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First Aired January 28, 2013
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"The Hellraisers"
 The first season of LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction series, Glee: Make It or Break It made its premiere in Wikia on January. The pilot episode was released on January 28, 2013, recieving rave reviews on the debut. So far, the episodes have been a very great success. 


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Brandy Norwood as Sharisse McGinty (1/22)

Guest StarsEdit


  • Samantha Barks as Cassie Steele (3/22)
  • Vanessa Morgan as Emily Van Coulter (3/22)
  • Melody Thornton as Shontelle DeCosta (3/22)
  • Michael Weisman as Christopher Sandsmark (3/22)
  • Rachel Crow as Jessica Coleman (2/22)
  • Hana Mae Lee as Amy Ventura (2/22)


Original Airdate


1. "The Hellraisers" January 28, 2013

Plot: Holly Holliday takes the torch for the new Glee Club leader at McKinley High. After reviving the disbanded group, several new students join the club. Meanwhile, with the help of Mr. Schuester, Holly tries to blackmail rebellious jock Hayden to join New Directions.

Absent: Mila Kunis, Victoria Justice, and Eddie Redmayne


2. "Numb" February 1, 2013

Plot: ​Hayden becomes closer to Deno, but his feelings conflict with his reputation as a jock. Sue Sylvester uses her three best cheerleaders, Samantha, Kendall, and Kaleesha, to torment New Directions by joining the club. A drug-dealing student considers joining the club, while Samantha befriends Cole.

Absent: Mila Kunis, Victoria Justice, and Eddie Redmayne

Tumblr lgoj08K29l1qfp0uao1 500 3. "The Broadway Battle" February 3, 2013

Plot: ​After Holly Holliday declares Broadway week for the Glee Club, tension arises for Cole when Matt joins New Directions to win back Samantha. Kaleesha decides to isolate herself from Kendall and Samantha and start anew. Jason blackmails Aidan once she discovers his closeted agenda.

Absent: Victoria Justice and Eddie Redmayne

DuffyGlee284 4. "Duffy Danger" February 10, 2013

Plot: ​Jason's rebellious antics haunts Aidan and Salvatore, and affects her relationship with her family. Cole and Matt continue to vie for Samantha's affection, while Kendall's new friendship with a Dalton Academy Warbler concerns the Glee Club.


Kendallschmidt 5. "Blackout" February 16, 2013

Plot: ​A statewide blackout creates issues for New Directions as they prepare for Invitationals the same day. Hayden and Deno start to accept their feelings for each other. Kendall and Kaleesha develop a rivalry, and Jason's flirtatious demeanor gives Hailey a sense of doubt.


GuiltyPleasure 6. "Guilty Pleasure" February 23, 2013

Plot: ​Kendall hopes to explore her sexual side by convincing New Directions to touch on sexuality, but Sue Sylvester uses this as an advantage to get Holly fired. Samantha's sexual past puts Cole in an uncomfortable position. Jason assembles an unusual connection with Aidan and Sal. Hayden is tormented by his former friend, Drake.


Aaron Tveit aarontveit480 7. "The Diva-Off" March 7, 2013

Plot: ​Due to lingering animosity, Holly convinces New Directions to let out their anger in a 'diva-off' competition. Dueling divas Kaleesha and Kendall reach a breaking point in their rivalry. Samantha's double life may affect her relationship with Cole. New Directions faces competition with Tiffany's new group, The McKinley Swagettes.


Skins-2x07-tony-and-effy-12764583-1600-900 8. "Unapologetic" March 18, 2013

Plot: ​New Directions requests 'Rihanna Week' and Holly comes up with a perfect plan. Jason and Salvatore become the 'black sheep' of the Glee Club, while Jason is conflicted with her affection for Hailey. Lyndsay and Gretchen join New Directions to awkward reactions. After Deno catches Hayden in a compromising position, their relationship may be in jeopardy.

Absent: Mila Kunis

Lyndsy-Fonseca-as-Alex-in-Pilot-nikita-15193190-640-425 9. "Bad Girls Club" June 16, 2013

Plot: ​Kaleesha turns over a new leaf after returning from her suspension, but she remains doubtful of reconciling with Kendall. Gretchen puts a wedge in Hayden and Deno's relationship, and Lyndsay tries to put a stop to it. Kai's ex-girlfriend, Brianna, who is part of the Swagettes, becomes Kendall's new target.

Absent: Melinda Shankar

Hayden 10. "Sixteen" June 26, 2013

Plot: ​Kaleesha's sweet sixteen party comes with many conflicts once she receives an unwanted surprise. Hayden and Deno's relationship becomes problematic due to Drake and Gretchen's involvement. Cole finds it difficult to forgive Samantha, who is infuriated with his close friendship with Kaleesha.


Kaya-scodelario 00256985 11. "The Side Effects" November 23, 2013

Plot: ​Jason faces a matter of life and death, and New Directions tries to support her. Cole's apathetic behavior angers the glee club members. Deno becomes acquainted with Gretchen, who convinces him to split from Hayden. Aidan believes Salvatore is selfish. Samantha and Brooke share past life connections.

Absent: Mila Kunis

Download 12. "Swagology" November 30, 2013

Plot: ​Mercedes Jones returns to McKinley High to bring back New Directions's confidence. The Swagettes's new coach Sharisse McGinty (Brandy Norwood) brings a new twist to McKinley, and Holly becomes challenged. Lyndsay puts her differences aside with Gretchen to give her a makeover. Cole confides in Hayden to help him impress Kaleesha.


Bianca lawson nikita screencap ww0kC0B.sized 13. "Royals" December 7, 2013

Plot: ​While Sectionals arrives, Cole, Samantha, and Salvatore compete for the solo for New Directions. Rivalries arise between the Swagettes and the Warblers. Jason returns from her hospital stay, but she is forced to attend rehabilitation sessions. Hayden is told of Deno's affair with Gretchen.


14. "Love/Hate" N/A



15. "The Power of Madonna²' N/A



16. "Father" N/A



17. "Mad Money" N/A



18. "The Deception Game" N/A



19. "Exposed" N/A



20. "DC + NSYNC " N/A