Hey guys! Since Sectionals is up for the series, it's time for the volume two of the MIOBI Album Collection! However, YOU get to choose which songs will perfectly fit.

There are many choices you can choose from this list from episodes Bad Girls Club to Royals.

You may choose up to 17-18 songs.

  1. BBD (Bad Bitches Do It)
  2. Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)
  3. Case of the Ex
  4. Smack You
  5. Bad Girls
  6. Sixteen Candles
  7. Temporary Home
  8. Fine China
  9. Crazy Kids
  10. 16 @ War
  11. Looking In
  12. No Air
  13. Waterfalls
  14. Hurt
  15. Mirrors
  16. If I Lose Myself
  17. Battlefield
  18. Swagger Jagger/Moves Like Jagger
  19. Lipgloss
  20. Boyfriend*
  21. Get Like Me
  22. Pretty Girl Rock
  23. Va Va Voom
  24. Teach Me How to Dougie
  25. Acapella
  26. Rolling in the Deep
  27. I Don't Want You Back
  28. Bennie and the Jets
  29. Falling In Love
  30. Someone Like You
  31. Let It Rock
  32. Royals

- * indicates that it will serve as a bonus track.

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