My adrenaline's rushing from my wrists to my veins
People judge me for everything, it just drives me insane
I get crazy questions about my life in the past
But you take it for rudeness, you can just kiss my ass
You try and call me names, like I'm supposed to cry
You go and pull me down, as if I would die
I get called white or black, just because of my race
But what does it matter? Get all up in my face
I try to deal with the judgement, as if I was mature
But then I question myself, what the fuck I'm here for?
You try and trash me down, like I'm just a target
You say this is the end, but my life's just started
I get called dramatic, just because I have emotions
But when you haters get scared, I cause a commotion
But I have a good heart, just don't take me for granted
I have no problems with caring, but if you're using, just can it
I'm tired of being treated like I'm not worth a fuck
You turn my sunshine to horror, end up having bad luck
Yes, I fall in love to easily, and I just want more
But because I want love, it doesn't make me a whore
You say I want attention from the people every day
But I hardly get any at school, when people think that I'm gay
Yes, I'm into girls, but I'm also into boys
Doesn't make me a queer, don't treat me like a toy
People think that I'm mean, just because I have anger
Just because I blow out, everyone's all in danger
Oh my god, I'm so scared, get him away from me
People think I'm a bully, when people try and hurt me
All these trolls, they can troll
All these haters can hate
Just because I have talent
Don't go and convert it to fate
Don't judge me like this, I'm not your bitch
Don't treat me like your stick, I'm not a witch
I'm Trae, and that's all I can be
But I don't give a fuck what you think of me
Case closed.

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