Long Winded Thingie

Its come to my attention that I've been treating people like crap. If I have people need to tell him Hey Jackie ease up or check your attitude because let me think I'm being nice and wham when a fight happens it gets nasty because that's when they tell me when I'm pissed or mad which adds water to a grease fire.

And I'm sorry for it.


Trae you have become the my closest friend here of late. You sit here listen to me when I talk about my insecurities. I wish you luck with Kyle. And you don't know how much I am thankful you.


Kyler, my man, I have so much more respect for you. You were the only one who had the balls to not give me what I wanted when it wasn't good for me.  Thank You.


Kyle, I don't know you that well so the only thing will say is that Mama Bear is watching you :D.


I know we haven't been really close lately and for that I'm sorry. I was told to treat you like a real person and I do because I don't sugarcoat things which I hoped you would do in return but last night showed me that you don't fully do that because you let things build up. You say you deserve better than someone taking their anger out on you that is actually meant for someone else which in reality a lot of my anger that I let out on you is anger towards you. Reason one: we all have crap going on in our lives but we don't use it as a crutch. Reason two: You blamed me for the reason you hate your life when I was there when Caleb did those things to you and when Joey broke up with you and I let you talk out your issues at work but all that goes out the window when we have a fight. Reason three: I've always been there for you, I've tried to help you build your self esteem but when we have a fight you seem to forget all this and focus on what has happened lately. You are my brother, Justin, I want whats best for you but sometimes you are just to hard headed, like me :P. But that's all I needed to say to you.


Juan, you are one of the easiest because you are my ginger wingman.


RJ, you are an amazing person who I can't wait to get to know better. I will be having a good day but when you walk into the chat, well not walk in but you know what I mean, it becomes a great day.  At times I will not say things the way I mean them but that's me being ackward.

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