Kai Marsden
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark
Height: 6'1
Address: Westerville, OH
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: "K"
Family & Friends
Relationships: Kendall Rhodes (girlfriend; cheating on)
Brianna Stevenson (ex-girlfriend; restarted an affair; sexual)
Friends: Kendall Rhodes
Jason Duffy
Brianna Stevenson
The Warblers
possibly New Directions
Other Information
Clique: The Warblers
Education: Dalton Academy
Talent: Drawing, artistic manifestations.
Strengths: Passion for art, his voice.
Weaknesses: Friendship, Anger issues.
Series Information
First appearance: Duffy Danger
Portrayer: Eddie Redmayne
Kai Marsden is a main character in REBƎLReloaded's fan fiction, Glee: Make It Or Break It. Kai is characterized as a lonely guy who finds it hard to make friends and deals with anger issues.

He was created by wiki member, SomethingCreative and portrayed by Eddie Redmayne. His made his first appearance in the fourth episode of Season OneDuffy Danger.


Ever since childhood Kai has never really been able to find himself, he was always a disruptive child, never listening to his parents and doing the exact opposite of what they expected from him. He was raised in a household where nobody was ever around, his father was in prison for committing rape and blamed his mother for not giving him what he desired, thus he had to force it out of someone else. This made his mother spiral into depression until she finally died from an overdose. Kai now lives with his aunt and uncle where things have failed to improve. Ever since his mother's death and his father's imprisonment he blamed himself, maybe if he was a better son none of the pain would of happened. He thinks he could of been there for his mother, his aunt and uncle tried to get him counseling but nothing is working. He resulted to taking drugs which has now left him an outcast in school, he wishes he could escape the darkness he has fallen into, he just cannot find the strength to do so.

Season OneEdit

Kai makes his first appearance in Duffy Danger, however, he is indicated, in the beginning, as "K", asking for drugs from Jason, and tries to make an offer for her so she could make more money. Although at first, Jason tried not to trust him, she then approved and they both went to his street to sell drugs. However, their progress was ruined as they were both chased by the police. Meanwhile, "K" is now known as Kai, the Warbler, who meets Kendall at the Lima Bean, and intentionally starts to flirt and compliment with her. He and the Warblers perform Trouble and then after that, they both get to know each other. By this time, he reveals that The Warblers have changed ever since Sebastian Smythe and Hunter Clarington were the leaders and they are willing to go back to where they started from. Kai gives Kendall his number and leaves.

In Blackout, Kendall cancels going to the Celibacy Club meeting to go out on a date with Kai, they both spark a conversation, and when it starts to rain, they get in the car, and surprisingly, they kiss each other, leaving Kendall blushing, and he drives her back home.

In Guilty Pleasure, Kai is seen by Kendall performing Milkshake/Whistle at Dalton Academy. Kendall watches amused and as the performance comes to a close, Kai calls it a day and sends the Warblers away. To which one Warbler makes a sarcastic comment about the true reason they are being sent away, because Kai's girlfriend has arrived. Kai asks Kendall if she is ready to go to the Lima Bean, but Kendall is daydreaming about Kai shirtless after seeing the sexy performance he had just performed. She eventually snaps out of it and the two leave for the Lima Bean. We next see Kai on his date with Kendall at BreadStiX, the two share compliments and Kai opens up to Kendall about how she is really all he has, he never wanted to be the Warbler captain, everyone relied on him because they said he had a great voice. He tells Kendall how he feels he doesn't have any friends and that his mother died and his father is in jail. Kendall kisses Kai and the two enjoy their date. Until Kai notices Jason, Aidan and Salvatore leaving the restaurant. He immediately remembers who Jason is and angrily storms up to Jason slamming her against the wall, asking where his money is and calling her a bitch. At first, Jason looks confused as she believes she does not know Kai, but she soon remembers he is 'K' from two weeks ago, and looks scared. Kendall begs Kai to stop and Jason punches Kai in the face and escapes in the car with Aidan and Salvatore. The manager kicks Kendall and Kai out of BreadStiX. Next, we see Kendall and Kai in Kai's car discussing what had gone on in BreadStiX. Kendall explains how she knows Jason and that she is in New Directions. Kai laughs at Jason's name and is surprised to learn Jason is in the same glee club as Kendall. Kai turns on the radio as Don't You Want Me starts playing, Kai makes a comment that he loves this song and the pair begin to sing along whilst driving, the scene interlocks with Samantha and Cole in Samantha's bedroom about to have sex, as the two also sing the song. As the song comes to an end, Kendall leaves for her house and Kai drives off.

In The Diva-Off, Kai is seen in the Warblers choir room trying to find songs for The Warblers to perform at Sectionals. Kendall walks in and Kai makes a joke that they will be going to BreadStiX for the fifth time. Kendall decides she would rather have the date where they are right now, the Warblers choir room. Kai agrees and Kendall asks what he was doing. Kai explains he was looking for songs for The Warblers to sing at Sectionals and says he is feeling 'Justified'. Kendall is confused as to what he means, until Kai shows her Justin Timberlake's album, 'Justified' and Kendall is excited as she loves that album. Kai puts the CD in the CD player and turns to track six. Rock Your Body begins to play as Kai offers Kendall a dance. The two sing a very sexy and flirtatious duet to the track and as the song finishes, they kiss whilst holding each other. He was later heard talking to Kendall on her cellphone about the incident with Kaleesha, he told Kendall maybe it was time to sort things out between the ex best friends and try to rebuild a friendship. Kendall agreed but then had her phone taken away by her adoptive mother who cut Kai off, leaving Kai trying to get in contact with Kendall but with no reply.

In Unapologetic, Kai is first seen talking to Jason at BreadStiX about the recent events that went down there between them two weeks ago. Kai reveals that the fight was actually an act and that he didn't want Kendall to know he knew Jason. Kai reveals Jason did indeed take his money, money he was going to spend on The Warblers to get them to Sectionals; not to buy weed, like Jason suggested. Kai tells Jason he no longer wants to sell drugs and that he is a changed man ever since he met Kendall. Jason insults Kendall but Kai defends her saying she is much better than his ex because all she wanted was sex. Jason is baffled at why Kai's ex would want sex with him to which Kai makes a crude joke and Jason ends the conversation. We next see Kai at the Lima Bean drinking a coffee when he notices a girl walking towards him, they both instantly recognise each other. The girls name is revealed to be Brianna, she makes a joke about Kai being a Warbler and it is evident that the pair have history. Suddenly Brianna is being rather seductive with Kai and says he knows he would want to tap this "again" as she was the best he ever had. Brianna realises Kai has a new girlfriend and quizzes Kai on her. Kai dismisses Brianna and asks her what she wants as it's been over two years since they broke up. Brianna mentions that it is hard to get over an old relationship and Kai tells her he let go and walks off. In a monologue, Kai reveals that Brianna is in fact his ex girlfriend and partially the reason he got into drugs due to the stress and pressure she put him through. Kai gets in his car and drives away, his phone rings and he realises it is Kendall. He answers happily and informs Kendall of how much he misses her. She asks how his day was and he replies "interesting", to which Kendall knows means a bad day. Kendall asks Kai to tell her what's wrong but Kai dismisses the topic and changes the subject. The two share some laughter and Kai tells Kendall he loves her to which Kendall replies "I have to go, bye." Kai is confused as to why Kendall didn't respond and begins to sing Get It Over With which then morphs into a duet with Kendall. Kai sings as he drives around. As the song finishes Kendall calls Kai again, despite being hesitant to pick up, Kai answers and Kendall tells him she loves him too. Kai smiles as Kendall hangs up the phone. We then see Kai, once again, in the Lima Bean. He orders a coffee and bumps into Brianna. Kai accuses Brianna of stalking him and Brianna tells Kai she came to talk to him. Kai gives in and follows Brianna to a table. Brianna apologises for the other day saying she was needy, Kai doesn't seem to care. He states that he can't handle being around her and she needs to accept that their relationship is over. Brianna pities herself and begs Kai for them to start over to which Kai is not pleased about as she tried to take his virginity at 15 when he was still a virgin. Kai tells Brianna he is scared to have sex and can't trust her. Brianna tells Kai she wants to be friends and Kai agrees to this, as long as she doesn't do anything to push him away. Brianna informs Kai to work hard at Sectionals as she is in a group too. Kai tells Brianna she could always sing and laughs. Brianna asks who Kai's girlfriend is and Kai tells Brianna about Kendall. Brianna seems lost in thought at the name and repeats it to Kai in shock. Kai confirms her name and asks if Brianna knows her but Brianna says no and that the name is familiar. She congratulates Kai but is still left in shock, it is evident she knows more than she is letting on. Kai is finally seen singing Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary in the Warbler's room, looking at pictures of Brianna and himself on his phone, he sings a mini duet with Brianna whilst the New Directions sing most of the song.

In Bad Girls Club, Kai is seen with Kendall at the Lima Bean and Kendall asks Kai for his honest opinion on whether or not he thinks she is horrible. Kai says he doesn't think so but doesn't seem to be paying attention. Kendall pours out her feelings about how she feels she acts but it is evident that Kai is too busy on his phone and isn't really listening. Kendall asks Kai if he is even listening to her and what is he doing on his phone. He says it's nothing but Kendall holds out her hand for Kai to put the phone in it, instead she grabs it and see's a bunch of texts from Brianna. Specifically, Kendall sees a text where Kai and Brianna are planning to meet up. Kendall asks Kai why Brianna is texting him, and Kai tells her she is just a friend. Kendall knows Brianna is Kai's ex and lashes out on Kai for going behind her back. She accuses Kai of cheating and asks who Brianna is. Kai tries to explain but Kendall is having none of it. She calls Brianna a slut and reveals she knows who she is as they go to the same school. Kai tells Kendall that Brianna is his ex but Kendall doesn't know the reasons behind the texts. Kendall is confused as to what Brianna wants and begins performing Case of the Ex to Kai in the Lima Bean parking lot. Kendall asks Kai what's it gonna be, and Kai asks Kendall to stop assuming and let him explain as he storms off to his car. They both calm down and Kendall asks Kai what happened. Kai is hesitant to talk but Kendall promises to not say a word. Kai talks about Brianna and how he thought she was the love of his life. He says as they grew older everything changed and the connection they had was gone. It was always about her and what she wanted, mainly sex. Kai says he couldn't handle it and Brianna threw a glass bottle at him, and gave him a couple of bandages, and they haven't seen each other in months and suddenly she wants him back. Kendall is disgusted that Kai dated such a "whore", and Kai defends Brianna saying she wasn't always like that but she was forcing him to have sex and he didn't want to lose his virginity. Kendall tells Kai she doesn't want her around either of them and Kai tells her he doesn't know how to stop her and he wants to be honest to her about how he feels. Kendall apologises for being mad and Kai does the same. He assures Kendall he loves no one else as the two drive off the parking lot. Kai is next seen in the Warbler's room on the phone to Kendall talking about Brianna and if he spoke to her. Kai tells Kendall she didn't turn up when he went to see her and he wasted his time. Kendall suggests she talk to Brianna but Kai is very against this. She asks why and before he can gives a reason she tells Kai she is tired of Brianna coming in between what they have and that she isn't stopping without a fight. Kendall hangs up the phone leaving Kai asking what he got himself into.

In Sixteen, Kai is briefly seen when Jason calls him when she is at Holly Holliday's house in her bathroom. Kai tells Jason he is busy and Jason asks Kai for some drugs. Kai tells Jason he is done with that and to ask someone else as he is busy. Jason begs but Kai hangs up and a voice asks who was one the phone,  "that bitch, Kendall?" to which Kai says no. He informs the voice to keep kissing him as he only has fifteen minutes. The voice is revealed to be Brianna and it revealed that Kai is cheating on Kendall.

In The Side Effects, Kai is seen outside a corner store walking towards Jason. Jason asks Kai why he is here so early in the morning, to which Kai replies that Jason called him at 4am to meet her here. He makes a remark that the drugs are getting to Jason's brain. Jason asks for Kai's help and Kai asks what she wants. Jason once again begs Kai for more drugs and tell him how hard it is for her without them. Kai once again tells Jason he is done with dealing as it would ruin his reputation at Dalton. He wants to focus on his future and she needs to work this out on her own. Jason trys to persuade Kai, calling them the "dream team" and reminding Kai he was the one who got her to this point. Kai tells her she needs to slow down and take a break from drugs because she seems desperate. He tells her if he can stop, so can she and that it's time to recover. Jason lashes back and tells Kai she doesn't want to recover, it's her life and it doesn't affect Kai. Kai lashes back telling Jason it is affecting him as he feels remorse for putting Jason on such a dangerous path. Jason is done with Kai's self pity and asks if he is going to help her or not, yes or no. Kai is stuttering but Jason forces an answer out of him, Kai tells her no and Jason calls him a jerk and she walks off leaving Kai worried about her safety. We then see Kai (surprisingly) with the New Directions in the hospital waiting room hoping that Jason will be okay after she overdosed on drugs and is now in a medical coma.


What you would call the 'lone wolf'. Nobody knows much about him, he is a very closed book, excluded from the rest and keeps himself to himself. When people do try to approach him he gets vicious with them. Deep down he is just a really hurt guy that has fallen into this state where he wants to let people in but he can't. Too many things have happened and they have turned this guy ice cold on the inside and the outside.


Black hair, dark eyes, quite tall, he has his eyebrow pierced and tends to wear hooded jackets a lot. Very pale.




Kendall RhodesEdit

Main article: Kai-Kendall Relationship

The two had an instant attraction when they first met each other, and they both seemed to fall quickly for each other, exchanging numbers on the first date. Since Duffy Danger, the two had regular dates at the Lima Bean and began to get closer and closer. Kai tends to call her 'little lady' as a pet name. Eventually the pair were officially dating in Blackout which caused a lot of tension between Kendall and other members of New Directions, for example Kaleesha, as they all thought Kai was not to be trusted as he was on the opposing team. In Guilty Pleasure Kendall witnessed another side to Kai when he got angry at Jason Duffy as she had recently stole some of his money from his secret drug dealing which Kendall is unaware of. The pair seemed to be very much in love and happy with their current relationship in the The Diva-Off, singing their first duet, Rock Your Body. They experienced some issues in Unapologetic when Kai told Kendall he loves her and she, at first, couldn't say it back. Resulting in their second duet, Get It Over With. Kendall did eventually tell Kai she loved him. The two experience quite a large bump in their relationship in Bad Girls Club when Kendall lashes out at Kai for texting his ex Brianna. She sings Case of the Ex to Kai and demands to know what is going on and if Kai is cheating on her. Kai explains that Brianna wants him back and he is done with her as she tried to force him to lose his virginity. Kendall and Kai reconcile and Kendall suggests she speak to Brianna, to which Kai tells her not to. However, Kendall does confront Brianna and Kai is left pondering on what he has done. As of Sixteen, it has been revealed that Kai is cheating on Kendall with Brianna and Kendall is completely oblivious to this at this moment in time.

Jason DuffyEdit

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The pair first interact in Duffy Danger, when Kai is under the alias 'K' and Jason is dealing drugs to some random stranger. Kai, as 'K' tells Jason he can make her much more money and sell drugs for much higher prices. Jason is intrigued and 'K' tells her to meet him outside of the school later on. 'K' is later seen showing Jason his stash of drugs in the back of his car and the pair drive to a certain alleyway where they will deal these drugs. However, things get bad for the pair when the police discover them and a car chase breaks out, resulting in Jason getting arrested. The two do not speak again until Guilty Pleasure, where 'K' now Kai, is on a date with his girlfriend, Kendall Rhodes. Kai spots Jason, and immediately loses his temper and grabs Jason up the wall. He tells Jason that she stole his money and Jason looks scared as she doesn't recognize him at first, then she realizes he is 'K' and punches Kai to escape. Kai is furious and is calmed down by Kendall as the pair are kicked out of BreadstiX. Kai tells Kendall not to worry and that it was nothing and then the pair drive home. It is later revealed by Jason in a conversation with Aidan and Salvatore that she really did steal Kai's money. The two seem to hate each other in Guilty Pleasure and are now enemies. It is then revealed in Unapologetic by Kai during a conversation with Jason at BreadStiX, that the fight was an act and the two are still very much friends. Kai tells Jason he is done selling drugs and wants to focus on his future and getting the Warblers to Sectionals. Jason thinks Kai is being stupid and Kai tells her a bit about his ex. Jason begins to beg Kai for drugs throughout Sixteen and The Side Effects and Kai tells her it is time to recover and focus on her future as he will not provide her with any drugs as he is done with dealing. He tells her if he can recover, so can she. She tells him she doesn't want to recover and calls Kai a jerk for not helping her. As of The Side Effects, Kai was shown worried for Jason's health in the hospital with her other friends as she was in a medical coma from overdosing in her bathroom. The two seem to still be friends but on rocky ground.

Brianna StevensonEdit

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Kai and Brianna first appear together in Unapologetic in the Lima Bean. It is instantly clear that the pair know each other already. Brianna starts to flirt with Kai and it is revealed that she is his ex girlfriend and they ended on bad terms. Kai tells Brianna he is over her and she needs to move on but Brianna figures out he has a new girlfriend. She asks who and he tells Brianna he is dating Kendall and Brianna seems to know her but pretends she doesn't. Brianna informs Kai that she will be his competition at Sectionals along with New Directions now she is in The McKinley Swagettes. It is revealed in the past Brianna tried to force Kai into sex at 15 and Kai didn't want to lose his virginity and their relationship fell apart when they didn't connect and it became all about Brianna. She used to inflict pain on Kai and even threw a glass bottle at him. Kai revealed that Brianna is partially the reason he got into drugs. In Bad Girls Club Kai is caught by Kendall texting Brianna and arranging a meetup. Kendall confronts Brianna after she and Kai had a small fight over Brianna, we then find out Kendall knows Brianna as they go to the same school. Kai tells Kendall that Brianna didn't show up when he went to tell her how he feels and to leave them alone, but this may have been a lie due to the events of Sixteen where Kai is seen kissing Brianna when he gets off the phone to Jason, Brianna calls Kendall a bitch and currently it seems the two have engaged in a full blown affair with Kendall completely oblivious as to what is going on. They will have their first duet, Acapella, in Royals.


Season OneEdit


Solos In DuetsEdit

Solos In Group NumbersEdit

Season One

Song Episode Solos with
Don't You Want Me Guilty Pleasure Cole, Samantha and Kendall
Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary Unapologetic Cole, Samantha, Aidan, Salvatore, Brianna, Jason and Hailey