The Top 13:

  1. Amy Nakamura
  2. Brett Hawkins
  3. Cara Mel
  4. Ella Miller
  5. Erika Chase - Wild Card
  6. Esther Goldbloom
  7. Keisha Johnson
  8. Leon Mraz
  9. Maria Rocher
  10. Nicholas Santiago
  11. Sam Novotny - Wild Card
  12. Trae Anderson
  13. William Arnett

Top 13: Songs Performed by American Idol Alumni

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Brett Hawkins "Come Together" Safe
2 Keisha Johnson "Summertime" Bottom 3
3 Sam Novotny "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" Bottom 3
4 Maria Rocher "You Oughta Know" Safe
5 Nicholas Santiago "Love The Way You Lie" Safe
6 Erika Chase "A Moment Like This" Eliminated
7 William Arnett "When a Man Loves a Woman" Safe
8 Ella Miller "I Was Here" Top 3
9 Leon Mraz "Time of the Season" Safe
10 Cara Mel "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" Safe
11 Amy Nakamura "Sweet Dreams" Safe
12 Esther Goldbloom "Somewhere" Top 3
13 Trae Anderson "U Got It Bad" Top 3

Top 12: One Hit Wonders

Order Contestant Song Result
1 William Arnett "She's All I Got" Eliminated
2 Esther Goldbloom "Don't Know Why" Safe
3 Leon Mraz "Bad Day" Bottom 3
4 Ella Miller "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life" Top 3
5 Trae Anderson "Listen to Your Heart" Top 3
6 Cara Mel "Put Your Records On" Bottom 3
7 Maria Rocher "99 Luftballoons" Safe
8 Nicholas Santiago "You're Beautiful" Safe
9 Amy Nakamura "Hit Em Up Style (Oops!)" Safe
10 Sam Novotny "Wherever You Will Go" Safe
11 Brett Hawkins "Mercy" Safe
12 Keisha Johnson "Get Here" Top 3

Top 11: Personal Idols

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Maria Rocher "The Edge of Glory" Bottom 2
2 Ella Miller "Vision of Love" Top 3
3 Trae Anderson "Back to Black" Safe
4 Leon Mraz "Let It Be" Safe
5 Cara Mel "Someone Like You" Safe
6 Keisha Johnson "I Will Always Love You" Top 3
7 Nicholas Santiago "To Where You Are" Safe
8 Sam Novotny "Toxic" Top 3
9 Brett Hawkins "Your Song" Eliminated
10 Esther Goldbloom "My Man" Safe
11 Amy Nakamura "At Last" Safe

Top 10: Songs from the 80's

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Trae Anderson "My Prerogative" Safe
2 Amy Nakamura "Ain't Nobody" Bottom 2
3 Esther Goldbloom "Like a Prayer" Top 3
4 Sam Novotny "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" Eliminated
5 Cara Mel "Smooth Operator" Safe
6 Leon Mraz "Don't Stop Me Now" Top 3
7 Keisha Johnson "Home" Top 3
8 Nicholas Santiago "Careless Whisper" Safe
9 Ella Miller "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Safe
10 Maria Rocher "The Tide is High" Safe

Top 9: Songs from the 2010s

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Nicholas Santiago "Runaway Baby" Bottom 2
2 Trae Anderson and Esther Goldbloom "Just Give Me A Reason" N/A
3 Keisha Johnson "California King Bed" Safe
4 Maria Rocher "Lights" Safe
5 Leon Mraz "I Won't Give Up" Saved
6 Trae Anderson "Carry On" Safe
7 Keisha Johnson, Amy Nakamura, Ella Miller and Cara Mel "Wings" N/A
8 Cara Mel "Who You Are" Safe
9 Nicholas Santiago, Leon Mraz and Maria Rocher "Somebody That I Used to Know" N/A
10 Amy Nakamura "Mr. Know It All" Safe
11 Esther Goldbloom "Cry" Safe
12 Ella Miller "Diamonds" Safe

Top 9 (week 2): Songs from the UK

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Ella Miller "Price Tag" Bottom 2
2 Trae Anderson "Heaven" Top 2
3 Amy Nakamura "Mamma Knows Best" Safe
4 Maria Rocher "Nothing's Real But Love" Safe
5 Nicholas Santiago "What Makes You Beautiful" Safe
6 Keisha Johnson "Lost and Found" Top 2
7 Cara Mel "My Kind of Love" Safe
8 Leon Mraz  "Smile" Eliminated
9 Esther Goldbloom "Silent Movie" Safe

Top 8: Amy Winehouse

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Amy Nakamura "Valerie" Safe
2 Keisha Johnson "You Sent Me Flying" Safe
3 Cara Mel "You Know I'm No Good" Safe
4 Nicholas Santiago "Wake Up Alone" Bottom 4
5 Esther Goldbloom "There Is No Greater Love" Eliminated
6 Trae Anderson "In My Bed" Bottom 4
7 Maria Rocher "Rehab: Eliminated
8 Ella Miller "Love is a Losing Game" Safe

Top 6: Love Songs / Contestant's Choice

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Nicholas Santiago "L-O-V-E" Eliminated
2 Cara Mel "Songbird" Safe
3 Trae Anderson "Lovesong" Safe
4 Keisha Johnson "She Will Be Loved" Bottom 2
5 Amy Nakamura "I'm With You" Safe
6 Ella Miller "As Long as You Love Me" Safe
7 Nicholas Santiago "Let's Stay Together" Eliminated
8 Cara Mel "Shake It Out" Safe
9 Trae Anderson "Wicked Games" Safe
10 Keisha Johnson "Spotlight" Bottom 2
11 Amy Nakamura "Like My Mother Does" Safe
12 Ella Miller "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Safe

Top 5: Hip-Hop / Songs They Wish They'd Written

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Trae Anderson "Take Care" Safe
2 Amy Nakamura "Freedom" Eliminated
3 Keisha Johnson "Doo Wop (That Thing)" Safe
4 Ella Miller "Save Me" Safe
5 Cara Mel "No Church in the Wild (Rita Ora version)" Safe
6 Trae Anderson "Family Portrait" Safe
7 Amy Nakamura "The Climb" Eliminated
8 Keisha Johnson "I Am Changing" Safe
9 Ella Miller "Looking In" Safe
10 Cara Mel "If I Were a Boy" Safe

Top 4: Inspirational Songs / Soul Music

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Keisha Johnson "Imagine" Safe
2 Trae Anderson "Earth Song" Safe
3 Cara Mel "Nobody's Perfect" Safe
4 Ella Miller "Mean Girls" Eliminated
5 Keisha Johnson and Cara Mel "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" N/A
6 Trae Anderson and Ella Miller "You're All I Need to Get By" N/A
7 Keisha Johnson "Respect" Safe
8 Trae Anderson "Try a Little Tenderness" Safe
9 Cara Mel "Nutbush City Limits" Safe
10 Ella Miller "I'd Rather Go Blind" Eliminated

Top 3: Contestant's Choice / Judge's Choice / Jimmy Iovine's Choice

Order Contestant Song Chosen By Result
1 Cara Mel "Constant Craving" Self Eliminated
2 Trae Anderson "Holding Back The Years" Self Safe
3 Keisha Johnson "Next to Me" Self Safe
4 Cara Mel "Mine" Keith Urban Eliminated
5 Trae Anderson "The Beautiful Ones" Mariah Carey Safe
6 Keisha Johnson "Ain't No Way" Nicki Minaj Safe
7 Cara Mel "I (Who Have Nothing)" Jimmy Iovine Eliminated
8 Trae Anderson "One" Jimmy Iovine Safe
9 Keisha Johnson "Have You Ever" Jimmy Iovine Safe

Top 2: Simon Fuller's Choice / Coronation Song / Favorite Performances

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Keisha Johnson "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" Runner-up
2 Trae Anderson "Who Am I To Say" Winner
3 Keisha Johnson "Believing" Runner-up
4 Trae Anderson "Armor On" Winner
5 Keisha Johnson "Get Here" Runner-up
6 Trae Anderson "Earth Song" Winner

Elimination Chart

Females Males Top 25 Top 13 Wild Card Winner
Did Not Perform Safe Safe First Safe Last Eliminated Top 13 Save Judges' Save
Stage: Semi-Finals Wild Card Finals
Week: 3/1 3/8 3/15 3/22 3/29 4/5 4/12 4/19 4/26 5/3 5/10 5/17 5/23
Place Contestant Result
1 Trae Anderson Top 13 Top 3 Top 3 Top 2 Bottom 4 (M) Winner
2 Keisha Johnson Top 13 Bottom 3 Top 3 Top 3 Top 2 Bottom 2 Runner-up
3 Cara Mel Top 13 Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Elim
4 Ella Miller Top 13 Top 3 Top 3 Top 3 Bottom 2 Elim
5 Amy Nakamura Top 13 Bottom 2 Bottom 3 Elim
6 Nicholas Santiago Top 13 Bottom 2 Bottom 4 (M) Elim
7 Esther Goldbloom Top 13 Top 3 Elim
8 Maria Rocher Top 13 Bottom 2
9 Leon Mraz Top 13 Bottom 3 Saved Elim
10 Sam Novotny Wild Card Top 13 Bottom 3 Top 3 Elim
11 Brett Hawkins Top 13 Elim
12 William Arnett Top 13 Elim
13 Erika Chase Wild Card Top 13 Elim
14–16 Andrew Lovett Wild Card Elim
Cassie Chance Wild Card
Casey Stocker Wild Card
16–24 Fred Harris Elim
Emilie Parrish
Alice Donovan
Jesse Valentine
Ethan Greyson
Cassie Chance
Andrew Flanagan
Jane McCabe
Kim McRiley