So, me and RJ decided to come up with more people and names to portray characters for an American Idol FF! Here's how it would go.

Judges: Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Harry Connick, Jr. and Jennifer Hudson

The Top 13:

  1. Andrew Lovett
  2. Brendon Nicholson
  3. Chantay Coleman
  4. Daniel Spearing
  5. Gabrielle Townsend
  6. James Washington - Wild Card
  7. Julia Woolf
  8. Katherine Webb - Wild Card
  9. Larissa Webb
  10. Lukas Becker 
  11. Oliver Moss - Wild Card
  12. Nick Carrow
  13. Tamara Harvill

Top 13: Contestant's Choice

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Katherine Webb "Heart Attack" Safe
2 Nick Carrow "Chasing Cars" Safe
3 Oliver Moss "One" Bottom 3
4 Gabrielle Townsend "Sure Thing" Top 3
5 Lukas Becker "I'm Yours" Eliminated
6 Chantay Coleman "My Funny Valentine" Safe
7 Tamara Harvill "Chasing Pavements" Safe
8 Daniel Spearing "Found a Way" Top 3
9 Andrew Lovett "My Kind of Love" Safe
10 Julia Woolf "Before He Cheats" Safe
11 Larissa Webb "Better Dig Two" Safe
12 Brenden Nicholson "Jar of Hearts" Bottom 3
13 James Washington "Let's Get It On" Top 3

Top 12: iPod Shuffle

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Tamara Harvill "Swim Good" Safe
2 Andrew Lovett "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Bottom 3
3 Daniel Spearing "Pusher Love Girl" Safe
4 Chantay Coleman "He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)" Top 3
5 James Washington "Comin' From Where I'm From" Safe
6 Gabrielle Townsend "Violet Hill" Top 3
7 Brenden Nicholson "Live Like You Were Dying" Safe
8 Julia Woolf "Need You Now" Safe
9 Oliver Moss "Unforgiven" Eliminated
10 Larissa Webb "Gunpowder & Lead" Safe
11 Katherine Webb "Royals" Bottom 3
12 Nick Carrow "Somebody That I Used To Know" Top 3

Top 11: Motown Showdown

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Chantay Coleman "Nowhere To Run" Bottom 3
2 James Washington "Reach Out (I'll Be There)" Bottom 3
3 Larissa Webb "Needle in a Haystack" Safe
4 Brenden Nicholson "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" Top 3
5 Julia Woolf "You've Really Got a Hold On Me" Eliminated
6 Andrew Lovett "I Was Made to Love Her" Top 3
7 Katherine Webb "Upside Down" Top 3
8 Nick Carrow "Trouble Man" Safe
9 Tamara Harvill "Just My Imagination" Safe
10 Daniel Spearing  "My Girl" Safe
11 Gabrielle Townsend "Every Little Bit Hurts" Safe

Top 10 (first week): Year They Were Born

Order Contestant Song Year Result
1 James Washington "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" 1991 Saved
2 Katherine Webb "If I Could Turn Back Time" 1989 Bottom 4
3 Daniel Spearing "No Diggity" 1996 Top 4
4 Gabrielle Townsend "True Colors" 1986 Safe
5 Nick Carrow "When Doves Cry" 1984 Bottom 4
6 Larissa Webb "Love Shack" 1989 Bottom 4
7 Brendan Nicholson "I Was Made For Lovin' You"  1979 Top 4
8 Tamara Harvill "If You Had My Love" 1999 Safe
9 Andrew Lovett "Creep" 1993 Top 4
10 Chantay Coleman "I Will Always Love You" 1992 Top 4

 Top 10 (second week): Soundtrack

Order Contestant Song Movie Result
1 Brendan Nicholson "Accidentally in Love" Shrek 2 Eliminated
2 Gabrielle Townsend "Happy" Despicable Me 2 Bottom 3
3 James Washington "Glory" Selma Top 3
4 Tamara Harvill "Let's Hear It For The Boy" Footloose Bottom 3
5 Nick Carrow "Earned It" Fifty Shades of Grey Safe
6 Katherine Webb "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" Dirty Dancing Safe
7 Daniel Spearing "Danger Zone"  Top Gun Top 3
8 Chantay Coleman "Let It Flow" Waiting to Exhale Top 3
9 Larissa Webb "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" Armageddon Safe
10 Andrew Lovett "Freddie's Dead" Super Fly Safe

Top 9: Rock

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Katherine Webb "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" Bottom 4
2 Daniel Spearing "Hotel California" Top 3
3 Andrew Lovett, Gabrielle Townsend, and Katherine Webb "Gimme Shelter" N/A
4 Larissa Webb "Go Your Own Way" Safe
5 Nick Carrow "I Want It All" Eliminated
6 Tamara Harvill "Whole Lotta Love" Eliminated
7 James Washington "Baba O'Riley" Top 3
8 Nick Carrow, Tamara Harvill, and Daniel Spearing "One Way or Another" N/A
9 Chantay Coleman "Livin' On A Prayer" Bottom 4
10 Andrew Lovett "Another Brick In The Wall" Safe
11 Chantay Coleman, James Washington and Larissa Webb "Wheel in the Sky" N/A
12 Gabrielle Townsend "Edge of Seventeen" Top 3

Top 7: Songs from the 2000s

Order Contestant Song Result
1 James Washington "Let Me Love You" Eliminated
2 Larissa Webb "Complicated" Safe
3 Daniel Spearing "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Bottom 3
4 Andrew Lovett & Chantay Coleman "Could I Have This Kiss Forever?" N/A
5 Katherine Webb "Fighter" Top 2
6 Daniel Spearing & James Washington "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" N/A
7 Chantay Coleman "He Is" Bottom 3
8 Gabrielle Townsend, Katherine Webb & Larissa Webb "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" N/A
9 Andrew Lovett "Thinking Of You" Safe
10 Gabrielle Townsend "Welcome to Jamrock" Top 2

Top 6: Songs By The Judges / America's Twitter Choice

Order Contestant Song Judge Chosen Result
1 Andrew Lovett "Whataya Want From Me" Adam Lambert Bottom 2
2 Katherine Webb "It Had To Be You" Harry Connick, Jr. Safe
3 Daniel Spearing "Better Than I Know Myself" Adam Lambert Safe
4 Larissa Webb "Can't Stop The Rain" Jennifer Hudson Eliminated
5 Gabrielle Townsend "Girlfriend" Alicia Keys Safe
6 Chantay Coleman "You Pulled Me Through" Jennifer Hudson Safe
7 Andrew Lovett "Heartbreak Warfare" N/A Bottom 2
8 Katherine Webb "Final Warning" Safe
9 Daniel Spearing "See You Again" Safe
10 Gabrielle Townsend "Pieces of Me" Safe
11 Larissa Webb "Party In The U.S.A." Eliminated
10 Chantay Coleman "Diamonds Are Forever" Top 2

Top 5: Ballads / Contestant's Choice

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Gabrielle Townsend and Katherine Webb "Landslide" N/A
2 Chantay Coleman "Un-Break My Heart" Safe
3 Andrew Lovett "Back at One" Safe
4 Gabrielle Townsend "I'll Stand By You" Safe
5 Chantay Coleman, Andrew Lovett, and Daniel Spearing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" N/A
6 Katherine Webb "I Keep On Lovin' You" Eliminated
7 Daniel Spearing "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" Safe
8 Chantay Coleman "Drown In My Own Tears" Safe
9 Andrew Lovett "Love" Safe
10 Gabrielle Townsend "Officially Missing You" Safe
11 Katherine Webb "You Belong With Me" Eliminated
12 Daniel Spearing "Dream On" Safe

Top 4: Love Songs / One-Hit Wonders

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Daniel Spearing "I Want To Know What Love Is" Safe
2 Andrew Lovett "If You Don't Know Me By Now" Safe
3 Chantay Coleman & Gabrielle Townsend "The Boy Is Mine" Safe
4 Andrew Lovett & Daniel Spearing "The Girl Is Mine" Safe
5 Chantay Coleman "No One" Eliminated
6 Gabrielle Townsend "Kiss From a Rose" Safe
7 Daniel Spearing "Take On Me" Safe
8 Andrew Lovett "Mambo No. 5" Safe
9 Chantay Coleman "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" Eliminated
10 Gabrielle Townsend "99 Luftballons" Safe

Top 3: Scott Borchetta's Choice / Hometown Dedication / Judges' Choice

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Andrew Lovett "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" Safe
2 Gabrielle Townsend "Don't Know Why" Safe
3 Daniel Spearing "Don't Speak" Eliminated
4 Andrew Lovett "Sweet Home Chicago" Safe
5 Gabrielle Townsend "California" Safe
6 Daniel Spearing "Hometown Glory" Eliminated
7 Andrew Lovett "Dreamworld" Safe
8 Gabrielle Townsend "Zombie" Safe
9 Daniel Spearing "Cry Me a River" Eliminated

Top 2: Simon Fuller's Choice / Coronation Song / Favorite Performance

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Gabrielle Townsend "Cold Case Love" Winner
2 Andrew Lovett "When I Was Your Man" Runner-up
3 Gabrielle Townsend "Flames" Winner
4 Andrew Lovett "Until Tonight" Runner-up
5 Gabrielle Townsend "Kiss From a Rose" Winner
6 Andrew Lovett "Back at One" Runner-up