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  • I live in Newton
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is Server
  • I am female
  • Duffy Danger

    Its come to my attention that I've been treating people like crap. If I have people need to tell him Hey Jackie ease up or check your attitude because let me think I'm being nice and wham when a fight happens it gets nasty because that's when they tell me when I'm pissed or mad which adds water to a grease fire.

    And I'm sorry for it.

    Trae you have become the my closest friend here of late. You sit here listen to me when I talk about my insecurities. I wish you luck with Kyle. And you don't know how much I am thankful you.

    Kyler, my man, I have so much more respect for you. You were the only one who had the balls to not give me what I wanted when it wasn't good for me.  Thank You.

    Kyle, I don't know you that well so the only thing will say is t…

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  • Duffy Danger

    Good Luck Juan

    April 6, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    As he makes his departure I'm trying not to cry.

    Every time I think of bug crushing maker (which is apparently a person that i'm still trying to figure why they are called that) I'm gonna think of Juan.

    Juan you have been my closest and oldest friends. You have encouraged and teased me so much. You made me feel better about disconcerting feelings. You made me take a chance. You say it will work out which I believe will happen. 

    I just wanted to say Good Luck for this isn't a good bye but a new beginning.

    I will forever butcher your name but that's just my style.

    Love ya man!

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  • Duffy Danger

    Late Easter

    April 3, 2013 by Duffy Danger


    I've been trying to get something uploaded for everyone since everyone thinks I have an adorable voice :D!

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  • Duffy Danger

    Ok ok I know i've done this numerous times but I always got busy and had to cancel the others. Now I have something drop off my schedule and would love to start writing again. So here it is.

    Mr. Shue and Holly Holiday decide to make an explosion back on to the Show Choir stage with a new group of misfits.








    Audition Song:


    Name: Dia Grace

    Age: 16

    Sex: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbain

    Backstory: Dia is the youngest of three kids. Her parents are the new owners of Breadsticks. She spent the first two years of high school in a high school that is for smart teenagers but her parents decided to move her back to Lima Ohio.

    Personality: Dia is a very quiet soul. She hides behind her intelligent. She…

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  • Duffy Danger


    February 12, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    I just wanted to say I love everyone. You are my friends. I don't want to lose you guys.

    These songs are dedicated to you.....

    This song are dedicated to you.....

    It was too hard to choose a song for you so I went with this...

    This is for you....

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