Hey, guys, Trae here. Some of you may know that I'm very experienced in writing fanfictions. Formerly, I had made the attempt to write a similar fanfiction, Glee: Make it or Break It, and Las Vegas. But due to the fact that most of those were pushed away because of focus on school and personal life, I decided to take another risk, to which I'm sure I can manage this time. Since my birthday is coming in 2 days, this time I'd want to have a "re-start" on one of my passions. Writing.

This fanfiction is set now in Los Angeles, the City of Angels! 

Plot: Aspiring pop-diva, Mercedes Jones, returns back to the City of Angels after her summertime vacation in New York to refocus on her music career, and her rekindled relationship with teen dream, Sam Evans. However, she discovers an abandoned glee club at a high school, she takes the action of volunteering to pick up the pieces and create a new fresh set of underdogs with pure talent. But will this interfere with her dreams of becoming a superstar, or can she manage taking the lead as the new Mr. Schuester at West Ridge High?

Currently: I am in need of 12 main characters, 5 recurring characters, and guest characters. It would totally be awesome if you auditioned. 

The template is right below!

Audition Template:

  • Character Name:
  • Age/Grade:
  • Personality:
  • Sexuality:
  • Looks/Appearance:
  • Background:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Clique:
  • Music Preferences:
  • Voice Type:
  • Audition Song:
  • Other Song Choices:
  • Pick Your Side - Staff or Student?:
  • Portrayer:

Additional Information

As the host of the Glee Wiki Tournament, the results for which character will be in the cast will not be confirmed until the finale of TGWT7. The finale is likely during the middle of April. More information will come soon.

So, audition, audition, audition! :D

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