more she tried writing, the more papers she balled up onto the ground. While Patrick was watching television, he could immediately hear her groaning and sighing, he then stood up and approached her in her bedroom upstairs.
As soon as he knocked, Mercedes replied, "Come in."
Patrick opened the door, attracted to the view of her bedroom, but noticing the mess inside. "I highly assume that you are struggling with your song."
Mercedes felt the need to throw her notebook away from her desk. "Every time I come up with something, it just doesn't sound right. If you're saying stuff like I want your loving, you have my heart, it's not that original at all."
"Can I give you my honest opinion?" Patrick walked closer to her.
With Mercedes replying, "This moment is already worse, just say it."
"I don't know what it may feel like being a recording artist, having to be in the studio for hours to do a song. But, I can say that you aren't trying hard enough. Be tenacious."
"It's just hard to keep balance of running a glee club, making music, and having a life outside of that. I just want to release this final song and make it the best." Mercedes said.
"If you want to make it the best, do your best. Honestly, I'm going to help you." Patrick kneeled down to fully interact with Mercedes, who still continued to tap her pen constantly on her desk.
"We'll start tomorrow,and I'll give you a couple of ideas on a song that could best fit. I'm sure you can do it." Patrick said.
Mercedes looked at Patrick, couldn't resist to smile at him. When he smiled back, he stood up and exited the room. Mercedes sighed and continued to write and brainstorm a myriad of ideas. But afterwards, her PaperMate pen began to run out and she groaned. Quickly, she put her head down on the desk.


The morning, this time, was a bit cloudier than expected, but the heat outside was uncontrollable. There sat Caleb, Charlotte, Marcus, and Becky together as they walked their way to school that morning, and Caleb could be heard complaining.

"I'm just saying when it comes to the Spider-Man movie franchises, The Amazing Spider-Man series is better." Marcus had debated, while Charlotte and Caleb seemed to be in their little own world, Becky replied.

"Oh, come on. Do you really think Andrew Garfield's acting could EVER top that sexy Tobey Maguire's acting?" Becky said. "You're super crazy."
"Tobey Maguire is old, he's irrelevant, does he even act anymore? Andrew Garfield is so hot.. I mean, so cool." Marcus tried to change what he said, leading Becky to look at him in a certain way.
"Anyway, nothing can top the first three Spider-Man movies, I'd watch it with my baby brother all of the time." Becky replied eagerly.
Charlotte rolled her eyes, "Do we really have to walk to school each week talking about stupid Marvel comic movies?"
Marcus crossed his arms in a very stubborn manner, "Jeez, I apologize if comics and superheros does not fit the category in your brain. I'll see you guys later."
Marcus had walked quickly while Becky followed him, indistinctly arguing with each other about the Spider-Man franchise. Caleb sighed as he watched them walk past them, and Charlotte giggled.
"Whose idea was it to allow them to walk with us to school each morning?" Caleb crossed his arms when he faced Charlotte to ask the question.
Charlotte laughed softly, trying to resist from doing that hysterically, she replied, "They live close to where we are, so I don't think it's any fret. Besides, I think it's funny to see them fight like little siblings."
"Mmhmm, sure." Caleb shrugged, not exactly caring about them. "Anyway, I wanted to talk to you before school started."
"Sure, what's up?"
He paused for a moment before approached Charlotte about what he really wanted to ask her. He took a large gulp and asked, "Have you ever dated anyone before?"
Charlotte gazed in Caleb's eyes and replied, "It was a complicated situation, I'd say, other than that, I'm not sure if I'd consider it a relationship. Which is why I wasn't exactly willing to go out with you. I just don't trust guys anymore."
Caleb shrugged and switched his posture, "But not all boys are that way."
"Please, the only ones that aren't like that are those who are gay. I'm thinking about just dating a girl for once." Charlotte looked away for a moment.
"That's your judgment, Charlotte." Caleb said. "Just like girls, boys have flaws too. But I'm sure that if you make the effort to be in a relationship, you can just.."
Charlotte interrupted Caleb's response. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this. I'm getting a bit uncomfortable."
"Okay." It was a bit quiet afterwards when they both walked into the school, the two went their separate ways. Charlotte knew Caleb's motives for asking those questions. She was so uncertain of how to feel afterwards when Caleb gave her a short smile and walked away.
As soon as he did, Caleb looked back slowly. It was that moment where he knew there was something about Charlotte that astounded him. Caleb stopped at the yellow locker by his side, using his combination number to unlock the door.

Caleb narrated, Maybe I'm a nosy, spoiled rich kid, but it was my intention to end my curiosity on Charlotte's life. Why is she so difficult with guys like me? What's stopping her to just agree to hang out with me, at least 1 single date. Of course I'm interested in her, I won't like, I'm sort of attracted to her. The way she looks every time we meet up by the bus stop, no, I can't lie and say that I think she's a beautiful girl, there just has to be a way for me to connect with her in the way I want to.


Mercedes, much more energetic and pumped up than before, made her entrance in the teacher's lounge. As soon as she entered with a big grin, her hair curled up. Her sparkling apparel attracted most of the staff, but with a large coffee cup in her hands, Coach Devine turned around and gave a large smirk.
"Well, look who's back! Had fun off, superstar?" Devine asked sarcastically, she knew that even through her disdain towards Mercedes, she tried her hardest to kill her with kindness.
"I'm glad to be back, thanks." Mercedes replied as soon as Devine approached her.
"I'm so shocked that you could actually manage to run a Glee Club longer than our last director. Think you could handle the stress, dear?"
Mercedes looked at Karen up and down, "I can handle myself and the Glee Club just fine, thank you."
"Yeah, that's what the last director said, and you know what happened?" Devine replied. "He had a nervous breakdown and quit. Just hope that won't turn out that way for you."
Devine laughed in a sinister tone when she departed the lounge, Mercedes looked and walked to Kevin, puzzled and awkward by her comments. When she sat across him, he shook his head.
"Don't worry about her, she's a bit crazy in the head, that's why no one really likes or deals with her." Kevin shrugged. "She's just trying to scare you."
Mercedes chuckled when she took a sip from her coffee in her hand. "I can see that. I guess I needed to be warned, huh?"
"Definitely," Kevin replied with a smile. "So how's everything with Patrick? Is he being a good boy down there?"
"Aw, Patrick's a sweetheart, he cooked me and my boyfriend breakfast, and he's even trying to help me with my upcoming album. He seems like a cool guy, but I'm surprised, you and him don't seem so related."
Kevin had laughed and his sparkling blue eyes squinted, but he replied, "We get that a lot. We're actually half-brothers, since I'm English, but he's not. We have the same mother, but not the same father. But he's really cool, really good with music and writing, so you must be a very lucky one."
Mercedes nodded his head in agreement, "We're supposed to be going to the studio tonight to brainstorm. I have to get this done by next week, it's like a forceful of stress."
"Don't stress yourself, just prioritize your time if you want to be less overwhelmed. I mean, come on, being a recording artist and a Glee Club director is super challenging to do at once. But if Patrick does anything magical to help you, I know it'll be a great song."
"Thanks, Kevin." Mercedes gave a large grin, while Kevin smiled back.
"No problem."


The choir room was back to its lively and energetic status when Mercedes walked inside to full of cheers and applause from the Glee Club, with the exception of Phoebe, Cassie, and Shep, although they smiled when she made her entrance.
Mercedes watched them all and grinned with pride when everyone seemed happy to see her. "I never thought I'd receive this welcoming entrance. But, less cheering and more preparation, everyone."
"Geez, you've only been absent one day from Glee Club, and you're already ready to take charge." Phoebe said with a smirk visible on her face, she knew Mercedes would make a reply when her eyes locked on hers.
"Of course, especially since we have Invitationals coming up, I may be a bit rough. I know my absence to focus on a single for my music career was an abrupt action, but trust me, it won't interfere with getting you guys into a new direction." Mercedes said.
Thomas looked at Brittany as they sat next to each other, when Thomas exchanged a smile, Brittany did the same, but quickly turned around in sorrow.
"So, to get started, let's brainstorm out loud. What artists do you think we could handle to perform at Invitationals?"
"Rihanna." Charlotte shouted out confidently.
"Lana Del Rey." Shep said, with her arms crossed, and the others next to her nodded their heads in agreement.
"Maroon 5." Marcus said.
"Idina Menzel." Caleb said.
"Fall Out Boy." Scott replied, and Thomas looked at him, to agree, but also briefly admiring his features.
"Paramore." Thomas said.
"The Veronicas?" Phoebe said.
"Justin Bieber!" Becky shouted out with confidence. At that moment, it was utterly silent, and almost everyone stared at Becky with disbelief. When Becky changed her posture, she looked at everyone.
"Don't judge me, he's hot now, hotter than any of you guys in here."
Scott immediately shared a fake cough, shook his head and crossed his arms. Becky looked down at Scott and rolled her eyes.

Mercedes chuckled, "Okay, okay, I like the suggestions, but let's think deeply. There has to be a specific song that can introduce who we are, show off our voices in the best way."

"I'm pretty sure I can help and benefit this entire group." Caleb raised his hand while speaking, with everyone else groaning in annoyance. Caleb put his hand down immediately.
"Rich boy's got a big mouth." Shep whispered to Cassie, who nodded her head in agreement.
So, Mercedes continued to speak. "We will all keep this in mind because I know that all of us want to be known or heard, bigger than the last Glee Club that was created."
Suddenly, when Mercedes continued to speak, Phoebe was in a different world. While she was filing every jewel-encrusted nail of hers.

She began to think to herself, I realize that even if I don't seem to care for Glee Club, which is correct, I don't think I'm wasting any time. It's fun just watching most of these guys so thirsty for attention, i.e. the rich boy, and it's also interesting to see these suspicious actions, or weird personalities.

I know my reasoning for joining is based on my hots for Thomas, but really, seeing him hang out with Brittany all of the time, it doesn't make me jealous. It makes me suspicious. If you can see, Brittany seems so... irrelevant. No I should reword that, a bit rude. Well, maybe an outsider, either term, I don't care... but anyway, Brittany needs some good company, and I don't think it's Thomas. I don't mind being a matchmaker.

I'm a bit careless after I decided to break up with Stevie this morning...


A disappointed Stevie walked with Phoebe in the halls, confused of their sudden break-up.
"I'm legit confused, the other day you were telling me how great we are together, and now you're saying you're too good for me? Dude, I'm Stevie Thrasher."
"Exactly. That's it... you're Stevie Thrasher." Phoebe replied as she stopped to emphasize. "Stevie, I have needs, and you never give them to me."
"I am a Christian, Phoebe, I can't just have sex with you whenever you want it." Stevie said. "I have limits."
"I have some too, you want to know one?" Phoebe said. "Our relationship status."
Phoebe walked off, strutting in her blue and yellow cheerleading uniform, while Stevie stood with his hands gripped tightly to his backpack straps. He stood in utter confusion and sighed as she walked away.


Phoebe watched Thomas and Brittany together sitting down and talking, but then at the moment, she immediately had an idea.

I'll be damned. The only way I can probably get to Thomas, see some things about him is if I just get Stevie and Brittany to get to know each other. I know I'm desperate at this, but there is something about Thomas that I want to confirm. Because I know... I know Just saw him grab his crotch and glare at that Scruffy dude.

It was true, Thomas did make a secretive move while making a glance at Scott, but Phoebe's eyes squinted in suspicion.

Okay, Phoebe, bring your powers, bring your magic to solve this strange mystery.

Phoebe was left with a smirk on his face while Mercedes continued to talk about the setlist for Invitationals.


Mercedes returned back home that night at 7 pm, with a lot on her mind, from how her single would turn out to how she will help Harmonic Explosion rule at Invitationals.
"Hey, babe, how was your day back?" Sam asked Mercedes immediately, he continued to watch TV in the living room, as Mercedes sighed when she put her purse down on the table.
"The usual. Exhausting, but quite great, I guess." Mercedes replied. "I only was absent for one day, it's weird to see everyone so happy to see me."
"Maybe you're a popular staff member there." Sam shrugged and smiled.
"Technically, I'm not a staff member, just a director, besides I don't even know if I'd get paid just as much as I do for singing. If I taught, I'd be horrible. I still think cucumbers can give you AIDS."
Sam shook his head, "That is not true, you mistaken what Ms. Holiday said back then."
Mercedes chuckled, then it became silent. "So, where's Patrick?"
Sam looke da bit down at first, but replied, "He had to run an errand, I believe. I'm not sure."
"Ah, I hope he comes soon, I'm a bit ecstatic about us going into the studio together." Mercedes said. "Would you like to come?"
Sam was hesitant, he cleared his throat. "Nah, you guys should go, I'm probably gonna try and look for something to do here in L.A."
"Are you sure?" Mercedes walked to Sam, who nodded his head to confirm he didn't want to go.
The door had opened, and both Mercedes and Sam had turned around to see who it was, there was Patrick, walking inside with 2 boxes of pizza.
"Pepperoni or Cheese?" Patrick said delightfully, he had an attractive smile on his face, his teeth were so bright that they looked as if they sparkled. Mercedes laughed and smiled at Patrick, while Sam stared.
"Oh, Patrick, I wish you told me you were ordering pizza, I could have did it all for everyone!" Mercedes said.
"I figured I'd do something nice for you all, besides, we're all roommates." Patrick walked inside with the boxes stacked to both of his hands, he laid it flat on the dining room table, and Mercedes helped him with the slices. Sam immediately felt left out at the moment.
While Mercedes and Patrick were setting up the tables, Mercedes called out Sam for pizza, only not to get a response.
With the TV left on, Sam disappeared and went upstairs to his room. Mercedes was confused at first, with Patrick turning to her.

"Is he okay?"

"He probably went to the bathroom or something." Mercedes said, continuing to set up the table.


Phoebe went inside her chemistry class that next day, and considering that she wanted to escape from her weird partner, she approached the male teacher to change her partner. He accepted, while Phoebe immediately sit next to Brittany before anyone else could.
Brittany was confused, not expecting Phoebe to sit next to her. The bell had rang and the teacher immediately began to instruct.
"Answer something for me," Phoebe said, with a fake, manipulative and believable tone. "Why do you have such beautiful hair?"
Brittany didn't fall for it, shaking her head the minute she asked. She whispered, "I know when someone is trying to get something from me, so I know that you're saying these things that you don't mean."
Phoebe rolled her eyes and sighed, "Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit manipulative. But it's what I'm good at."
"What in your mind would make you want to sit next to me, the girl you pick on almost everyday?" Brittany asked.
"Look, I know that you feel out of the box, you feel no one likes you. I could say that I wish it was true, but unfortunately it's not--"
Brittany rolled her eyes and tried writing down what the teacher instructed.
"But I care about image, and the image I'm focusing on right now... is yours."
Brittany scoffed, "Only time you focus on my image is when you call me out for how I look. A raccoon, for instance."

Phoebe shrugged, "Pardon me for being a bitch."

Brittany nodded her head, "Pardon me for even talking to you." She cleared her throat.
"I see you're single and lonely," Phoebe got Brittany's attention once more, leading Brittany to turn around and respond.
"And what exactly makes you think that?" Brittany scoffed.
Phoebe chuckled, "Don't think I haven't heard you belting out Natasha Bedingfield all the way from the choir room, I have bionic ears, dear. And I can see that you have the hots for Thomas."
"No. Thomas is just a friend, an associate, actually. Besides, he has the hots for someone else anyway."
Phoebe was anxious to know, "Is that so? Who exactly?"
"I don't know, some girl he mentioned he's attracted to, but what does that have to do with me? What do you want from me?" Brittany said.
"Calm down and hold your horses," Phoebe said. "As I was saying, I even know you're feeling lonely, and I think I have the guy for you."
Brittany laughed, "If this is just an antic just to get some popular guy to notice me, or just an attempt to humiliate me just to get what you want, sorry, I don't want to take your offer."
"Whatever you say!"
Phoebe looked at her, still with a smirk as she tapped her fingernails on the table. Brittany continued to work on her assignment given.


Adriana began to work on her assignment, as she was in the same class as Phoebe and Brittany, but this time, she sat next to her only best friend thus far, Gia. They began to work, but a frustrated Adriana began writing, only to break her pencil.

Adriana groaned softly and sighed, suddenly grabbing a pen from her pocket. Even Gia noticed her frustration.

"Adriana, are you okay?" Gia asked.
Adriana looked at Gia and nodded, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm just thinking."
Gia chuckled, "You must be thinking pretty hard, because you broke that pencil aggressively. What's on your mind?"
"I don't know, it's just.. I feel like a total outsider, and last week I rejected an offer to join Glee Club, but I think I'm having second thoughts." Adriana said.
"You totally should have accepted it." Gia replied. "You are the only girl I know that can really sing her ass off and not tell anyone."
"I'm not afraid, I just like to sing without a crowd. I'm not used to the attention from everyone when I sing, that's why I refused, and that's why I was so embarrassed when those other guys heard me sing." Adriana replied.
"Besides, I'm sure people would love to hear your voice. If you aren't afraid to sing to me, you can do the same with others."
"What about you? Why aren't you joining Glee Club?" Adriana asked.
"I'd rather join at the right time. Like you, I'm not sure if I'm ready for everyone to hear me."
"Exactly why we're close friends." Adriana chuckled softly, still thinking about joining, but her head immediately focused back on her work.


The next morning at school, Stevie and Phoebe walked in the hallways once again. This time, Stevie felt uncertain of wanting to communicate with her. "I don't understand you sometimes, you say that you're too good for me, but you're trying to match me up with some girl that doesn't even talk to me?"
"Come on, you've picked with her a couple of times, but you guys look like a pure match made in heaven." Phoebe said.
"I don't even know who you are anymore. You think just because I get easily aroused with girls, so I hit on them, you can just force girls on me? No."
"Stop being such a big baby and be lucky that I'm actually giving you an opportunity to experience love with a different girl."
Stevie rolled his eyes, "Just because you're trying to hook me up with this unknown girl, doesn't mean we'll ever like each other. Who is she anyway?"
"Brittany London." Phoebe said.
"Brittany London? The girl you almost pushed in the toilet?" Stevie asked.
"The girl you called a raccoon and a skunk?" Stevie asked once more.
"Yes. Anyway--" Phoebe rolled her eyes in aggravation, until Stevie continued to ask.
"The girl you threw a dodgeball at and told her that it was normal to be hit with balls?"
"All right, damn it, I get your point." Phoebe yelled.
"You're cruel to her, that's coming from a prick himself." Stevie crossed his arms. "What makes you think I'd even want to hang out with her anyway."
"Stevie, you were an outsider yourself, don't let this football promotion get to your head. The first you came in, you were a super dork just like her."
"And what, I'm supposed to turn her into some beauty queen and she'll dump me like you did?"
"She's single, and ready to mingle, just think about it." Phoebe winked and walked away from him. While Stevie stood to see Brittany walk to her locker, it was that moment to which he could see the pain she felt, but also noticing her flawless beauty from afar.

Stevie narrated, Maybe I am a prick, but Stevie Thrasher has a heart. I'll admit that even while dating Phoebe, I always found Brittany a bit beautiful, but I had a reputation to hold, and I'd be damned if I had to go back to a lower status than I was before joining the football team. I bet that if I talked to her, we'd get to know each other and develop a bit something more, but I'm just a believer, not a magician.

He continued to glance at Brittany, who seemed to be more of a dreamy girl, looking at him back with a smile.
"I thought love was only true in fairy tales, meant for someone else, but not for me." He sang. "Love was out to get to me, that's the way it seems, disappointment haunted all my dreams."
Stevie began to walk closely to Brittany, posing as a beautiful figure, the hallways were glistening, the spotlight shining only on her.
"And then I saw her face, now I'm a believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind, Im in love, I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried."
"I thought love was more or less a given thing, but the more I gave the less I got, oh yeah. What's the use in trying, all you get is pain, when I wanted sunshine I got rain."
"And then I saw her face, now I'm a believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind, Im in love, I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried."
"What's the use in trying, all you get is pain, when I wanted sunshine, I got rain."
Next, it was set on a stage, with Brittany watching and smiling at Stevie, while a crowd cheered loudly for him as he continued to perform.
"And then I saw her face, now I'm a believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind, Im in love, I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried."
"Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer, not a trace of doubt in my mind. Now I'm a believer, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a believer, I'm a believer, I'm a believer... I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried."
Stevie quickly snapped out of the moment, while Brittany was already gone, he walked away afterwards, with still her image in his mind.


Scott sighed. After all of the attempts he has made to try to get a woman's attention, hell, even a guy's attention. The many tries only fail, to a point where Scott feels uncertain.

He narrated, while he was in his next class, I think it's something about me that doesn't attract a lot of people. Back then, I had teachers aroused, hell, even my parents thought I was hot. And now it's like, that feeling where everyone seems disgusted. I've only came up with one solution: I've lost my mojo. Excuse my reliance on Austin Powers vocabulary, but it's clear.

Even I look in the mirror, I look weird, so I think there's one thing that needs to be done. Trust me, others will see the day where Scott will get his mojo working once more.


Mercedes, later that night, made her entrance in the studio with Patrick, who shook the producer's hand.
"He's here to help me with a style for the single," Mercedes replied, "I'm pretty sure he has something to offer."
"Of course I do! I wouldn't be here if that wasn't so." Patrick winked and smiled. "Anyways, let's get the brainstorming started?"
"Sure." Mercedes said.
Patrick, Mercedes, and the producer all took a seat.
"So, DeShawn, what do you think can attract listeners to this single? I haven't released it yet, and I'm willing to do all I can to get radio airplay, iTunes Downloads, and promotion to get this song to the top."
"You don't have to worry about that, that's Sony Music's job to make sure you are standing out in the music industry. Personally, a song that is mainstream can show the diversity in this album." Deshawn chuckled.
"We have songs that are pop, underground, and R&B-centric, I'm sure that's diversity there." Mercedes said. "Besides, I do think that changing up my dedicated musical style is a bit overrated to most upcoming artists."
"Maybe DeShawn is right, Mercedes, maybe record a song based on your influences? What artists musically influence you?" Patrick asked.
"I don't want to go with the usual, which is singers like Beyonce, Aretha, and Chaka Khan, but I listen to a lot of John Mayer, and I'd love to sing types of songs that John Mayer does."
"I love John Mayer," Patrick replied. "Maybe you could try a song that sort of takes a bit from his style, without really trying to steal his style? I think I have the perfect song that we can try out, if that's okay?"
Mercedes looked at Patrick and smiled. Minutes later, they were inside the recording booth with their headphones in. When Patrick had began to sang, Mercedes was astounded.
"You love, who you love, who you love," Patrick and Mercedes sang. "You love, who you love, who you love."
"My girl, she ain't the one that I saw coming, and sometimes I don't know which way to go." Patrick sang, with Mercedes smiling at him. "And I tried to run before, but I'm not running anymore, cause I've fought against it hard enough to know."
"That you love, who you love, who you love," Patrick and Mercedes sang. "You love, who you love, who you love. You love, who you love, who you love."
"Oh, you can't make yourself stop dreaming, who you're dreaming of if it's who you love, then it's who you love," Patrick sang.
Patrick and Mercedes continued to smile at each other, Mercedes felt the song and she began to think of Sam during that moment, only to be distracted by Patrick and his tempting looks.
"My boy, he ain't the one that I saw coming and some have said his heart's too hot to hold." Mercedes sang. "And it takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines cause you never wanna let that feeling go."
"When you love, who you love, who you love," Patrick and Mercedes sang. "You love, who you love, who you love, yeah, you love, who you love, who you love."
"Oh, you can't make yourself stop dreaming, who you're dreaming of," Patrick sang.
"If it's who you love, then it's who you love," Mercedes sang along with him.
Patrick and Mercedes began to harmonize together, "Ooh, ooh, ooh..."
"Oh, you love, who you love, who you love," Patrick and Mercedes sang, "You love, who you love, who you love, you love, who you love, who you love."
"Oh, you can't make yourself stop dreaming, who you're dreaming of," Patrick sang.
"If it's who you love, then it's who you love," Mercedes sang along with him, and began to belt sweetly and softly. "It's who you love... who you love."
Patrick smiled when she continued to sing, showing pride in her while DeShawn sat watching them from the soundproof glass, and nodded his head to the song.
"Who you love, who you love, yeah, yeah, you're the one I love." The song ended, and Mercedes laughed cheerfully.
"That was amazing, you were good, really good." Mercedes gave Patrick a high-five, and DeShawn replied from the other side with his microphone.
"I think you've got your type of single, Mercedes, we are almost there." DeShawn smiled.
Mercedes grinned, hugging Patrick as gratitude.


The next day, Principal Broward individually talked to Mercedes in her office, seemingly trying to pressure or scare her. Mercedes already felt butterflies in her stomach, and the way Broward stared at her, she had a feeling something would happen.
"So, Jones, Invitationals is in 2 weeks. Either you're gonna be screwed and embarrassed. and ruined? Or you're gonna kick ass." Broward said, tormenting her briefly.
"Yep, of course we're not gonna be ruined. That's our one goal these next couple of days."
"I'm surprised you've actually tried maintain a music career, a real life and a job as a staff member." Broward smiled.
"Technically, I'm not a staff--" Mercedes chuckled at the moment, until Broward interrupted her statement.
"Of course you are. You'll be paid just as much as these other teachers. Besides, for you to have so much focus on these kids, inside it disgusts me, outside, it impresses me." Broward crossed her arms.
"I'd rather let kids steer in the right direction than see them have a bad life after high school." Mercedes said. "That's my goal and that's why I'm here."
Broward raised her eyebrows, it was silent, but replied. "Interesting."


During the day, Caleb stood at his locker grabbing his items for his class, until Charlotte kept him on hold. When she walked to him, she looked guilty, and even felt guilty for how she talked to him the other day.
"Caleb, can we talk?" Charlotte asked kindly. Caleb didn't seem to be excited as soon as he looked at her.
"I just want you to know that, I do feel a bit bad for what happened the other day. I think that I was a bit of a jerk to you."
Caleb scoffed, "Big of a jerk, huh?"
Charlotte looked down, "Don't rub it in, okay? I realize that you had some points the other day. I think that I just had so much animosity towards guys, I'm so used to not caring for them at all."
Caleb didn't respond still, and Charlotte sighed, "So, I guess that to make it up to you, it's my decision to go on a date with you."
"Since you feel remorseful, you'd think I'd just immediately go on a date with you?" Caleb looked at her, and chuckled.
"I'm a 16-year old hormonal boy who has never made any type of bond with a girl. Count being in private school has ruined my social life indefinitely."
"Caleb, I do like you. I never thought you'd take my rejection personally, I thought you'd truthfully understand." Charlotte said. "But I'm ready to try."
"I feel like you think that I forced you to at least go on a date with me." Caleb crossed his arms and closed his locker. "But if you really mean what you say, sure, we can hit a movie tomorrow night."
"Then tomorrow night it is." Charlotte smiled. Caleb's serious expression turned into a smirk.
"Cool. Tomorrow night." Caleb walked away with a smirk and a sense of pride, while Charlotte couldn't seem to resist but smile back.


Brittany was at her locker at that point, and Stevie noticed her once again, this time without any daydreaming, he made the effort to approach her. Stevie didn't know how to act less "jocky" and how to be more natural, he greeted her.
Brittany turned around to look at him, and she rolled her eyes, "Great, another jock greeting me. What am I? A football team's beauty? Can I help you?"
"Um, I'm Stevie, Phoebe told me about you," Stevie tried to lend a handshake, but Brittany visually declined.
"I'm quite surprised that you actually agreed to Phoebe's attempt to humiliate me." Brittany smiled.
"I'm not here to humiliate you. I just want to get to know you, is that too much to ask?" Stevie said.
"Coming from a guy I notice that goes from girl to another girl." Brittany said. "I'm not one of those thirsty girls you get a hold of almost everyday, besides, I see that you're a super bully as well."
"I'm just misunderstood. I'm not here to flirt, I'm not here to label you, I'm--" Stevie tried to explain himself, but Brittany abruptly replied.
"So, what are you near me for? What's so interesting about me that Phoebe has to make an attempt to hook me up with a guy like you?"
"I just want to get to know you, at least, for your sake?" Stevie crossed his arms. "That's all."
Brittany shrugged, "I can give you a recap. I'm a girl, a teenage girl, an aspiring teenage girl, an aspiring teenage girl that refuses to get to know you."
Brittany closed her locker, but suddenly, she slipped, falling down to drop her binders. People from afar noticed and began to laugh, but when Stevie decided to help, picking up her binders, Brittany's aggravated expression was shown.
"Don't worry about it, just leave me alone, please." Brittany said softly.
Stevie stood there, sympathetically watching her try to help herself up.


Scott brazenly came in late, walking with jeans, sneakers, a clean T-shirt, and a new clean appearance. His face clean and shaved, his hair cut, but thick and laid back. As soon as he made his entrance, many people were shocked, especially the girls.
He walked inside with an all-new confidence of himself, and some girls were completely attracted from the moment he walked inside. He smiled from that moment.

Scott narrated, I'm feeling quite rejuvenated, and I'm feeling more confident, and I finally found the solution to all of my problems. My face. I could tell that from the time I looked in the mirror last night, I could just realize that I looked like a helpless bum. Exactly. So I shaved, and I shaved... and shaved everything off... except for my chest hair. I want people to notice me more, not for looking and acting like a bum.

"Is that the creep?" Phoebe was in shock at that moment, and all Cassie could see was an automatic attraction.
"He can creep with me all night long," Cassie said.
At that point, Becky had walked by, but stumbled upon Scott, she was stunned when she looked him up and down. "Scott, what the hell? Is that you?"
"No, I'm Abraham Lincoln, of course it's me." Scott says, chuckling along the way.
Becky complimented him. Scott accepted it, but Becky wanted him. Considering that she was the fangirl of the entire school, it was something about him that she wanted a piece of.
"So, Scott, I see that since you've changed your look? I'm sure you wouldn't reject my offer of a night together?"

Scott winked, "Why would I reject?"

Becky squealed and began to respond, "Tonight at 8?"
"Tonight at 8!" Scott confirmed, Becky immediately walked away, and Scott felt good about himself, immediately feeling as if he's back to normal. That is until, Cassie came from behind.
She cleared her throat and chuckled, "Well, well, well, a creep gone sexy, huh?"
Scott turned around, only to find himself walking with her the other direction, Scott replied.
"Thanks for the compliment."
"You know, I see the way you've been looking at me before," Cassie replied. "And I've been thinking maybe we could...hang out tonight?"
Scott raised his eyebrows, "I'd be honored, Cassie, really honored."
Cassie replied, "Tonight at 7?"
He confirmed once more, "Tonight at 7, I'll be there."
Cassie jumped up quickly to reply, "Cool."
When Cassie made her exit, Scott walked away, immediately feeling great without a care in the world. He knew that if he attracted others, he'd make a good impression and impact everyone.

Ha, I still got it.


That time of the day, Adriana and Gia walked to their next class and they began to converse about the current events in the school. Adriana held her books tightly with both of her hands, while Gia held her binders with her right hand.
"It's weird seeing that Scott guy all freshened up like he finally took a bath." Gia chuckled. "He actually looks pretty attractive for a change."
"I'd say the same, but I think I'm gonna turn into a lesbian." Adriana said.
Gia laughed, "What? Adriana, come on?"
"I just hate guys some time, exactly why I'm single." Adriana shrugged.
"I think that you need to make an effort to stand out more, you know? Coming from your best friend, I'd love to see you stand out and be more of a bigger person than I am. I'd love to see you join Glee Club and sing your heart out."
"I would want that to, but I don't know the right time, and how." Adriana said. "Besides, I'm not a people person either."
"I would love if you do this for me. Just for me." Gia begged.
Adriana sighed, "I'll talk to the director, but only on one condition. You join with me."
"I'll join after you join. I want to see you get the spotlight you deserve." Gia gave a good smile.
For the first time, Adriana formed a smile. "You're really supportive of me."
"I try to be." Gia sat down next to her before the bell rang and smiled at her. Adriana smiled back, only to turn around, thinking of what she'll do.


It was finally that night, around 7 pm, where Scott and Cassie were in the room together, getting intimate, and the first time they locked lips, Scott felt as if his mojo was coming back strong.
Scott began to sing to Cassie, "I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me, I'd love you to love me, I'm begging you to beg me."
"I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me."
"I'll shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand new shirt, I'll get home early from work if you say that you love me."
"Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?" Scott sang, with Cassie suddenly singing along. "Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying? Feeling all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dying. Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?"
That moment, where Scott was at Becky's bedroom this time, already turned on from his encounters with Cassie. This time, Becky was being the aggressive one, ironically.
"I want you to want me. I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me, I'm begging you to beg me." Becky sang, pleasing Scott.
"I'll shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt, I'll get home early from work if you say that you love me." Becky and Scott sang.
Scott pulled himself to Becky, kissing her. The scene began to crossover with Scott's encounter with Cassie. Cassie and Becky both sang with Scott during these moments.
"Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?" Scott sang, with Cassie and Becky singing along.
"Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying? Feeling all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dying. Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?"
Becky and Scott made out with each other, at another point, Cassie put her behind close to Scott's body. She turned around to touch his face, and Scott winked.
"Feelin' all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dying. Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?" Scott sang.
Cassie began vocalizing, doing runs and singing for Scott's affection, while Becky and Scott laid in bed together, continuing to kiss. Cassie laid down in her pink blanket covered bed, waiting for Scott to come closer to her.
"I want you to want me," Scott sang to Cassie, smiling.
"Oh, I need you to need me," Cassie sang.
"I'd love you to love me." Scott sang to Becky.
"I'm begging you to beg me." Becky sang.
"I want you to want me, I want you to want me, I want you to want me, I want you to want me." Scott sang, ending the song. Cassie and Becky both in pleasure for Scott, they both laughed.


Mercedes walked inside, and Sam was not in the living room, it was quite unusual, but Patrick walked in with her. Mercedes called Sam's name, to which he came downstairs, nothing on but short sweatpants.
Mercedes began to laugh, and Patrick was a bit stunned at first. "Sam, what are you doing?"
Patrick asked, "Did he ever do this before I came?"
"What's up, guys? It was a bit hot in here, so I figured I'd sweat out and do some exercises, get ab-tastic." Sam said with a major confidence.
Patrick raised his eyebrow, and Mercedes continued to laugh, "You're sweating like a pig, Sam."
"I'm not finished yet, I'm ready to feel the burn, baby." Sam began flexing, showing off his muscles and trying to make an impression.
Mercedes shook her head and nodded, "Have fun exercising."
Meanwhile, Mercedes and Patrick went inside of the kitchen, continuing to talk about the single.
"So, have you started writing your song yet?" Patrick asked, as Sam could hear from afar.
He began to realize the attention he wanted, he seemed not to get from Mercedes.
"I'm actually ready to record the single now, I had all of the influence from you and John Mayer last night. I forgot to thank you for all of your help." Mercedes said.
"That's okay, I love helping others in need, like you." Patrick smiled. "Just get your album to the top."
Mercedes smiled, but also noticed that Sam had began to follow them in the kitchen. "Jeez, I could have been an influence, 'Cedes. Why didn't you ask me for any help?"
Mercedes raised her eyebrow in confusion, "Sam, what do you mean? You said you didn't want to go to the studio to help me."
"I did." Sam crossed his arms. "And while you're gone, I stay sweating and trying to get in shape just for you."
"Should I... leave you two alone?" Patrick was taken aback. "I don't want to interfere with what you guys are having."
"I think that we do need to be alone, yeah, I do." Sam said angrily, taking his frustration on Patrick. "Better yet, why don't you just leave?"
Mercedes confronted Sam for yelling at Patrick. "Sam, what is your problem?"
Patrick was confused, but he maturely made an exit in a calm manner. "I'll take that as a yes."
Mercedes watched as Patrick walked away, only to look at Sam, and ask, "What the hell was that about?"
Sam sighs, "It's nothing, okay?"
"No, there has to be something." Mercedes dropped her keys down to the kitchen counter. She sat down on the red stool chair with him, trying to get to his purpose.
"All of this attitude towards Patrick, deciding not to go to the studio with me when you wanted to, walking out when Patrick buys pizza... there's all of the signs. I want to know."
Sam looked down, "I'm just tired of feeling left out all of the time. Ever since Patrick came around, you guys have become like the best of friends. If he makes breakfast, you're flattered. If he requests to help you with your music, you're happy.
"If I talk to you, it's always a brief matter of time. We spend limited time with each other now that you've been working in two different places and wasting time with Patrick." He continued.
Mercedes put her palms on her face, "Now, Sam. The more you think that I ostracize you, that's not true. I asked you if you wanted to go to the studio to help me with ideas, you declined. I asked you for pizza and you left the living room. I'm doing all I can in this relationship to focus on you."
"You're right, Patrick and I have been close, but nothing further. He is a friend, you are my boyfriend, we're roommates, we should all hang out together like friends. I can't help you if you don't tell me how you feel as a person in this relationship."
Sam cleared his throat. "I'm sorry that I lashed out like that, maybe I was a bit jealous, because I don't want to lose you, Mercedes. You leaving before for your tour already hurt me enough. I'm not a model anymore, and I do want to spend more time with you."
Mercedes touched Sam's face, "We're together for a reason, right? Back in New York, you said we were perfect for each other. That means that if we are, as a couple, we need to communicate like one."
"I'll promise to do that with you."
Mercedes and Sam slowly kissed each other, locking lips and even though it could have been intimate, Mercedes pushed him back and laughed.
"Also, before we can take things further, take a shower, you're sweating like hell."
Sam chuckled, stood up and walked out of the kitchen, while Mercedes sat there, thinking about their conversation. Patrick could overhear everything they were talking about, and he watched Sam walk upstairs, only to feel like Sam could be an obstacle in Mercedes' career and love life.


That next morning, Becky couldn't resist but tell Marcus and Charlotte about her encounter with Scott the previous night. Charlotte and Marcus's facial expressions were disgusted, but also shocked.
"So, you basically did the deed with him over the fact that he shaved his beard, mustache and sideburns?" Charlotte was in utter confusion.
"I wouldn't dare lose my virginity like that. But I will say, that the below the belt was impressive." Becky winked.
"I really think I'm 2 seconds away of vomiting." Marcus said.
"It's not my fault that I think that despite the fact that Scott looked like a bearded lady, something is up between us and I like him."
"Newsflash, even you of all people should get this picture, Scott wants girls to think that something is going to happen with him. He's nothing but a man-whore himself, he doesn't care about you personally, he only cares about what you have underneath." Charlotte confronted.
Becky rolled her eyes, "Charlotte, you're just mad because I got to be intimate with a man, unlike you."
"For your information, Becky, I'm going on a date tonight with Caleb, and it doesn't have to be intimate." Charlotte crossed her arms.
Marcus and Becky immediately replied in unison, "The rich boy?"
"Yes, the rich boy. I wish you guys would stop calling him that, there's so much more to him." Charlotte replied.
"There is, he's a diva-in-training, so that counts." Marcus said. "Besides, don't you hate boys anyway?"
"I thought I did, but Caleb made me think twice. There's something about him that I dow ant to get to know, and I think that he could change my view on life."
"Sweet, what are you gonna do, meet his rich parents, go to his big mansion and watch episodes of The O.C. all day?" Becky said.
"Shut up." Charlotte said. "We're going to a restaurant, and not a fancy restaurant."
Marcus chuckled, "Good luck with that. I'm going to class, see you guys in Glee."
Charlotte went to her class as well. Eventually, the trio went their separate ways, but with Cassie eavesdropping from behind, listening to every single word Becky said. Cassie abruptly stopped her, crossing her arms and gazing at her with angst.
"So, here's the dealio, Wendy Williams, I'll give you $20 bucks for you to stay away from my man." Cassie said.
Becky scoffed, "What are you talking about, Cassie?"
"Don't give me the innocent BS, Becky, I know you've been putting hands on my man last night?"
"First of all, who's your man?" Becky scoffed.
"Scott Wakefield? The dude you obviously wanted to get a piece of just because he shaved?"
"Like I've ever seen you holding hands with him before he took it all off." Becky laughed. "I'm sorry, but Scott and I are already a thing, he told me that last night."
"He told me that he and I were a thing last night." Cassie crossed his arms. "And just to give you the 411, me and him did it...right before he left to go to your house."
"So, you think that because you put yourself out to him, he'll want you?"
"Please, you obviously didn't do him any good right after he came back to my house for a half an hour." Cassie smiled.
"You know, I'm pretty sure Scott can confirm what he wants. We'll both see who he chooses... this afternoon." Becky winked and walked away.
Cassie rolled her eyes and walked the other direction.


Mercedes sat in her office, trying to brainstorm setlist songs through writing, that is until someone knocked on her door.

Immediately, Mercedes replied, "Come in."

There stood Adriana, slowly making an entrance inside of the office, and Mercedes looked up, pleasantly smiling.
Adriana waved, "Hi, Ms. Jones? I was wondering if you and I could have a one-on-one conversation for a bit?"
"Sure, take a seat." Mercedes took off her reading glasses, dropped her pen and cleared her throat as Adriana sat down.
"What can I do for you?"
"I know that the last time you saw me, I was a bit unsure of if I wanted to join Glee Club, and right now, I'm still unsure. However, I think that even if I'm afraid to stand out, I began to realize that it's something that I need to learn how to do, I'm just really nervous."
Mercedes felt for Adriana. "You know, when I was your age, when I first went into my sophomore year, I felt like I'd never get to know a lot of people. Sure, I had my sassy attitude, but it's high school."
"People judge you based on who you are, and if you want people to acknowledge you, and you're tired of feeling like an outsider, make the effort. No matter if me joining Glee Club labeled me a loser, but throughout the years, it made me stronger, and look at me now. I stand here today, and I look at all of the people who judged me wrongly, disliked me for whatever reason, and they respect me now."
"Ms. Jones, I was born to a family that... I never seemed to know about. I've heard so many things." Adriana said, opening up for the first time. "Things like my mother loved music, she loved Marilyn Monroe, my father could play a lot of instruments. But I wasn't able to be encouraged... to open up and find myself through socializing."
"Then my advice to you is to make that effort now. Because you only get one chance, and once you realize that it's all over for you, you'd wish you would have changed who you are."
Adriana looked at Mercedes, nodding her head in agreement.


"So, you guys," Mercedes began to instruct everyone for their session in Glee Club. I do have some great news!"
It was silent, but everyone looked anxious to know what news it would have been.
"I have officially completed my entire album, you guys!" Mercedes felt proud to reveal it, and everyone began to cheer for her support.
"And now that I've finished, I just hope that album sales will rule, and I'll send you guys copies, likely, soon!" Mercedes said.
"You don't have to do that, I'd rather go to the latest Target to get it exclusively, just for your support." Caleb said.

Mercedes was flattered, and she smiled. "This finally gives me more time with you guys to prepare for our first ever live performance in an audience. And I finally came with ideas for us.... Rock music."

"Oh yeah!" Thomas cheered, giving Scott a high-five. Caleb shook his head in disagreement.
"I'm sorry, but I didn't think that Annie, My Fair Lady, and Into the Woods ever fit in the rock and roll category."
"Now, Caleb, calm down, it's just an idea." Mercedes said. "Besides. I know that as a whole, we have our differences, some of us like to stick with one genre, others are quite versatile. But if we want to attract everyone 2 weeks from now, diversity in music is necessary. Which is why I have the perfect person to help us with that..."
Adriana walked in, and Thomas smiled. A bit shy, Adriana waved at everyone.
"Everyone, meet our new member, Adriana Cruz!"
"Oh my god, she's so pretty." Cassie said, whispering to Shep and Phoebe. Shep began to agree.
Phoebe looked aggravated for once, she cleared her throat, and Cassie immediately changed her statement.

"But not as pretty as you, Phoebe."

"Totally." Shep repeated.
"I'm sure some of you already have heard Adriana sing. But you guys, Adriana can turn a rock song into something super attractive. We need that to help us get to the top, right?"
Thomas nodded his head, and Adriana winked at him.
Marcus was the first to clap for her. Everyone had began to give her a cheerful applause. For the first time, Adriana felt comfortable and happy to be in the choir room, and Mercedes's encouragement motivated her to smile.


Brittany sighed when she noticed Stevie after Glee Club rehearsals, when she tried to walk to him, she greeted him, and he replied back with a smile. 
"I wanted to apologize for the other day, I shouldn't have taken my attitude out on you, I was being a bit of a bitch."
"Don't worry, I understand." Stevie nodded his head. "Besides, I've been in your shoes before. I know every word and every action."
"You do?" Brittany was surprised at first.
"I guess that I let the football team get to my head, since I'm not some outcast anymore and I'm a star, I can make others feel how I felt back then. But with you, I used to doubt feeling like I'd ever hang out with a girl. Until then, I felt so comfortable dating Phoebe, until she broke my heart... and told me about you."
Brittany listened to every word he said. "Maybe we can hang out a bit if you're available?"
"Are you for real?" Stevie said.
"Yes, but don't.. consider it a date, just a hang out." Brittany smiled.
"Of course, that's what I expected." Stevie winked. "How about tonight, at the Burger Shack?"
"I've never had a burger in a long time, that'll be cool." Brittany smiled.
"Sure, we can head out tonight and I'll come to your house?"
"Cool, see you in a couple of hours." Stevie smiled and walked away, feeling a bit different compared to when Phoebe dumped him. Brittany leaned against a locker, biting her lip while thinking of what she just did.


The tension was high when Scott walked out of the school, only to see Cassie and Becky outside with their arms on their hips. They were both desperate for a confirmation of Scott's affection. Scott felt like he walked out to a final episode of Flavor of Love or The Bachelor, but he loved the attention.
"Hey Scotty, wanna come over to my place so we can have a talk?" Becky emphasized, trying to make Cassie jealous.

Scott chuckled, "Sure, but--"

"Don't you wanna come over tonight so we can do something MORE than talk." Cassie replied.
Scott was tempted, but Becky walked closer to him. "We can just talk right here then."
Becky pulled him to her for a kiss, and Cassie pushed Becky away.
"Move, Saliva Lips, he loves my kisses better." Cassie said, grabbing Scott for a larger kiss. Becky scoffed, and pushed Cassie away.
Scott was laughing, "It's like my birthday. Guys, if you really want me, maybe we can have a menage a trois."
"Hell no, you can't go with the both of us!" Cassie confronted.
"Why not?" Scott asked.
"You have to choose." Becky crossed her arms, alongside Cassie.
"Why do I have to?"
In unison, Becky and Cassie both replied, "Because we say so!"
Scott looked at both of them in confusion and laughed, "You guys have issues, I'm just gonna go and get some more female attention while you guys quit the Bad Girls Club drama, later.."
As soon as Scott walked away, Cassie and Becky looked at him and then they looked at each other, and began to think to themselves.
"That son of a--" Cassie tried to comment.
"Jerkface." Becky replied. "He dumped the both of us. Who does he think he is?"
"Right, he's the one who has issues, talking about we have issues, man-whore."
"True that." Becky crossed her arms, and sighed. "Last one to catch him is a rotten egg."
Becky tried to run to get him, while Cassie tried doing the same, she took off her special shoes, ruining her socks just to chase them both down.


That night at the Burger Shack, Caleb and Charlotte were already inside, ordering their food, when Caleb ordered something that he was unsure of, for instance, a bacon hamburger, Charlotte began to chuckle.
"You're telling me, you've never eaten at a place like this before?" Charlotte asked, curious of Caleb's background.
"To be quite honest with you, no." Caleb laughed. "I was mostly born not to eat fattening foods. But my dad thinks that if I want to experience something new in a city like this, I'd have to be normal."
"I guess I'll confess... this is my first time being here as well." Charlotte giggled.
"Really?" Caleb smiled. "I guess that's another thing we have in common."
"You see, my mom's so focused on changing her life as a vegetarian, that the reason why I'm so greatly figured right now, that I've never had meat. I'll respect that still, but I crave french fries and a milkshake right now, don't you?"
"I do, actually." Caleb laughed.
That same time, Brittany and Stevie walked inside, talking and getting to know each other.
"So, what are your dreams? What do you mostly want to do in life?" Stevie asked, seemingly interested in her response.
"Become a singer, maybe a full-time artist, but I have a lot of things that I'd want to conquer. But I don't want to be those hopefuls that audition on American Idol, and get brought down or eliminated. I want to see my own growth."
Stevie and Brittany took their seat and continued to talk. "I found myself hoping that football and girls would be the only thing that will benefit me, but personally, I'd love to go to college... and major in art or music. I often stay in my room and play with my guitar and sing, it's just a decision that's hard for me to make."
"Why don't you join Glee Club?"
Stevie nodded, "I don't think I'm good for it. I know that even if I hated the fact that my best friend joined... it wasn't based on reputation. It was over the fact that I wished that I had the guts he had... to join."
"You really are nicer than I thought." Brittany said. "You do seem misunderstood."
"I'm not as badass as you think, but I'm as badass when I want to be. You're pretty beautiful now that I notice it."

Brittany smiled, then looked down at the table, "Thanks."

Stevie looked at her and smiled.
Back at Charlotte and Caleb's table, they continued to talk as soon as their food was served.
"Do you ever feel like an odd one out whenever people in Glee Club often seem annoyed by your ideas?" Charlotte took a sip from the straw in her milkshake.
"Not really. At first, I felt that way, but I had to realize that it's a public school, I don't have my friends around as much, and it may take time for me to adapt. Personally, you're the only person that I think I have chemistry with."
"I often ask myself what did you see in me that made you ask me out." Charlotte said.
"I think that you're beautiful, and I don't mean to rush, but I think for these past couple of days, I do seem to like you in that way."
"A guy never admitted that to me.. ever, at least first. I always seemed to be the one looking for that guy, but after that, I felt like it wouldn't happen anymore." Charlotte said.
"There is something about you that I really like." Caleb said bluntly. "You're funny, supportive, and very sweet."
"Thanks." Charlotte began to blush, and even Caleb began to notice it.
"Gosh, are you blushing?"
"I often get that way when a guy compliments me, sorry." Charlotte giggled with embarrassment.
"Don't be sorry, I think it's adorable." Caleb said. It seemed like they wanted to make a move, but suddenly, Brittany and Stevie came along.
Brittany was surprised, "Hey guys, I never thought I'd see you guys here!"
Charlotte smiled, "Hey Brittany... and Stevie? Wow. Unbelievable pairing, huh?"
"Oh, we're just hanging out, just getting to know each other, that's all." Stevie replied.
"Mind if we join?" Brittany smiled.
"Of course, go for it." Caleb and Charlotte welcomed them to their seats, with Stevie sitting next to Caleb, and Charlotte sitting next to Brittany.
It was that moment where they all began to talk with each other, but inside, Brittany knew that she connected with Stevie in a way. Charlotte felt the same way with Caleb, but the four had all began to talk.
With Charlotte's eyes on Caleb as she sang, "I've seen you twice, in a short time, only a week since we started. It seems to me, for every time, I'm getting more open-hearted."
"I was an impossible case, no one ever could reach me, but I think I can see in your face, there's a lot you can teach me."

"So I wanna know.." Brittany and Charlotte sang. "What's the name of the game? Does it mean anything to you?"

"What's the name of the game? Can you feel it the way I do?" Caleb and Stevie joined in.
"Tell me please, 'cause I have to know." Brittany sang. "I'm a bashful child, beginning to grow."
"And you make me talk, and you make me feel, and you make me show what I'm trying to conceal."
"If I trust in you, would you let me down? Would you laugh at me, if I said I care for you?" Brittany and Charlotte both sang.
"Could you feel the same way too?"
"I wanna know.. the name of the game."
Caleb began to gaze in Charlotte's eyes while they were continuing to talk and laugh.
"I have no friends, no one to see and I am never invited," Caleb sang. "Now I am here, talking to you, no wonder I get excited."
"Your smile, and the sound of your voice, and the way you see through me. Got a feeling, you give me no choice, but it means a lot to me."
"So I wanna know.." Caleb and Charlotte sang, with Stevie and Brittany joining in. "What's the name of the game?"
These moments lead to the four, in a moment of twirling around outside at a park, a dream sequence to be exact.
"Your smile and the sound of your voice." Caleb and Stevie sang.
"Does it mean anything to you?" Brittany and Charlotte sang.
"Got a feeling you give me no choice, but it means a lot."
"What's the name of the game?"
"Can you feel it the way I do?"
"Tell me please, 'cause I have to know." Stevie sang. "I'm a bashful child, beginning to grow."
"And you make me talk, and you make me feel, and you make me show what I'm trying to conceal."
"If I trust in you, would you let me down? Would you laugh at me, if I said I care for you?" Brittany and Charlotte both sang.
"Could you feel the same way too?"
"I wanna know.. oh yes, I wanna know the name of the game."
"Does it mean anything to you?" Everyone sang, set on a spotlight stage. "What's the name of the game? Can you feel it the way I do?"
"What's the name of the game? Does it mean anything to you?" Charlotte sang, back into reality where they were in the Burger Shack, and Charlotte continued to daydream, then stopped.
The four of them continued to laugh and chatter for the rest of their time there.


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