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Season One, Episode Thirteen
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First Aired December 7, 2013
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Royals is the thirteenth episode of LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It. It will be the first Sectionals episode of the season and it will likely be released in December 7, 2013.


The Glee Club finally meet the path to Sectionals, but Holly frets as she fears that it won't go well as she wishes; Cole, Samantha, and Salvatore try to compete to get the leading solo for Sectionals while Sue makes the attempt to get them to lose. Meanwhile, The McKinley Swagettes focuses less on New Directions and more of the Warblers, leading to tension between secret lovers, Kai and Brianna. Hayden finds out about Deno's sexual affair with Gretchen, and it results in a major decision. Jason recovers from her overdose, and she is forced to attend rehabilitation sessions, and feels that she's living up to returning back to McKinley, but does she have enough strength? Will New Directions conquer at Sectionals?


Drake, Hayden, and Deno:Edit

  • Drake is madly in love with Hayden.
  • Deno and Drake fight over him. 


Song Title Original Artist Performers
Acapella Karmin Dalton Academy Warblers and The McKinley Swagettes
Rolling in the Deep Adele Cole ReynoldsSamantha Parker and Salvatore Anderson
I Don't Want You Back Eamon Hayden Russo
Bennie and the Jets Elton John Dalton Academy Warblers
Falling In Love 2NE1 The McKinley Swagettes
Someone Like You Adele Samantha Parker and New Directions
Let It Rock Kevin Rudolf New Directions
Royals Lorde


  • This episode focuses more on R&B songs for Sectionals.