For Jackie, this is. Because she's awesome, and working on The Editors, she needs some good inspiration to write, and well, what would be better than the revival of one of the most sexy ships ever?

Prae's Endgame

Priscilla landed on bed naked, still shivering with the pleasure of the night. Addison rested next to her wth her arms wrapped around Priscilla's shoulders.

"Wow" Priscilla limited herself to say. "This was just..." Priscilla sighed.

"The greatest night of my life. I feel the same" Addison continued. "I think the whole thing that kept us separated and made us wait did this even better. I had never felt all of this before. Not even when I was with Kendel."

"Well, thanks" Priscilla said as she touched Addison's face and pressing her lips against hers.

"What about you?" Addison said. "Did you ever feel the same than tonight?"

"Well.." Priscilla said doubtfully.

"Prissie. Here. Don't worry. I won't judge or anything and I won't get mad about it. The best thing right now is that you and I are finally together." Addison said.

"Prae is endgame" Priscilla said.

"Prae" Addison wondered "What is that?"

"It's Erik's nickname for us. He came with it in the Old Directions' assignment, one day we were having the manicure" Priscilla said. "It's the combination of our names: Priscilla and Rae. Isn't it sweet?"

"It is indeed" Addison said laying her hand in Priscilla's hips. "These hips really don't lie, right?" Addison laughed.

"I love you" Priscilla said.

"I love you even more" Addison replied.

"You better do" Priscilla said jumping on top of Addison and starting to wildly making out with her. "About what you said earlier, there was none experience that could compare to tonight"

"Oh, I feel flattered" Addison said continuing the kiss.

"That's because you were my first" Priscilla said.


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