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  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is PSU Student
  • I am Male
  • REBƎLReloaded

    Carl encourages The Savages to ditch school for the day and take a road trip to Portland, Oregon; however, things backfire when they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. After a night at the Rave, The Savages lose control and are chased by drug dealing businessmen, whom Carl’s father secretively works for. Zachary develops a crush on Trae, but when Joe kisses Trae—a part of his scheme—Zachary feels disappointed. Alex and Gina discover their childhood history together, and Sydney becomes fed up with Nate’s behavior. Rose accuses Dirty Dan of the infamous video scandal, and it leads to one question—who made the video?


    It was 1:00 in the morning—hours after The Savages faced potential consequences in Portland, Oregon. A glo…

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  • REBƎLReloaded


    Gina becomes fed up with the misogynistic attitudes the school boys demonstrate, after she is harassed by two guys at the movies, and she teams up with Lily Blossom and Sydney Prescott to create the Femme Fatale. After Brian and Vik’s little video scandal takes over the school, Rose De Vil tries her hardest to determine who is responsible, and she targets Trae and Zach, who has feelings for Trae. However, Trae isn’t exactly aware of it, nor is he aware of Joe’s manipulative ways to get his power. Alex and Gina have rekindled their relationship, and well… Nate transformed into Breadquanda, inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oh yeah, also, Rufus quits the football team and joins the Savages, but will he fit in?


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  • REBƎLReloaded

    James A. Masters High School has become completely fed up with the new rules—no jackets, no accessories, no cellphones, and no weave—and the students aren’t having it. The Savages encourage the students to start silent protests, which caused friction between the students and teachers, who even threaten to quit. Alex and Gina make amends after Alex tries his hardest to impress her, but Carl convinces him to be natural. Joe continues to manipulate by targeting Sydney, who knows of his suspicious acts. Trae and Zach’s quest to expose Brian and Vik also backfires in the midst of an assembly performance gone awry.


    The same morning that Trae heard his name called on the intercom was the same day things felt tense, bitter, and …

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Trae Ventura, and his gang, The Savages, attempt to recruit new members to bolster their popularity, and create a movement against the school environment. The group, however, competes with different cliques: The Jocks, the Red Hot Cheer Peppers, The Sexxx Symbols, and The Moneybags, who continue to torment and belittle The Savages. Meanwhile, the Savages recruit Gina, Trae’s best friend, but Sydney doesn’t like her – she proves this by placing a wedge between Gina and Alex’s bond. Joe is also a new member who is determined to steal Trae’s throne in the Savages.


    The day was warmer than usual for a September day – it felt like summer, even though autumn had already started. Despite the beautiful, serene, sunny weath…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Black leather jacket, destroyed jeans, scuffed shell-top Adidas – Trae Ventura kept his style as aggressive and exclusive as possible. His parents barely knew him anymore; his closest friends abandoned him, ignored him, or just disappeared. Trae was once a teenager with optimism, sensitivity—he still has this trait, and compassion, but he knew he had to speak for himself, to speak for his school, for his reputation… for America.

    Rihanna’s song, “Hard,” played loudly on his dancing water speakers as he quickly sprayed a Michael Kors fragrance around his apparel. He sprayed hair sheen above him as he looked in the mirror, smirking.

    Trae narrates--My mother always told me that you have to show an image, one that could make or break you or fits …

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