The Diva-Off
Season One, Episode Seven
Aaron Tveit aarontveit480
First Aired March 7, 2013
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"Guilty Pleasure"
The Diva-Off is the seventh episode of the first season of LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It, it will be released on March 7, 2013.


To ease the tension, Holly allows the rivalries between some of the members to fight in song to let their emotions escape; however, things get a little worse when it comes to dueling divas Kaleesha and Kendall, as cereal and milk is involved and Cole's suspicions of Samantha's weird ways causes him to think twice about their relationship. Kai reveals an issue that may get Kendall in deep trouble, and Salvatore finds himself attracted to Matthew. 


Song Title Original Artist Performers
No Such Thing As Too Late Brandy Samantha Parker
Phresh Out the Runway/Diva Rihanna/Beyonce New Directions
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) Blu Cantrell The McKinley Swagettes
It's Not Right But It's Okay Whitney Houston Cole Reynolds
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion Salvatore Anderson
Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake Kai Marsden with Kendall Rhodes
Listen Beyonce Cole Reynolds

Episode #7: The Diva-OffEdit

Previously on Glee: Make It or Break It:

Kendall convinces Holly to start a sex ed assignment for New Directions; however, Holly is doubtful about it because of the last time she taught sex education and she pretty much lost her teaching job. However, it did go a bit well for her since it wasn't a sex riot like before. Meanwhile, Hayden and Deno both teamed up to create the LGBT Alliance to end bullying and homophobia in school, when really it gets all worse when Hayden's bully, Drake, gets in the midst, however, after being fed up of his antics, Hayden decides to confront him. But it all turns worse when Hayden pushes Drake to a point... a point of kissing him, it got a little bit passionate and Hayden just ran out. Later on, Kai's angry side shows at Breadstix when he reunites with Jason, who goes out on a date with Aidan and Salvatore after being blackmailed for revenge for outing Aidan at Invitationals, but it gets smoky and steamy between the three as they hit a menage a trois. Samantha wanted to have sex with Cole, but he was out of his comfort zone and decided to leave.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


Holly and Sue sat in Principal Figgins' office, and Holly was in disappointment when she realized that she was given a warning on her teaching duties. Sue looked pretty pleased as her arms were crossed and her eyes were straight on her.

"I don't get it," Holly said. "It's not like I did anything wrong, that sex assignment helped a lot of kids in Glee Club,"

"I know, Ms. Holiday, but McKinley High has limits," Principal Figgins said. "And I can recall that we've been through this before when Will Schuester was still holding Glee Club, your sex education lessons could possibly cause issues with parents."

"In my opinion, Figgins," Holly started off her sentence, "It's not fair that all of the issues come to me when really I'm trying to help these kids learn about things they need to be aware of after they graduate, some kids are going to college in 2 years, how do you think it would feel if your children were going out in the middle of the night and having sex at a young age?"

"Figgins, I think she's definitely trying to offend you," Sue said. Holly looked at Sue with fiery eyes.

"You know, I knew you had something to do with this," Holly said. "After all of these weeks, you've been trying to keep me away from McKinley, you've been trying to let Figgins fire me for every single thing I do in this school. I've been nothing but nice to you and all you can do is just treat me like you hate me."

"I would like you if you just let those kids grow apart," Sue said.

"Sue, please stop," Figgins said. "Now, Holly, I know that you're a wonderful teacher, a lot of these kids have faith in you, and I believe that you can stick to your teaching position this year. But please, please be careful with what you do, okay?"

"Fine," Holly said, calmly, when deep inside she wanted to yell and scream. Holly walked out of the office while Sue followed her.


Deno was looking all around for Hayden in the hallways and around the school, and when he spotted Hailey, he ran to her. "Hey, Hails, have you seen Hayden?"

Hailey looked at Deno and nodded, "Nope, I haven't seen him all day, are you two okay?"

"He hasn't been answering my text messages, he didn't attend the LGBT meetings not even Glee Club, I'm kind of scared," Deno said, he sighed and looked away. "I guess this Drake Shingleton thing has gotten to him, he's been bullying Hayden all last week."

"Poor Hayden," Hailey said. "I could just knock that dude out."

When Kendall walked past, Deno turned to her, "Hey, Kendall, have you seen Hayden today?"

Kendall turned back around, "No, I didn't. He's probably out somewhere in this school, I guess. Keep on finding him." She shrugged and walked away.

"I already knew she would be no help," Deno nodded her head. "So, if you see him, let me know, okay, Hails?"

"Piece of cake," Hailey smiled and Deno smiled back and walked away. Hailey sighed as she opened up her locker and a letter falled out of it. Hailey raised her eyebrow and opened it up, it was written in red pen and hearts were scribbled all around, the letter said, Roses are red, violets are blue, you think I'm crazy, yeah, I'm crazy about you. - Love, you know who.

Hailey rolled her eyes and crumbled up the envelope and slammed her locker and continued to walk by, but when the balled up envelope fell on the floor, Jason picked up on her way, and opened it. When she read the letter, she looked up at Hailey, who continued to walk away.




Cole was inside of his locker, sighing, and a familiar voice came from afar, "Can't talk to me anymore now?"

Cole looked at Samantha, and chuckled, then turned back around to his locker, "I mean, what is there to talk about?"

"Us." Samantha said sympathetically. "Cole, I'm really sorry about the other night. It was stupid, it was dumb, and I should have cared about your feelings more than mine. I put too much pressure on you."

"I'll have you know that was the worst feeling I've had of my life." Cole said. "I just couldn't deal with the feeling of losing my virginity to you. You seemed so ready and all, and that kept me wondering... are you sure that you're a virgin?"

"Yeah, I am a virgin, why would you think the opposite?" Samantha said. It was silent at that moment, and Samantha looked down, and nodded.

"You don't trust me, do you?" Samantha said. Cole looked up quickly to disagree.

"No, no, no, I do, I really do, believe me, it's just that I was a little bit concerned." Cole said. "I never met anyone like you and I just want us to continue on before we take the next step."

Samantha nodded, "I understand."

"I'll see you in Glee Club," Cole kissed Samantha softly and quickly on the lips and pulled back and walked away. Samantha held her binders tightly as she stood still watching him depart, she sighed and walked slowly.

"I know you think I be trippin', thinkin' I be playing you be sayin' I ain't into you." Samantha sang. "Just take a second to listen, cause I ain't into laying with just anybody, baby I ain't trying to kill my body so soon."

"Let me know you're worth it, do you deserve a chance to, to touch, to feel my love. Cause ain't nobody perfect, underneath the surface can you show me your love." Samantha sang.

"And when it's time, I won't even have to tell you so, you'll see the stars are shining the same, so take your time, cause love ain't got nowhere to go, it'll be way better if we wait, cause there's no such thing as too late. When you really love somebody you can wait, cause there's no such thing as too late."

"You told me you're different, you be always saying you ain't nothing like them other dudes," Samantha sang as she leaned against a locker. "And judging from my intuition, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you seem like somebody I could probably give myself to, not so soon."

"Cause I want you to love me whenever you get that chance to, to touch, to feel my love, cause ain't nobody. Cause ain't nobody perfect underneath the surface, can you show me your love,"

Samantha then sang in the choir room, with still Hayden nowhere in sight, not even Tiffany, the others smiled as she sang. "And when it's time, I won't even have to tell you so, you'll see the stars are shining the same, so take your time, cause love ain't got nowhere to go, it'll be way better if we wait, cause there's no such thing as too late. When you really love somebody you can wait, cause there's no such thing as too late."

"Listen to my heart and I'll listen to yours, and if they say the same thing then I'll know we're ready. But until then we should be patient let's not start, but when we start, I promise you gon' love it baby." Cole began to smile as Samantha sang to him.

"And when it's time, I won't even have to tell you so, you'll see the stars are shining the same, so take your time, cause love ain't got nowhere to go, it'll be way better if we wait, cause there's no such thing as too late. When you really love somebody you can wait,"

"Don't you think?" Samantha smiled at Cole, and he smiled back.

"Cause there's no such thing as too late."

Samantha recieved a round of applause, and Cole stood up and gave Samantha a hug, "I love you."

"I love you too." Samantha said, until a facial expression began to give her doubts about her future, she looked down and tried to act happy for Cole.


"Very sweet, Samantha," Holly smiled. "Now, I do have a question for all, have you guys seen Hayden and Tiffany?"

It was silent, and everyone didn't know where she was, except for Jason, with her arms crossed and as she was using her nail file.

"I'm not sure where Hayden is but I definitely know where Tiffany is,"

"Where is she, Jason?" Holly asked.

"If you guys ever really cared, she quit." Jason said.

"She did what?!" Everyone said in unison, Jason nodded her head in disbelief, "What a shame."

"What do you mean she quit? She had a great voice." Matthew said to Jason, she replied.

"I said the same thing, but it was so obvious that her voice was overlooked," Jason said. "So I convinced her to quit."

"Why would you convince her to quit, that's not cool, Jason." Deno said.

"What's not cool is that the only people I know that gets the spotlight every single week is Donnie and Marie Osmand over there," she referred to Cole and Samantha.

"And of course Kendall, and all of the others aren't even treated the same." Jason said. "Which is why I think Tiffany deserves better."

"It's not our faults Tiffany was quiet all of the time," Cole shrugged. "She should have been more active, and maybe she would have the same amount of spotlight as me."

"No, you mean the same amount of spotlight as me," Kendall said, standing up. "Everyone knows that I'm the top dog in this club, and whatever solo I ask for, I get."

Kaleesha rolled her eyes, "If you're the top dog, you would sit your ass down and let someone else shine, like me, for instance."

"The only thing you need to shine is that big forehead of yours," Kendall said, she mocked Rihanna's "Diamonds" song by singing, "Shine bright like my forehead."

Kaleesha stood up trying to get to Kendall, "You know what, you got one more time," Jason tried to hold her back and sit her down. Holly stopped the arguing.

"Hey, hey, hey, let's take it easy, guys, come on." Holly said. "You know, I understand that you guys are feeling this way, I get it, and maybe it's time we need to start focusing more on each individual in Glee Club, which is why I think I have the perfect assignment for us this week."

Holly quickly rushed to the whiteboard behind her and wrote "DIVA" on the board. "Diva."

"Hell yes," Kaleesha said, Kendall rolled her eyes and Holly smiled, "This week, I want to see your inner divas inside of you, and whoever wins this competition will get the solo for Sectionals."

"Whoo, I know that's right," Kaleesha gave Jason a high five and smiled.

"I don't know if I'm that good at being a diva." Matt said.

"You brought sexy back last week, right?" Hailey smiled at him. "I guess you can bring your diva game." Matt smiled back at Hailey.

"Now, all of you show me your inner divas!"

Music began to play and everyone stood up trying to do different posts to show off for Holly. She smiled and shook her head, and as the boys sang, "I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a a diva."

"I see you walk, I hear you boy, I see you walk," Kendall jumped in, singing that in the background.

"I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a a diva,"

Kaleesha made her way to Holly trying to strut her stuff, she sang, "Love it, then come and get it, I know that ya messin' with it. Ya see me, ya like it, huh? Heels Givenchy, huh?"

"Love it, then play it back, plus where the 40 at? I'm kicking wit Kidd Creole on top of my 50 mill," Matt tried to act sexy around Holly, and then after that, Samantha pushed him out of the way.

"He eating-the-cake-killer! Own it, but don't kill her! My jewelers are diamond rollers! My rock... chinchilla!"

"Some more raw fun, I'm rolling like rock stars, I got 50 other suckers in my watch with my bentz down," Kendall sang. The New Directions boys all sang.

"Phresh out the runway, phresh out, phresh out the runway,"

"Na-na-na, diva is a female version of a hustla," New Directions girls sang.

"Phresh out, phresh out the runway, phresh out, phresh out the runway," the boys sang.

"Of a hustla, of a, of a hustla," the girls sang.

"I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a a diva, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva," Kaleesha sang with Aidan.

"I see you walk, I hear you boy," Kendall sang.

"Stop the track, lemme state facts:, I told you, gimme a minute and I'll be right back," Cole sang. "Fifty million round the world and they say that I couldn't get it, I done got so sick and filthy with Benjis, I can't spend it,"

Jason pushed Cole away and went to Holly, "How you gon' be talkin ish? You act like I just got up in it; been the number one diva in this game for a minute!"

"I know you read the paper - the one that they call a queen, every radio round the world know me cause that's where I be," Cole sang.

"What's in the chain dollars? What's on my chain dollars? All of the bank dollars got change for small dollars," Deno sang.

"Everything plain dollars, I was in the back line, I'm standing in the bank line, you throwin' up the gang signs," Hailey sang.

"Phresh out the runway, phresh out, phresh out the runway,"

"Na-na-na, diva is a female version of a hustla," New Directions girls sang.

"Phresh out, phresh out the runway, phresh out, phresh out the runway," the boys sang.

"Of a hustla, of a, of a hustla," the girls sang.

"I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a a diva, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva," Kaleesha sang with Aidan.

"I see you walk, I hear you boy," Kendall sang.

They all sat down back and their chairs and Holly shook her head, "All right, guys, you got me. That's what I call a diva number."


Hailey sat her soccer uniform inside of her lockers as she got back to her regular clothing. As she did this, Jackson, without hesitation, made her way to Hailey in the room with a flirtatious smirk on her face.

"So, did you get that letter of love yet?" Jackson said, leaning on the locker near Hailey, she looked up without any amusement.

"So, that was you?" Hailey scoffed. "Don't ever do that again, Jackson. I'm not for the love games right now. And I did say for you to stay away from me."

"Oh, come on, Hailey, didn't we start off as friends?" Jackson said.

Hailey looked up at her, "Yeah, I guess so."

"And you're telling me we wouldn't be closer than that?" Jackson tried to move closer to Hailey, trying to rub her hands all on her waist, and Hailey stopped her.

"Step back, Jackson," Hailey pushed her away.

Jackson nodded her head, "You really should stop fighting with me, Hailey. I'm not like those other girls, I'm not gonna chase you."

"No, Jackson, just go," Hailey said. "I don't want you, can't you see that? Would you stop?"

Jackson grabbed Hailey by her bottom, pulling her close to her, "Look, I was your first, and you were my first, and we are made for each other. I run this freaking school, and anything I want, I get. That includes you."

"No," Hailey said as Jackson put her hands all around Hailey's chest, trying to push her hands away. "Move back."

"Now, you're either gonna be with me, or I'm gonna have to take you." Jackson said, until a voice came from behind the two.

"Not when I'm around you won't."

Hailey turned around as she saw Jason standing there for her rescue. Jason moved closer to the girls. "Back off, Jackson."

"Says who?" Jackson moved closer to Jason with her arms crossed, Jason took one step further to her face.

"Says Duffy Danger," Jason smiled. "You see, I think she doesn't want you, leave her alone, or I swear I will make your life a living hell. You may think just because you humped her, she'll want you. Let it go, get over it, and find some other whore like you to make your life easier. Other than that, step off from Hailey, or else your ass is grass."

Jackson rolled her eyes, and walked away from the two, "Whatever." Jackson looked back at Hailey and made her departure out of the room.

It was silent at that moment as Hailey looked at Jason, and she looked back. "No thank you, gracias or anything like that?"

"You know, you really didn't have to do that." Hailey said. "I could have definitely handled that on my own, Jason."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jason chuckled. "But from what I've seen was like a pre-rape moment with two girls. At least I had your back."

"You may have had my back, but you really didn't have to take over like I couldn't handle it myself."

"Look, I found that little love letter that fell out of your hands in the hallway, I read it."

"Hmm, at first I thought it was you." Hailey said, as she looked away from Jason, who raised her eyes in confusion.

"Me?" Jason said. "You think I'm some type of psycho? I'd never do anything like that."

"Oh, but from all of those glances in the classroom last week, I assumed it would be you."

"You don't have to be a bitch about me helping you, Hailey." Jason looked down. "I was only trying to be a good helper."

"Oh, so I'm a bitch, huh?" Hailey shook her head in disbelief. "I'm a bitch? Who blackmails others just so they can feel good about themselves? Who bullies others just so they can get what they want? And I'm a bitch? You're a bitch. I don't even know if you are one, you may have had your penis replaced."

Jason stands up to Hailey's face, "What an ungrateful brat you are, to assume that I would have wrote that funky letter. Just because I have feelings for you doesn't mean I would go to the edge of psychotic just so you can be with me. But I guess you don't see the good side of me? Just the plain old bad. Just remember next time when you need someone to be there for you, and see how you can handle stuff like that on your own."

Jason walked out of the locker room, leaving Hailey in shock as she looked down, trying to slam her head against her locker after Jason's speech.


Tiffany sat in the courtyard as everyone else were out there conversing and walking past her. She sat on a step outside and looked around, nodding her head.

I guess you all may be wondering why I quit New Directions, I have my reasons: if you were in a Glee Club for 4 1/2 weeks, hardly had a solo since your first audition and treated like a nonentity, you would know why. I don't want to join something I don't fit in with. I want to feel like someone that's important. I'm surprised no one in Glee Club hasn't noticed that I've been gone. Honestly, I'm not. No one cares in that club, and I might as well find something else important in my life to worry about.

Tiffany stood up from the step, continuously chewing her bubble gum, and as she walked, she made another stop as two girls stood across from her with amiable smiles. One of the girls had long puffy hair that looked like the 70's Afro style, with neon colored tights, and a t-shirt that said "I Hate Boys", while the other girl stood with black hair and proper clothing.

"Hello, there," The girl said. "Are you interested in singing?"

Tiffany looked at the two, "Well, I guess so, I mean, I don't really know."

"Well, I'm Brianna, and me and Elise here, are forming a new Glee Club for McKinley," Brianna said, Tiffany raised her eyebrow as Elise gave her a paper of the Glee Club Audition sheet, printed in pink and polka dots.

"There's already a Glee Club here, though," Tiffany said. "A Glee Club I could really care about at the moment."

"You mean that New Directions?" Elise said, she shook her head. "I got rejected."

"You were?" Tiffany said. Elise nodded her head, "And Brianna was also, which is why we created another Glee Club of our own so our girls' voices could be heard."

"So, this is an all girl Glee Club?" Tiffany said. "What's the name of the group you guys had in mind?"

Elise and Brianna smiled at each other and said, "The Swagettes!" in unison. Tiffany was interested in the name.

"Hmm, Swagettes, eh, pretty unique," Tiffany nodded her head after that. "But still, I don't think I should join. I already quit New Directions because I felt like a nonentity, what if I may be treated the same if I join the Swagettes."

"Trust me, you won't, we would allow every girl in the club to have their own style and their own time to shine, even though, we're pretty much the only two that is in the club so far." Brianna said. "No one has been wanting to join because their oh so obsessed with New Directions."

"Maybe you can try singing to interest some of the girls," Tiffany shrugged.

"Maybe we should try that," Elise walked in front of the courtyard, and she looked around, then looked back at the girls and smiled, and she began to belt out with an amazing voice that shocked Tiffany. She began to sing slowly, "While he was scheming, I was beamin' in the Beamer just beamin', can't believe that I caught my man cheating, so I found another way to make him pay for it all."

Everyone was silent as she began to sing, and they looked interested in her performance. She continued to sing, "So I went to Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree-ah, and on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia, and as the cash box rang I thought everything away."

Tiffany sang, "Oops." as a shy girl began to softly beatbox to the performance, she stood up from the courtyard and walked to the girls.

"There goes the dreams we used to say, there goes the times we spent away, there goes the love I had, but you cheated on me and that's worth that now," Brianna sang. "There goes the house we made a home, there goes you'll never leave me alone for all lies you told, this is what you owe."

Tiffany began to join along as Brianna, Elise, and the shy girl all mustered up to sing, "Hey ladies, when your man wanna get buck wild, just go back and hit 'em up style, put your hands on his cash and --"

"Spend it to the last dime for all the hard times," Brianna sang.

"Oh, when you go then everything goes from the crib to the ride and the clothes, so you better let him know that if he mess up, you gotta hit 'em up," The girls sang, the crowd began to clap and briefly cheer.

The girls all sang, "Da da da da da da da da, doo doo doo doo,"

A girl who sat at a table with other jocks, she began to smile as they sang, and she stood up, singing along, "While he was braggin', I was comin' down the hill a-just draggin' all his pictures and his clothes in the bag and sold everything else till there was just nothing left."

The girls up top were nodding their heads as the shy girl continued to beatbox. "And I paid all the bills about a month too late, it's a shame we have to play these games, the love we had just fade away, away,"

Jackson was nodding her head to the song as she was standing near the girls, and Tiffany took the next part, "There goes the dreams we used to say, there goes the times we spent away, there goes the love I had, but you cheated on me and that's worth that now, there goes the house we made a home, there goes you'll never leave me alone for all lies you told, this is what you owe."

Jackson made her way to the jam session singing along, and everyone clapped and were intrigued. Seeing this, Cole and Deno made their way through watching their performance and in shock.

"Hey ladies, when your man wanna get buck wild, just go back and hit 'em up style, put your hands on his cash and --"

"Spend it to the last dime for all the hard times," Brianna sang.

"Oh, when you go then everything goes from the crib to the ride and the clothes, so you better let him know that if he mess up, you gotta hit 'em up,"

"All of the dreams you sold left me out in the cold. What happened to the days when we used to trust each other? And all of the things I sold will take you until you get old to get 'em back without me, cause revenge is better than money you'll see," Brianna sang, leading the way, and as she belted out, a huge cheer came from afar from the students.

"Hey ladies, when your man wanna get buck wild, just go back and hit 'em up style, put your hands on his cash and --"

"Spend it to the last dime for all the hard times," Brianna sang.

"Oh, when you go then everything goes from the crib to the ride and the clothes, so you better let him know that if he mess up, you gotta hit 'em up,"

Everyone stood up and cheered for the girls, and Cole and Deno's eyes were open wide with awe. In unison, they both said, "Oh my god."

Tiffany was happy and cheering along with the girls, while Cole shook his head, "Well, what do you know."


"How do we know for sure if those girls will form a Glee Club?" Deno said in the hallway as he and Cole were reacting to the girls' performance. "They probably were doing it for fun, Cole."

"With vocals amazing like that, it's obvious that we'll be getting some straight up competition at McKinley." Cole said. "I'm already willing to destroy them with my solo version of Don't Rain on My Parade."

"They seem more R&B than Broadway, Cole." Deno shrugged. "Just saying. Besides, they sound pretty great."

"Are you nuts?" Cole said.

Deno rolled his eyes. "I don't get what's the big deal, Cole."

"The big deal is that Tiffany Winters abandoned New Directions for an all-girl group," Cole said.

"And what does that mean to you? You're the one that called her out today about her quitting." Deno said. Cole nodded his head, "Don't mind me, I'm trying to show off my diva-mode."

Deno sighed and walked away from Cole, "I'll see you at rehearsals."

Matt made his way to Cole, "Hey, man."

"Hey, man?" Cole scoffed. "The first words that should have came out of your mouth should have been "Hey jerk!""

"Look, Cole, I just don't want us to feud anymore, it's not worth it." Matt said. "You're a pretty awesome guy, and I think you just don't see that."

"I do see that," Cole shrugged. "Of course I'm awesome."

"All I'm just saying is that I just want to call a truce." Matt said. "Of course you like Samantha, and I have to deal with that, man. Besides, I think we have very similar music styles."

"I guess we do." Cole said. "What's the catch here, though?"

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to join Mr. Awesome right here for some fun." Cole raised his eyebrow, "Depends on what type of fun you're talking about."

"Dude, let's go grab some hot chicks man!" Matt said. Cole shook his head, "Is this some type of trick to get me with some girl so you can get to Samantha."

"No," Matt said.

"I don't know, I promised Samantha I would take her out on a date." Cole said.

"There should seriously be a day where you can just loosen up and have fun. You don't always have to be that guy who's so overanxious to follow his dreams. Just have fun, man."

Cole left a smirk on his face. "I mean, well, I guess it's okay to get a little fresh air."

"Then trust me man." Matt said. Cole sighed, "Fine. But I'm driving."


As Cole and Matt passed Kendall, who was at her locker chatting with her other Cheerio friends, Kaleesha passed the two waving at Matt, and she walked to Kendall with her arms crossed.

"Do you have a minute?" Kaleesha said. It got quiet as the Cheerios looked her up and down, while Kendall scoffed. "Unfortunately, no. Go on now."

The Cheerios and Kendall went back to chatting, laughing, likely at Kaleesha. She got upset and moved closer to the girls. "Kendall, we need to talk."

"Can't you see I'm busy?" Kendall rolled her eyes and talked back with the girls. Kaleesha grabbed a hold of her fist and punched it at the locker, scaring the Cheerios.

"I said we need to talk," Kaleesha said with fierce eyes. The Cheerios all looked at each other and made their departure. Kendall crossed her arms and nodded her head.

"Am I supposed to be scared?" Kendall scoffed.

Kaleesha nodded, "No, but at least I got your attention."

"What do you want now since you drove my company away?" Kaleesha sighed and looked at Kendall, "Look, Kendall, we need to make a truce or something. I'm tired of being the one you hate and I'm tired of you being the one I hate."

"What makes you think I would ever want to be friends with you again?" Kendall said. "Like I said, I was only your friend because Samantha was your friend. Can't you see that you're a loser now?"

"We are all losers, don't you get that?" Kaleesha replied. "Because if we weren't, we wouldn't be in Glee Club right now. There's nothing wrong with being a loser, thank you very much."

"In your eyes, it's not," Kendall said. "But hanging out with freaks like Cole and Hailey and Deno, of course you're a loser."

"Leave them alone, they have nothing to do with what's going on between us." Kaleesha said. "Don't you remember that I stood by you every single time? The fact that I had your back when those chicks in the Cheerios were going behind your back? Exactly. No words now, huh?"

"Shut up." Kendall said. "This is exactly why I can't stand to even look at you. Trying to be the next Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj, huh? Guess what, they're both fake ass girls with fake boobs, fake asses, fake hair, fake teeth, fake noses, fake eyes, fake feet, fake everything. And you're already fake."

"Hypocrite." Kaleesha smiled. "You're faker than them all."

"You're nothing but a skanky, boring, dumb bitch!" Kendall yelled and walked away, leaving Kaleesha in awe, she looked down and nodded her head in disbelief. Jason watched every part of the conversation and she felt bad for Kaleesha. She walked to her, shocked.

"You're just gonna let her talk to you that way?" Jason said.

"What's the point?" Kaleesha looked down and leaned her back against the locker. "Don't let a girl like that put you down," Jason said. "For the past couple of days, you've began to be my best friend here, and I really feel bad for you because you have to deal with a slut like that."

"I mean, she's not a slut, tho--"

"She's a slut, period." Jason said. "Get your taste of revenge, don't let her put you down." Jason tells Kaleesha.

"You think I should do that? Get revenge?" Kaleesha said.

"Of course," Jason said. "But don't listen to me, I'm more of a bad girl, and I don't want you to get the same vibe I have."

"Honestly, you really inspire me. Sometimes I wish I could be like you," Kaleesha said.

"No, you don't." Jason nodded her head quickly. Kaleesha chuckled, "Of course."

"No, REALLY you don't." Jason chuckled. "If you were me, you would be expelled. Seriously, you're a good girl, and maybe in a couple of years, you will be the next Lil' Kim or Nicki Minaj, well, hopefully without the fake boobs and all."

"So you think I should just get my revenge?" Kaleesha said.

"That's as if you're wanting to do it." Jason said.

Kaleesha gave a smirk at Jason, and she smiled back. "Oh, I think I have the perfect plan."


Hayden makes his return back to school, without Deno and anyone else knowing by coming late to meet up with the counselor, whom at first he thought would be Emma Pillsbury. Hayden knocked on the door and a woman sat with glasses on, with her black hair and brown eyes swifting up as she looked at Hayden walked in.

"Oh, hello," the girl said with a smile. Hayden was a bit confused at first, "Um, isn't this the counselor's office?"

"Of course, sweetheart, I'm the new counselor." The woman said.

"Oh," Hayden exchanged a half-smile. "I forgot Ms. Pillsbury was gone."

"If you want to, have a seat, hon." the woman said. "Make your self at home here."

Hayden sat in the seat across from the woman, and he smiled back. The woman giggled, and squinted her eyes. "Please excuse my manners, I'm Ms. Underwood."

"I'm Hayden," Hayden replied, giving her a handshake. She laid back a little on her chair, and took off her glasses, showing off her beautiful brown eyes. "So, what brings you here today?"

"I've been kind of having problems lately last week that I'm having some difficulties grappling with." Hayden said. "And I'm not sure how to deal with it."

"Can you tell me what's going on? I'm all ears." Ms. Underwood said. "But if it's a bit personal, I definitely understand."

Hayden took a deep breath, "Two weeks ago, I kissed a boy in front of the whole school,"

"So, you're gay," Ms. Underwood smiled. "Has something went on after that?"

"Well, I'm not gay, but I'm bisexual, but ever since that day, a guy has been bullying me because of it. A guy who used to be my best friend. But I think he's also gay."

"Really?" Ms. Underwood said. "How do you know that for sure?"

"Well, he kissed me in the locker rooms where we both play football in." Hayden looked down. Ms. Underwood was in shock, "Oh my. Sweetheart, I'm sorry."

"I've just been having hard times dealing with how I feel, at times I think that kiss was real." Hayden looked down, confused with himself. "But I already have a boyfriend and that's the guy I kissed in the hallways."

Ms. Underwood pulled closer to him, "So, Hayden. I would say do whatever you can to stay away from him. He's not good for you to be thinking about. Maybe the guy is just confused and he's probably going through a lot of stress in his real life, or maybe he's acting as if he hates you and really he probably is into you."

"But how could he be into me after all of the homophobic remarks he made?" Hayden said.

"A person can do whatever they can to hide themselves just to fit in, trust me, I've been there." Ms. Underwood said.

Hayden looked down, still confused with his feelings, sighed and shook his head.


Cole sat in the driver's seat with Matt in the passenger's seat in the night time. Cole looked as if he didn't want to go anywhere, "So, where are we going now?"

"You'll see when I tell you where to go." Matt winked. Cole started the car and drove, and as he did, Matt began to look inside to find music to play in the car, but as he looked, all he saw was Broadway.

"Les Miserables' original recording? Annie? Grease? Chicago? Billy Elliott? Come on, dude, where's the rock music?" Matt asked. Cole looked at Matt, "I'm not a rock fan, besides, I thought you loved Broadway too?"

"I do, but not for this occasion, man!" Matt sighed and turned on the radio for the rock station. Matt began to cheer on as the loud music from the guitar, the yelling and the screaming began to erupt. Cole squinted his eyes in pain trying to turn the radio down.

"Enough of that," Cole shook his head. "I'm sorry, but that's the main reason I do not like rock music at all."

Matt shrugged and shook his head, continuing to dance to the music, while Cole was staid as he he was driving.

5 minutes later:

Minutes later, the rock music began to end for Matt as he began to give Cole directions to where they planned to go. "So, where are we going, Matt, once again?" "We're going to a place called The Den," Matt said. Cole shrugged, "Sounds a bit modern, I guess, which way to go now?"

"Um, straight to the left." Matt said. Cole made a left turn, and after that, he saw a place full of neon lights and people gathered around trying to get inside of the Den. However, there were mainly girls standing on the side, mainly waiting for something else... if you know what I mean.

"So, this is it?" Cole stopped the car, looking at the congested crowd waiting in line. Matt nodded his head, "Yep."

"This place looks crowded, maybe we shouldn't come tonight," Cole said.

"Come on, dude, loosen up, Samantha will be waiting for you tomorrow, at least have some fun." Matt said, patting his back. Meanwhile, a group of girls were chatting as they looked at the black car with the windows rolled up. They were looking at a girl with a wig on, with ripped up stockings and heels, lipstick on, although her face was hard to see at first, one of the girls said.

"Girl, you better get that meat." The girl said, the other girl agreed, "Yeah, girl, go make some of that money. I can see boys in that car for sure."

"Okay, okay," The girl that was convinced replied, "I'll do it, but only if they have money."

"You go girl," The other girl said.

The girl strutted her stuff, clicking her heels to the ground with a pocketbook in her hands, she knocked on the car window, blowing a piece of bubble gum. Cole raised her eyebrow, "Who in the world is this?"

Matt rolled the window down, and her face was difficult to see at first, as if she was a shadow.

"Can we help you, miss?" Cole asked politely. The girl moved closer to the car window with a smirk on her face, continuing to chew her bubble gum.

"Hey, sweetie, want some of this good stuff?" The girl said, but as she looked closer, all she saw was Cole and began to be shocked.

"Cole? Matt?"

Cole's eyes widened with shock, he couldn't believe what he saw, until he hesitantly replied, "Sa-Samantha?"


"Wh-what are you guys doing here?" Samantha began to stutter, she was scared after looking at Cole's reaction, he shook his head. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"It's h-hard to explain." Samantha looked back in nervousness.

"It's hard to explain what? That you're a prostitute?" Cole said. Samantha looked at Matt, "You told him?"

"I didn't say anything." Matt replied back, Cole looked at Matt with furious eyes. "So, you're telling me you knew about this all along." Cole said.

"No, well, you see--" Matt tried to explain, until Cole drove off in anger, with Samantha attempting to run after the car in her heels. "Cole, no, WAIT!"

Cole drove with anger, his hands tightly gripped on the steering wheel. He began to yell at Cole, "So, you didn't answer my question. You knew about this all along?" Matthew sighed, "Yes, I did. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"You should have! Why didn't you?" Cole yelled out. Matt was nervous answering, "Because I didn't want you to think that was the reason why I wanted us to go out."

"Don't give me that crap," Cole said. "Samantha lied to me, Matthew. LIED to me. I trusted her and gave her all of my heart and she lied. She said that she was a virgin. She could be possibly having sex with other boys, giving them oral jobs in the car and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know how DISGUSTING that is?"

"Cole, just calm down, okay, calm down," Matthew said, until Cole punched his steering wheel, making the car horn blow. Matthew jumped in fear, "Easy, dude, easy,"

Cole went straight to his radio to calm himself down, and the tune of "It's Not Right But It's Okay" began to play in the car. Cole had a smirk on his face, as if this song was the answer to his problems.

"Friday night you and your girls went out to eat, then they hung out, but you came home around three." Cole sang along. "If six of y'all went out, then four of you were really cheap, cause only two of you had dinner, I found your credit card receipt."

Cole began to use more speed in his car as if he was a race car driver, and the wind began to blow in Matt's face, he was really scared. "Cole, what are you doing, dude?"

"It's not right but it's okay, I'm gonna make it anyway, pack your bags up and leave, don't you dare come running back to me," Cole sang, as if he was having a joyride.

Matt was yelling, "Dude, calm yourself!"

"It's not right, but it's okay, I'm gonna make it anyway, close the door behind you, leave your key, I'd rather be alone than unhappy,"

The tires screeched and he stopped the car, "Get the hell out."

"What?" Matt said, befuddled. "What did I do, dude?"

"If you can't freaking handle my driving, get out,"

"But my home is far from here," Matt said.

"There's always a bus, or just be a hitchhiker, just get out," Cole said. "I'm already angry enough and I'm not going to have another person make my night worse than it already is."

"Fine," Matt left out of the car and closed the car door and walked away, Cole went back to driving and turned up his radio.

"I'll pack your bags, so you can leave town for a week, the phone rings, and then you look at me, you said it was one of your friends down on 54th St. So why did 213, show up on your Caller I.D."

"I've been through all of this before, so how could you think that I would stand around and take some more," Cole sang. "Things are gonna change, that's why you have to leave, so don't turn around to see my face there's no more fears and tears for you to see."

"Was it really worth you going out like that, see I'm moving on and I refuse to turn back, see all of this time, I thought I had somebody down for me, it turns out, you were making a fool of me."

"It's not right but it's okay, I'm gonna make it anyway, pack your bags up and leave, don't you dare come running back to me. It's not right, but it's okay, I'm gonna make it anyway, close the door behind you, leave your key, I'd rather be alone than unhappy,"

Cole stopped the car as he made his way back home, putting his head on the steering wheel, causing the horn to blow.


"I am so glad you're back, all of the drama you've been going through, I totally understand why you were hardly here." Deno said to Hayden the next morning.

Hayden smiled, "I guess it's great to be back. What happened when I was gone?"

"Well, I guess you can say we lost a member," Deno said. "Tiffany Winters."

"Are you serious? I loved her, she was like my favorite. I just wished I could see her more."

"You probably will now at Sectionals," Deno replied, he nodded his head. "Turns out she's in this new Glee Club now in McKinley. The Swagettes."

"The Swagettes? Like American Idol." Hayden scoffed. "Thieves."

"They're actually good though, I must say, they sang "Hit 'Em Up Style and it was pretty good," Deno replied.

"I need to see it to believe it, I guess," Hayden said.

"I can't believe there's another Glee Club at McKinley, though." Deno said. "How are we gonna win Sectionals now?"

"And the worst thing is, Tiffany is gone." Hayden said.

"Exactly," Deno said. All of a sudden, Drake made his way past Hayden, pushed him with his shoulder, looked back and slowly winked at Hayden, biting his lip. Hayden was left trying to fight the emotions going inside of him. Deno patted his back, "Hayden, are you okay? You aren't really acting like yourself."

"Me? Oh yeah, I'm fine," Hayden smiled, and Deno rubbed his back, while Hayden's smile turned back into a frown.


Jason sat in her car that morning, trying to release tension before she made her entrance inside of the school building, but when her car door opened, Hailey made her way inside. Jason raised her eyebrow. "What do you want?"

"Look, I know the way I treated you was wrong." Hailey said, out of breath, implying that she was running. "And I'm really sorry that I treated you that way, okay?"

"I wonder what motivates you to come inside of my car and tell me bull like that," Jason crossed her arms.

"Jason, I love you." Hailey said, out of breath. "I always have ever since the day you looked at me, the day you complimented me. I even appreciate what you did for me when Jackson was trying to hit on me."

Jason was in awe. "Oh, really? Save it, Hailey. What makes you think I can trust any little thing you tell me, due to the fact that you pretty much think that I'm a transvestite. I've been trying to act nice and no one appreciates it, I act mean, and people, then, wish I was more nice. I'm tired of being nice, I'm tired of being mean, too, but everything I do, I guess it just doesn't--"

Hailey pulled Jason in for a kiss, grabbing both of her cheeks and softly touching her face, Jason's eyes were open at first until she fought to close them. Hailey pulled back and ran out of her car, leaving Jason in shock.

"Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you, that is how I know you go on," Salvatore sang, as he stood in the choir room, as much tension there was in there. "Far across the distance and spaces between us, you have come to show you go on."

"Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on, once more you open the door, and you're here in my heart, and my heart will go on and on."

"Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime and never let go till we're gone, love was when I loved you, one true time I hold to in my life we'll always go on."

"Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on, once more you open the door and you're here in my heart and my heart will go on and on. You're here, there's nothing I fear, and I know that my heart will go on, we'll stay forever this way, you are safe in my heart, and my heart will go on and on."

There were rounds of applause at the end, but Cole stood far from Samantha, not doing anything, and she looked remorseful, trying to get one glance.


In the Warblers' room, Kai was alone trying to look over song plans for Sectionals, and a knock came on the door.

"Come in," Kai said politely. Kendall came inside with a smile on her face, wearing a pink T-shirt and blue jeans that were pulled up to her legs. "Hey, darling."

"Kendall," Kai smiled and walked to her to give her a kiss, she blushed and giggled.

"So, let me guess, Lima Bean date number 5?" Kai crossed his arms and glanced at Kendall with pleasing looks. Kendall nodded her head.

"You know, I was actually thinking of something different, why don't we have #5 in here? I mean, the Warblers aren't here at the moment, and you're all by yourself." Kendall said.

"Yeah, I was pretty busy trying to find good songs for Sectionals since we only have 6 more weeks left." Kai said. "I was kind of feeling "Justified" if you know what I mean."

"I actually don't." Kendall said. Kai picked up a CD case, showing Justin Timberlake's "Justified" album.

"Oh god, I loved that album!" Kendall said with excitement, Kai walked to the radio, and turned to track 6. "Then come on and dance."

Kai pressed the button; he began to veer his way to Kendall, pulling her out to dance. But after that, he pulled away, and danced by himself, singing, "Don't be so quick to walk away, dance with me, I wanna rock your body, please stay, dance with me. You don't have to admit you wanna play, dance with me, just let me rock you till the break of day, dance with me."

Kai paused for a moment and stood to stare at Kendall, "Got time, but I don't mind, ust wanna rock you girl, I'll have whatever you have, come on, just give it a whirl, see I've been watching you, I like the way you move, so go ahead, girl, just do, that butt shaking thing you do."

Kai pulled Kendall and they danced, and she couldn't resist staring at him while he sang to her. "So you grab your girls and you grab a couple more, and you all come meet me in the middle of the floor, said the air is thick, it's smelling right, so you pass to the left and you sail to the right."

"Don't be so quick to walk away, dance with me, I wanna rock your body, please stay, dance with me. You don't have to admit you wanna play, dance with me, just let me rock you till the break of day, dance with me."

Kendall turned her back to Kai, leaning on him as they began to dance more, she sang, "Talk to me, boy."

"No disrespect, I don't mean no harm," Kai sang.

"Talk to me, boy."

"Can't wait to have you in my arms,"

"Talk to me boy."

"Hurry up cause you're taking too long,"

"Talk to me boy."

"Better have you naked by the end of this song."

Kendall and Kai parted ways and continued to sing all around the Warblers room. "So what did you come for," Kai sang.

"I came to dance with you," Kendall sang.

"And you know that you don't want to hit the floor,"

"I came to romance with you,"

"You're searching for love forever more,"

"It's time to take a chance,"

"If love is here on the floor, girl,"

"Don't be so quick to walk away, dance with me, I wanna rock your body, please stay, dance with me. You don't have to admit you wanna play, dance with me, just let me rock you till the break of day, dance with me."

Kendall and Kai moved closer to each other, giving sexual glances, and Kendall began to bit her lip, as she sang, "Talk to me, boy."

"No disrespect, I don't mean no harm," Kai sang, his eyes straight on Kendall.

"Talk to me, boy."

"Can't wait to have you in my arms,"

"Talk to me boy."

"Hurry up cause you're taking too long,"

"Talk to me boy."

Kai grabbed Kendall from her shirt, both close to each other.

"Better have you naked by the end of this song." The two were both heavily panting, attempting to catch their breaths, but it really didn't matter to the both of them as they just pulled in for a kiss.


After school was dismissed, Cole was running a bit late to leave out of the building, he had to grab all of his things, put them in his backpack to leave. There was just one other thing stopping him: Samantha. She walked towards him with a nervous feeling inside, and she tried to speak to him. "Can we talk about last night?"

"Let's just pretend that last night never happened, let's just pretend that we never met." Cole said, as he closed his locker and walked away from Samantha. She followed him.

"Now, you know I don't want that." Samantha said. "I'm really sorry that you had to find out about that."

"Why didn't you tell me you were a prostitute?" Cole asked, stopping from walking. Samantha shook her head, "I'm not a pro-"

"You are." Cole said. "A girl that asks for oral sex from a guy in a car, yeah, that's a hooker or a prostitute, and believe me, you're one of them."

"I'm sorry that what I'm going through right now is horrible in your eyes." Samantha said. "It's just hard to explain right now, Cole."

"You know, I'm not even angry about the fact that you're a prostitute. That's your life and your decision." Cole said with fiery. "The only thing that pisses me off is you lied to me. You LIED to me, Samantha. You told me that you were clean, that you were truthful and you would tell me everything, and you didn't. You broke my heart, and I don't know how it can be healed right now."

Cole stormed away from Samantha and made his departure out of the school building, because of this, Samantha sobbed, trying to hold back something inside of her that just makes her want to scream.


At Breadstix, Kaleesha, Jason, Aidan, and Salvatore sat at a booth, Jason and Kaleesha sat next to each other with boredom as they both watched Aidan and Salvatore exchanging banter, giggling and flirting with each other.

"So, are you guys are just gonna act like we aren't here?" Kaleesha said, Jason nodded her head and looked at Kaleesha, "See what I have to deal with?"

Aidan and Salvatore turned back around. "Heh, we're sorry, guys." Salvatore replied, Jason took a sip from her soda, as Kaleesha watched the conversation.

"I guess this dating thing is working out for you guys, huh?" Jason said. "Yay me, that night got you two together." "For your information, Jason, we aren't dating, we're just --" Aidan tried to finish his sentence until Salvatore interrupted, "Friends with benefits."

"But you two never had sex before," Jason raised her eyebrow. "So, how could you guys be friends with benefits?"

"Oh, so that's what it means." Salvatore was surprised and turned his head to Aidan's. Kaleesha rolled her eyes, and shook her head. "You guys are just pretty much dating, deal with it."

"Okay, fine, we're dating." Salvatore said. "After that night we had with Jason, we both realized that we were pretty into each other, although we started out as friends, I think it's safe to say that we're in love."

"Gross." Jason looked away, and Kaleesha nudged her under the table, shaking her head while laughing.

"Anyway." Salvatore tried to change the subject. "So, Kaleesha, Jason told us that you're planning to get revenge on Kendall tomorrow."

"Indeed." Kaleesha said. "And I think I have the perfect plan to make this revenge taste good as candy."

"Tell us." Jason said, moving up closer to her seat to turn to Kaleesha, she looked back to see if anyone was behind her, and she turned back to the others. "I'm thinking of a breakfast beatdown."

"A breakfast beatdown?" Jason, Aidan, and Salvatore said in unison. "What are you gonna do? Beat her up at her house in the morning with omelets?" Aidan said.

"No, dumbo, I'm going to bring some breakfast to the school, and give her the best meal she's ever had in her life." Kaleesha said. "I'm thinking my weapon is milk and cereal."

Aidan and Salvatore screamed out laughing, while Kaleesha looked at them with fierce eyes, and Jason kicked the both of them under the table. "Shut up, Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron."

"I have a big head?" Salvatore said, feeling offended. Jason crossed her arms and looked at Kaleesha, and they both replied, "Yep."

"What made you come up with a crazy plan like that?" Aidan couldn't stop but laugh again. Kaleesha nodded her head, "It was an idea I got from Bad Girls Club."

"Mm, Judi and Priscilla, right," Jason nodded her head. "I know what you're talking about."

"But what if this plan backfires?" Salvatore said.

"Trust me, it won't, not on my watch. I'm going to do all that I can to get my vengeance." Kaleesha said, crossing her arms. Jason patted her back, "Good girl."


Hayden sat in a seat in the classroom 15 minutes before The LGBT Alliance meeting started. He began to create a PowerPoint to show what they would be talking about on that day. It was quiet and peaceful until someone slowly opened the door, giving a short creeky sound, and Hayden looked up, and his facial expression changed as Drake stood right from afar with a striped shirt on, and his arms showing off his veins, blue jeans and sneakers, and his hair lifted up almost like Hayden's.

"What are you doing in here?" Hayden said unpleasantly. "I have a LGBT meeting in a couple of minutes."

"Can we talk?" Drake moved closer to Hayden, slowly as he could. This, at first, made Hayden uncomfortable. "I don't know about that right now, what do you want to talk about?"

"Last week." Drake said. "I just want to talk about what happened with you and I."

"I guess you're talking about when you kissed me." Hayden said. "Why don't we just let that go."

"No, Hayden, don't you see, I can't let it go. I can't let what I felt was real go." Hayden raised his eyebrows as Drake sat down across from Hayden. He began to look down at his hands.

Hayden was out of words at first, and found it difficult to speak to him. "So, why did you kiss me?"

"It was -- it was just -- a reflex." Drake tripped on his words in his sentence. "Why did you kiss me back?"

"I don't know why I kissed you back," Hayden replied. "I should have ran away when you kissed me the first time. I kissed a person that has humiliated me, tormented me and made me feel like crap for 3 weeks."

"All of that stuff I didn't want to do to you." Drake said sympathetically. "Please trust me when I say that."

"Just stop, Drake." Hayden said. "You know you hate me."

"I don't hate you, Hayden, I l--." Drake stopped himself, and looked back, "I don't hate you."

"Then what was the point of all of that bullying, the bashing?" Hayden said. "What was the point?"

"It's because I was jealous." Drake said, he began to look down in regret. Hayden was befuddled at his response. "Jealous? Jealous of what?"

The LGBT Alliance all came inside of the room getting ready for their meeting, and Drake quickly ran out before anyone could see who he was. Hayden tried to follow him, but stopped as he began to start the meeting. Deno came walking to him. "Babe, who was that?"

"It was no one." Hayden said. "No one at all." This left Deno confused and suspicious as Hayden walked away to finish the PowerPoint presentation.


Kaleesha stood in the empty hallways near The Celibacy Club meetings were handled, holding a gallon of milk in one hand, a box of cereal in one hand; however, she also had eggs too.

Jason stood near her, along with Aidan and Salvatore. "All right, you know what you're doing, right?"

"Right," Kaleesha said. "Some drama is bound to happen, I know it."

"We'll be watching from outside." Jason said, patting Kaleesha's back. Kaleesha, without any fear, went inside of the Celibacy Club meeting. Kendall sat in the front of the table, and everyone else sat there, and gave her a welcome, except for Kendall.

"Oh, hey, Kaleesha! What's the milk and cereal for?" Lyndsay smiled. "Are you making breakfast for us?"

"No, this breakfast is actually for Kendall." Kaleesha smiled. "She deserves it, she has a boyfriend, the most popular girl in school, she deserves to have a good meal."

"I'm sorry, if I were you, I would take those back home and save it, I know how you and your peoples are with food stamps." Kendall said in a rude manner. Everyone in the classroom gasped, and Jason, Aidan, and Salvatore were in shock. Kaleesha had nothing to say, she nodded her head, seeming as if she was okay with the comment.

"Wow, that's, um, too bad." Kaleesha said, as she walked behind Kendall, silently opening up the box of cereal. "I was really really expecting to give you a bowl of cereal; sadly, I didn't have a bowl."

"Why, because you can't afford it?" Kendall chuckled.

"No, because you ARE the bowl." Kaleesha said as she began to pour the whole box of corn flakes in Kendall's hair, giving the classroom a shocked reaction. Salvatore's mouth was open in shock, and Jason smiled while watching. All was heard was "Oohs" and "Aahs".

"Now, of course I wouldn't give you cereal raw," Kaleesha smiled. "So, of course, here's some dairy!"

She unscrewed the cap off of the gallon of milk and slowly it poured down Kendall's hair, falling all from her hair to the floor. Lyndsay and Christopher looked at each other in shock, while Drake didn't really care at all, his face was inside of his arms on the table, as he continued to think about Hayden.

"My question is: Are you still hungry? Yes? No? Oh, I'm sure you are." Kaleesha said. "Now, I also have a dozen eggs with me."

Kaleesha took out two eggs, and she beat them on the table twice. Kendall still sat there, as if she was plotting to get up to get her back, she was just waiting.

"Now, do you like your eggs fried, scrambled or boiled?" Kaleesha asked. She shook her head. "Forget it, you'll have it raw."

She opened up the egg shell and the yolk spilled out on Kendall's hair, slipping down to the floor.

"Now, do you still call yourself the top dog? Look at how you're taking it." Kaleesha said. "You aren't a top dog. You're just a lost little girl with a bad attitude."

Kaleesha cracked another egg, and continued to talk. "And you say that I have food stamps, right? So, you think all African-American families have food stamps? Are you just racist? For your information, boo, I am rich. My dad is a freaking dentist and he makes more money than your parents ever will. Oh, I forgot, you don't really have any parents, you're adopted."

The others in the room were shocked to hear Kaleesha say this, and Kendall couldn't take it anymore, she got up and looked at Kaleesha face to face, pushing her down to the ground. She fell down the left over milk, egg shells and cereal flakes. "Do something now, Kaleesha, go ahead, do something now." Kendall yelled out.

Kaleesha grabbed her by her hair and punched her down. Full of grunting and screaming filled the air as the rest of the Celibacy Club watched. Jason, Aidan and Salvatore smiled at each other, and Kaleesha punched Kendall at least 5 times, swinging her around the room and pulling her legs out of the room.

"Look who's talking now. Look who's freaking talking now." Kaleesha said. Principal Figgins made his way inside and yelled out, "What is going on in here!"

The fight stopped, and Kaleesha and Kendall paused at that moment. He looked at the two with fiery eyes, "You two in my office NOW!"


That next morning at school, it seemed quiet. Really quiet. Hailey, Deno, and Cole walked together in the hallways, and they both looked pretty staid. "Yep, from what I heard, Kaleesha gave Kendall a food war." Deno said.

"God, I never even saw that side of Kaleesha before," Cole said. "But I wouldn't blame her. Kendall has been acting like she owns everyone now and then."

"Duh, that's why she calls herself the top dog." Hailey scoffed. "She thinks that everyone is her slave."

"So, what else did they tell you, Deno?" Cole asked. Deno shook his head, "They both got suspended, but Kaleesha is for more than Kendall. Kendall has at least 3 days and Kaleesha has a week. Therefore, she won't be here next week."

"Are you okay, Cole?" Hailey asked as she looked at Cole, he looked down and sullen, but he looked back up, trying to change his emotions. "Yeah, yeah, I'm okay, just thinking."

Cole stopped by his locker and there came Samantha who walked past Cole, but giving him a stare, Cole looked back, but shook his head and turned back to his locker. Salvatore walked the same direction as Samantha, but Cole stopped him.

"Hey, can we talk?" Cole said. Salvatore nodded, "Yeah, sure, what's up?"

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what I said to you -- you were right, Samantha isn't who I thought she was." Cole said. "I should have never came to you that way and I should have never been so stupid and naive."

"No, Cole, you aren't stupid, you're just a fool in love." Salvatore shrugged. "I've been there. But now I know that there is someone I'm sure I can trust in, Aidan."

"You're dating Aidan? He's--" Cole was shocked.

"Curious, I'm not sure what he's trying to be, but I know that he's into me." Salvatore said. "But why am I right?"

"Because Samantha lied to me. Turns out that she's a prostitute." Cole said. Salvatore raised his eyebrow, "A prosti-what?"

"A prostitute." Cole looked down. "Just don't tell anybody, I don't want to ruin her reputation."

"I won't, I won't." Salvatore said quickly. Cole, still sullen, walked away from Salvatore, who was still in shock, he didn't know what to do and how to think about it.


"No, I'm not coming back," Tiffany said as she stood across from New Directions without Kendall and Kaleesha in the auditorium. "There's no point."

"Tiffany, you know we're nothing without you." Matthew said pitifully. Hayden nodded his head, "Yeah, you were actually a good part of the club."

"Well, if that's so, how come I've been treated like I never existed in Glee Club then? Why does it iseem like since I leave, oh now everyone wants to miss me now that I'm in the Swagettes, right?"

"That's not true." Hailey said. "We actually do like you; you had parts in Cell Block Tango and in other group numbers."

"Maybe so, but when would I have ever had the chance to get solos instead of being the one to watch everyone else get one." Tiffany said. "This is my time to shine, and I just want to feel like somebody. I'm sorry, but The Swagettes have made me feel like I'm home, I just can't come back."

Tiffany walked out of the auditorium, and Holly looked down as she saw the looks on New Directions' faces. "Let's not worry, guys, she may be gone but at least she's not forgotten. We still have one more diva performance before I reveal our diva."

"Who's performing?" Jason asked, Cole made his way to the stage where the spotlight brightly shone on him. "I am."

Samantha watched as he began to speak, still feeling hurt about the conflict between them.

"Before I start my five-star performance, I just want to say something about myself." Cole said. "I know that I haven't been one of the most supporting people in the club. I know that I have always thought about myself. I get that I have been a pain in the ass once in a while. But it's just because I'm just being who I am. No one really understands what I hae to go through in life just so I can be Mr. Perfect. I never fit in, no other girl would want me, and I've already been brokenhearted before..."

Samantha looked down in deep affliction, trying to cover up her face in pain. Cole stared right at Samantha after that statement, and sighed. "Just for once, I want everyone to just walk in my shoes to see what I have to go through instead of just standing to be near me because my personality affects them. So, I would like to sing this song because of this."

Everyone watched as he began to sing, and Samantha dared not to look. "Listen to the song here in my heart, a melody I start but can't complete."

Holly started to smile, and the others did also. "Listen, to the sound from deep within, it's only beginning to find release. Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard, they will not be pushed aside and turned into your own all cause you won't listen...."

Cole grabbed the microphone with both of his hands, trying to please the audience, who were starting to cheer him on. "Listen, I am alone at a crossroads, I'm not at home, in my own home and I've tried and tried to say what's on my mind, you should have known. Oh, now I'm done believing you, you don't know what I'm feeling, I'm more than what you made of me, I followed the voice you gave to me, but now I gotta find my own.."

"You should have listened, there is someone here inside, someone I'd thought had die so long ago." Cole sang as he looked at Samantha, who slowly looked back up when his eyes went straight on her.

"Oh I'm screaming out, for my dreams to be heard, they will not be pushed aside or worse, into your own all cause you won't listen..."

"Listen, I am alone at a crossroads, I'm not at home, in my own home and I've tried and tried to say what's on my mind, you should have known. Oh, now I'm done believing you, you don't know what I'm feeling, I'm more than what you made of me, I followed the voice you gave to me, but now I gotta find my own."

"I don't know where I belong, but I'll be moving on if you don't....if you won't.... LISTEN to the song here in my heart, a melody I've started, but I will complete." Hayden shook his head and stood up cheering him on, "Whoo!"

Samantha looked at him still trying to push back her current emotions, she crossed her arms as she watched everyone cheer.

"Oh, now I'm done believing you, you don't know what I'm feeling, I'm more than what you've made of me, I followed the voice you think you gave to me, but now I gotta find my own..." Cole sent out his right arm to end the performance and everyone stood up and gave Cole a standing ovaton while Samantha continued to sit there.

"Looks like we have our diva of the week, guys!" Holly said.

Cole gave a short smile at first due to the applause, but as he turned his eyes at Samantha, she couldn't bare but to look away, and he was still disappointed in her.


"So, yeah, I got suspended, now I'm trying to get this hair re-done because that bitch made a meal out of it." Kendall said as she sat in her room with her shower cap on her head.

Kai chuckled softly, "God, that's intense. What did you do to her to make her do that to you?"

"I guess I called her out of her name and made a racist comment, but it wasn't my fault. I say stupid things sometimes." Kendall said, rolling her eyes. "Still she messed up my hair, I still have little pieces of egg shells and my hair freaking stinks."

"How long are you suspended?" Kai asked again, and Kendall shrugged. "I go back in 2 days, Kaleesha on the other hand won't be back until the week after."

"Maybe you and her need to make up, I think I'd be good to say that maybe you rubbed her the wrong way and she probably got her revenge."

"Well, I must say she did get me good." Kendall shrugged. Her adoptive mother came inside with a concerned look on her face.

"Kendall, come on, it's time for your hair grooming. No phone time." Her mother snatched the phone and hung up, and Kai was trying to get through to her. "Hello?" "Oh come on, that was--"

"I don't care who it was, let's go." Kendall rolled her eyes, stood up and they both left out of Kendall's room.


The Swagettes all sat in the classroom, as their choir room, and Brianna stood up as she looked at everyone who attended their first rehearsals. "Welcome ladies to the first rehearsals of The Swagettes. Today, I would like to introduce to you some of our newest members of the group."

"Amy Ventura, Shontelle DeCosta, Jackson Tyler, Cassie Steele, Jessica Coleman, Emily Van Coulter, and of course Tiffany Winters." Tiffany smiled when her name was introduced. Elise patted her on the back and Brianna hovered the entire room trying to continue her conversation.

"Now, let's just say you guys have been accepted to our group for a reason: you have badass voices, and since we're all girls, it's only fair that we show these suckers what we can do right?" Brianna smiled.

"I have something to say," Shontelle said. "If we're doing any booty shaking songs, I am so not down, and if we're whipping our hair, I'd rather do so with a ponytail."

"We are here to be mature girls, not to show any skin and not to show that it's okay to whip our hairs." Elise said. "The Swagettes are for the voice and the style and that's why each of you are here with us."

"Let's take Tiffany, for instance, she decided to quit from New Directions after being treated like she's invisible. How about Elise, who even got rejected from New Directions."

"New Directions aren't good." Elise tapped the table for emphasis. "They are biased and they favor certain people. We, however, care about ALL of our members and we make sure each of them get treated fairly. We are DIVAS."

"Yes!" Brianna yelled. Elise stood up, yelling out to all of the girls.

"You KNOW you're a diva," The girl Elise said as she and the rest of the girls sat in the room. Elise was acting as she was was preacher. "If you own every single Beyonce CD!"

"Yes, girl!" Brianna yelled.

"And you KNOW you're a diva if..." Elise said. "your man gets buckwild, and you go back and hit 'em up style!"

"YES!" The girls in the room said. Tiffany had a smile on her face when she realized that The Swagettes were treating each other like equals.


Since the altercation between Kaleesha and Kendall caused a suspension, The Celibacy Club meeting was postponed. However, the only one who sat alone in the room was Drake. Rain fell down heavily and thunder made a noise, and lightning flashed the windows.

Hayden walked past the classroom at the hallway, but slowly pulled himself back as he saw Drake sitting there looking at his fingers. He was bewildered by this and he walked inside of the room slowly. "Drake? What are you doing in here, The Celibacy Club meeting was postponed."

"I was figuring when you were gonna come in here." Drake slowly looked up, then looked back down to his hands. "I just wanted to be alone."

"In a dark room when it's raining? Hayden took off his backpack and sat it on another desk, and pulled a chair up to sit. "What's going on with you?"

"Everything." Drake shook his head and refusing to take one look at Hayden. "I feel like there's a devil living inside of me and I want it to come out. I'm not the person I want to be."

"Well--" Hayden shrugged. "Maybe it's time for you to make a change. Don't be someone you aren't and express how you feel."

"You just don't understand." Drake shook his head. Hayden moved his chair up closer, "I do. Believe me, I do. After 3 whole weeks of being hurt, I came to grips with who I was."

"I-- love you." Drake looked up at Hayden, a little hesitant to say that at first. Hayden was blown away, he couldn't believe what he heard. Drake's blue-eyed face looked at him, and repeated himself. "I love you."

"I don't think you love me, Drake, you're just confused right now." Hayden said. "That's all."

"No. I've had a crush on you since the day you stood up for me," Drake said, "After those guys almost tried to trash me down, you were there to help me. And that's what made me fall for you."

"If that's so, what was the point of you treating me so harshly?" Hayden said.

"Because I was scared. I was scared that you were probably going to trash me down if I told you this when we got older." Drake said. "And to be clear from yesterday.. I was jealous that you were getting more attention with your sexuality, everyone seemed to accept you so quickly, and if I probably did it, everyone would hate me. I was also jealous that you were dating Deno, when I really wish it was me."

Drake looked from behind and slid his hand closer to Hayden's, slowly pulling his hand towards his but Hayden nodded his head and pulled back. "I just can't do this, Drake. I'm not a heartbreaker."

"You will be if you break my heart." Drake said. "What does that Deno kid has that I don't?"

"Drake, don't do this now." Hayden shook his head. "I can't compare you two." "If you'd rather take him than to share something special with me, of course you can. Me and you have been best friends for 8 years, and you can't deny that for 8 years we could be."

"I'm guessing that you are gay?" Hayden crossed his arms. "Or bi? You did have sex with Kendall."

"No, I didn't. I lied." Drake looked down, and the way his voice cracked, it sounded as if he was going to cry. "I wanted people to think of me as the badass, the one who can have sex, date and do whatever in school. But now, I'm just the confused boy in love with someone that is you."

"Drake, you're not in love with --"

"Yes, I am." Drake said, a tear fell down his eye. "And you just don't see it at all, look at me, I'm worthless, a piece of crap."

"Drake, please don't cry." Hayden felt compassionate for Drake at that moment. Drake lightly sobbed and Hayden wiped the tears off of his face. And then there was a moment of affection towards the two. Drake's eyes locked on Hayden's eyes and at that moment, Hayden couldn't help but get up, pull himself to Drake to kiss. Drake passionately kissed back. Hayden grabbed both of Drake's soft cheeks with his soft hands, slowly rubbing them as his lips stated on Drake's. Soft moans filled the room as Drake started to rub on Hayden's hair as they kissed and even though the door was closed, Deno made his way in the hallway trying to leave, along with other LGBT Alliance members, but he stopped as he discovered Drake and Hayden kissing.

"Oh my god." Deno was left struck as he watched as they continued to kiss as this happened.


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