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  • Fundog2

    My Oc

    November 18, 2013 by Fundog2

    Hi So This is my idea for a person in this FF. 

    Juliet Tomson-Woods

    Age: She is 16

    Her Grade is 10th Grade.

    She is Stragith 

    Her Background is She is was born and rasied In LA with her mom and dad. At the age of 4 her father passed away from Cancer before he died she told Juliet to never stop living and enjoy the music, thats how Juliet fell inlove with music. When she turned 7 her mother  moved her to Ohio and remarried Dexter Woods. Juliet felt like she had lost her mother to Dexter because she always hung out with Dexter and not her. At the age 15 she ran away from home when her mother told her she only cared for Dexter. She now lives with her Aunt Lacy and Uncle Dan in Lima. 

    Her Appearance is staright brown hair she has light green eyes and…

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