Hayden Russo
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue Green
Birthday: March 23
Height: 6'1
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Viper
Family & Friends
Family: Christine Russo (mother, deceased)
Relationships: Deno Darko (boyfriend)
Aidan Andrews (crusher)
Drake Shingleton (kissed; crusher)
Friends: Lyndsay Hanover (best friend)
Jason Duffy
Gretchen Shedevilia
Kendall Rhodes
Samantha Parker
Kaleesha Simone
Christopher Sandsmark
Deno Darko
Cole Reynolds (occasionally)
New Directions
Enemies: Cole Reynolds
Drake Shingleton
Other Information
Clique: New Directions
McKinley Titans
The LGBT Alliance
The Celibacy Club (formerly)
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing, Dancing
Vulnerabilities: Mother's death, abuse
Strengths: Bullying others
Weaknesses: Anger issues
Series Information
First appearance: The Hellraisers
Portrayer: Kendall Schmidt
Hayden Anthony Russo is the main protagonist, and somewhat an antagonist in beginning episodes, although he has changed during the progress of the season. He serves as a main character in LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It. He will be the central focus of the show. He will join New Directions and makes his appearance in The Hellraisers. Hayden was, of course, created by LoveWithoutTragedy, and is portrayed by Kendall Schmidt.


After being born, his mother died an hour later after the pregnancy; Viper never got a chance to see his mother at all. The father, however, somehow blamed him for his mother's death, claiming that he didn't want to have a son or a daughter at all. Years as a teen, Viper dealt with the torment with his physically, sexually, and mentally abusive father: he would be beaten numeral times a day, whenever his father would drink, he would say cruel things to Viper, or whenever Viper couldn't do anything right, one time his father raped him. At this point, Viper decided to be a runaway, and he had no home and no place to go. Until he found a family. Still, all of the pain and the hurt with his father was still trapped inside of Viper.

Season OneEdit

In the series opener, The Hellraisers, Hayden is seen waking up in the morning and getting dressed for school, but wearing ripped jeans and leather jackets. As he walked in the school, it is assumed that he is viewed as the bad boy or bully in the school when he is seen scaring other nerds into flinching. Meanwhile, Hayden makes a comment on Glee Club and how lame it is, and sarcastically says he'll join as he writes a picture of a penis on the sign-up sheet for New Directions. Later on, when jocks push a boy, Deno Darko, onto his locker, Hayden comes to help him. However, this weirds out Deno due to the fact that Hayden is a jock and he views himself as a loser. Hayden jokingly asks if he wants him to do the same, and as he introduces himself to Deno, they suddenly gaze into each other's eyes, quickly sparking attraction. When Deno tries to thank Hayden for his help, he says "Don't mention it," and walks away. After that, when Holly and Will convince football members to join New Directions, Hayden rudely comments on it and refuses to join, but his smart remarks cause him to have 20 laps at football practice the next day. Hayden hits the shower and sings Funhousebut when Holly and Will overhear him, they believe that he's just a guy afraid to shine out because of his reputation. The two both once again request that he should join and reveal that they heard him sing. Embarrassed, Hayden tries to beg them not to tell anyone, but a blackmailing Holly forces him to join New Directions. After that, Hayden accidentally bumps into Deno again and he quickly apologizes about it. Hayden tells Deno that he wants someone to talk to, and when telling Deno that he has to join New Directions, Deno states that he wants to join also but is scared since he's not used to singing in front of others. Hayden gives him advice by telling him to be brave and to be himself, and smiles, then walks away. Hayden looks back, revealing that he finds Deno somewhat attractive. When the auditions started, Viper sat next to an auditioning member, Hailey McConnell, as he scooted over close to him and making himself comfortable in the auditorium seats, and tells her that he's making his space, she walks away and calls him a jerk. When Deno makes his entrance in the auditorium, they both wave at each other. Later on, Deno performs his audition, and he supports him by giving him thumbs up and a standing ovation. Hayden compliments Deno on his performance, and tells him how amazing it was, and calls him cool. In the end, he leads Don't Stop Believin' with New Directions as a goodbye to Will.

In Numb, Hayden refuses to the dance routines with New Directions and criticizes the choreography that is being done for New Directions is lame. When Cole tries to say that he and the rest of the members can't keep up, Hayden calls him a ballet dancer. After Glee Club was over, Deno asks if he would comment on a mash-up he created, and when they both sing Numb/Numb together, all of the moments of looking at each other in the eyes, Deno says the song was amazing, but Hayden tells him the song wasn't amazing as he is. Hayden moves in for a kiss, and when they do, the bell rings and Deno quickly walks out without Hayden saying goodbye. The next time, Hayden nods his head to the audition performed by Samantha, Kendall, and Kaleesha, but when Deno gives glancing looks, trying hard not to smile, Hayden looks back, but Deno quickly looks away. After Deno sings, Hayden tries to come close to Deno to talk to him, but he couldn't have a chance to talk as Deno left. Hayden nods his head to Jason's audition for New Directions, and then later on, Hayden and Deno finally come face to face as Hayden wonders why he's being ignored. Deno finds it hard to cope with the kiss and compares his personality to Hayden's, claiming that he's a jock and Deno is a loser. However, Hayden tries to convince Deno that it's hard to deny that their moment felt right, and when Deno walks away, he sings I Don't Care in the choir room for him, but when Deno walks out after the song, Hayden squints his eyes in regret.

In The Broadway Battle, Hayden has a brief appearance, however, when Cole and Kaleesha both request that Glee Club should do Broadway week, he refuses, thinking that it's lame. But when it's confirmed, he doesn't seem to be pleased. However, when Matthew auditions for Ladies' Choice, his mind changes when he comments that Matthew made him love Broadway music now. He is also seen introducing the New Directions Girls during the performance of Cell Block Tango and he also is seen in the locker room shirtless, and drinking water as Aidan takes a look at him.

Later on in Duffy Danger, Hayden expresses his feelings over Deno and the kiss they both shared 2 weeks ago. He also marks that he and Deno hasn't talked for days and states that he's tired of hiding his feelings inside to hide and ruin his reputation, and misses his badass ways, and decides to bring up "Viper Venom". Meanwhile, in detention, he compliments Jason on a Willy Wonka reference she made to Lyndsay Hanover after her complaining ways. Hayden is also seen shock by Salvatore Anderson's audition for New Directions and gives a standing ovation. In the final scene, Hayden goes face-to-face with Deno, explaining that Deno knows that he knows that they are in love with each other and they are both trying to hide it, he also states that he has perfect chemistry with Deno and kisses him in front of everyone in the hallway. This causes everyone to look at him, leaving him scared and helpless.

In Blackout, Hayden starts to face some difficulties when it comes to the kiss he shared publicly in the hallway. He gets slushied by his ex-best friend, Drake Shingleton, who gives him constant homophobic remarks. In the bathroom, he tries to clean himself off, but when Deno tries to help him, Hayden pushes him away, leaving Deno disappointed as he storms out of the restroom. Meanwhile, when Cole and the rest of the club gets into an argument because of his self-centered ways, Hayden calls him a jerk. Because of this, Cole retaliates by making a remark about Hayden's sexuality confusion after kissing Deno. This causes Hayden to get up to confront him, but Jason tries to pull him away. Meanwhile, Hayden attends The Celibacy Club, and when Kendall is absent as president, Drake takes over and constantly makes remarks about Hayden's situation. Drake tries to sarcastically ask Hayden about his sexually active lifestyle, but he refuses to answer. Drake offends him under his breath,
causing Hayden to yell at him and tells him to stop picking on him over his kiss with Deno, and walks out of the room. Meanwhile, to get his revenge, Drake and his sidekick jock, Christopher Sandsmark, both physically attack Hayden in the bathroom during the aftermath of the blackout at McKinley in order to get back at him for yelling at him in his face. Hayden tries to tell him to leave him alone and that he hates him, causing Hayden and Drake to be involved in a physical altercation. Hayden was helpless at first until began to fight back. He was pumped up and willing to fight, completely revealing that he likes boys and he doesn't care what anyone thinks not even Drake, and calls him a sissy. When they get into another fight, Deno comes in Hayden's defense and scares the jocks away. Hayden tells Deno that he didn't have to do that, and that he feels bad for forcing Deno to love him. He just wanted Deno to understand how deeply in love he was with him. Deno agrees that he feels the same way, and when Hayden asks if he could have the chance to be with him. Deno is unsure since the fight, but Hayden states that people can say and do things to put him down, but it won't stop him from falling in love with Deno, and convinces him to kiss him to see if there was still any chemistry. At first, Deno is still hesitant, but then after that, Deno accepts and kisses him. It is indicated that they are officially together when Hayden confirms that he doesn't want to be called "Viper" anymore, and they both sing Between the Raindrops together for Invitationals, and also states to New Directions that he and Deno are dating and he is bisexual. In the end of the episode, Hayden performs All of the Lights with New Directions for their big performance at Invitationals.

In Guilty Pleasure, it is shown that Hayden has returned back to the football team, stating that everyone is starting to like him in Glee Club, and he has the perfect boyfriend. Everything to him is going perfect despite his bullying and bashing incidents he has with Drake. Meanwhile, when Deno asks if he would want to be part of the LGBT Alliance, at first, Hayden isn't interested because he thinks that he wouldn't be a good part of the alliance. When Drake makes a comment about him, Hayden tells him to "F off", and Deno tries to tell him that he's not worth it, and Hayden knows that because he knows that Deno is worth it, and he agrees on joining the LGBT Alliance and gives Deno a hug. Later on, Hayden is seen nodding his head to the performance of Sexify and being one of the guys that are pulled front center dance with the three girls performing. Along with Deno, Hayden leads the first meeting of the LGBT Alliance by asking each of the members about themselves, and then the next meeting they would talk more. Deno says that he's an awesome leader, and gives him the spot as captain, and Hayden is happy about it. The happy moment fades away as Drake pushes Hayden into a locker and walks away. Angered about it, he asks Drake what was that for, and all Drake could say was "shut up." Hayden starts to become tired of his antics and remembers what Deno tells him about he's worthless and they both walk in the hallway and continue on. Later on, The LGBT Alliance and The Celibacy Club both collide to talk about sexuality based on New Directions' weekly assignment on sexuality. He performs Turn Me On with both of the groups. Meanwhile, Hayden takes a solo in the New Directions' number, Guilty Pleasure. Later that night, Hayden comes out as bisexual to his grandmother, in tears, and believes that she should hate him; however, his grandmother disapproves of that belief, telling him that before his mother died when he was born, she said that she wanted Hayden to be whoever he wanted to be and it wouldn't matter what sexuality he is, that's still her son. His grandmother accepts his sexuality and comes off with a laughing matter when she tells him about his grandfather and his attraction to guys. At the end of the episode, Hayden and Deno talk about how the week went and Hayden believes that it was a good week; however, as Deno leaves, Hayden becomes fed up as Drake pushes him to another locker again. He, then, confronts Drake, trying to convince him to leave him alone and recalled how much of good friends they were and how he stuck up for him in 3rd grade when he was attacked. Hayden continued to push Drake's buttons until it came to a point where Drake grabs him and kisses him. At first, Hayden rejected it, but when Hayden saw the look in Drake's eye, he couldn't help but kiss him back. At that point, it got passionate and Hayden couldn't believe what he was doing in the locker room, so he left out, leaving Drake in remorse.

Although in the beginning, he is not anywhere to be seen in The Diva-Off, and many believe it's because of Drake, he returns and has a conversation with the new counselor, Brooke Underwood, about his problems with Drake and the kiss they shared in the locker room, and thinks that Drake is gay. He has been having difficulties with coming to terms with how he feels about it but at times he thinks that the kiss was real. Later on, Hayden and Deno converse in the hallway about Tiffany Winters' departure from New Directions, this disappoints him because he liked her voice and her talent, and then they both talk about the new group that is formed. When Drake makes his way to Hayden and Deno, he accidentally bumps Hayden, winks at him and bites his lip, leaving Hayden to be confused with his emotions, he tried to act as if he was okay when Deno asked what was wrong with him. Meanwhile, Hayden tried preparing for his meeting with The LGBT Alliance, but unintentionally, Drake joins in the room trying to talk to him about the kiss they shared. Hayden tries to convince him to let it all go, but Drake can't. Hayden asks why he kissed him, and Drake asks him the same thing, but he doesn't know why. Hayden regrets kissing him and should have left before Drake did. Hayden is then left confused when Drake says that he was jealous of something, but the conversation was interrupted as the members of the LGBT Alliance began to enter. When Deno asks who the person was that left, Hayden replies that it was no one at all. Hayden is seen agreeing with Matthew when they try to bring Tiffany back to New Directions, and then seen cheering for Cole as he performs his solo, ListenIn the end of the episode, Hayden joins Drake inside of the classroom where The Celibacy Club meetings were taken, but since it was postponed, Drake sat alone by himself. Hayden was confused with why, but it seemed as if Drake was expecting him. Hayden tries to give him advice by telling him it's time for him to make a change, telling him not to be someone he's not and express himself. When Drake tells Hayden that he loves him, he is in awe, but refuses to believe that is true and he's just confused. Hayden refuses to take it because he doesn't want to be a heartbreaker. Drake cries, but Hayden tells him not to, wipes off his tears and then that's when they passionately kissed without anyone stopping them, but Deno watched in shock as they did so.

In Unapologetic, Hayden is still kissing Drake in the room, but stops because he's remorseful about what he's doing and he doesn't want to break Deno's heart (although he already did). He called himself a heartbreaker and tried to ignore Drake when he tries to make him realize that they are into each other. He reveals that he and Deno haven't kissed each other since the fight he got into with Drake. He's still shocked about kissing Drake again and he has difficulties coming to terms with it. Hayden is seen waving at Deno, but when he ignores him, he finds it strange and unusual. After that, he is seen trying to calm Salvatore down when he finds out that New Directions is doing a Rihanna tribute, but ends up freaking out when the tribute is from Rihanna's album, Unapologetic. Later on, Hayden is seen at a LGBT Alliance meeting talking about gay marriage; he believes that people are stereotypical. When he and the rest of the members try to get Deno's attention, he leaves, and Hayden follows him to see what's wrong, but is left surprised when Deno calls him a heartbreaker. After that, Hayden is seen performing Jump with Cole and Matthew. After that, Hayden attends another LGBT Alliance meeting, but with only Jackson Tyler and Gretchen Shedevilia there, and a visit from Lyndsay Hanover. The four quickly bond as the girls try to cheer Hayden up from the stress he's having over Deno's anger towards him, and New Directions' drama. The four perform Pour It Up together and due to liking their voices, Hayden convinces the two to join New Directions, they both agree. Hayden is seen happy when the two enter the choir room and gave Lyndsay and Gretchen high-fives. Later on, Hayden tries to apologize to Deno for kissing Drake, and when Deno tries to say goodbye, Hayden serenades him and they both sing Nobody's Businessit is indicated that they are back together when they kiss and say that they love each other. Hayden tells Deno that Drake means nothing to him.

In Bad Girls Club, Hayden has a role in the episode as he is confronted by Gretchen when he is seen exchanging glances at Drake, still tense from their intimacy for each other. Gretchen tries to believe that Hayden and Drake are in love with each other, but Hayden tries to tell her to leave it alone and stay out of his business as she states that he and Deno don't belong together. Lyndsay comes to his defense, and as they get into an argument, he is seen attempting to escape it. Meanwhile, Hayden is seen at Breadstix with Deno, talking about the issue that occurred that day. Hayden expresses her misgivings for Gretchen, saying that he regrets recruiting her for New Directions because of her sneaky and cruel ways. He states that the more she talks about Drake, the more frustrated he gets about it. Deno asks if Mrs. Underwood would help, but Hayden declines it. Later on, Jason makes a return as she spots Hayden at Breadstix, much to his surprise, and asks if she could have a place to stay. He is aghast by this, although he rejects her offer remorsefully, saying that he wish that he could open up a place for her to stay, but he doesn't think his grandmother will accept her. He also convinces her to keep in touch with Hailey because she talks about her nonstop. Later on, Hayden and Deno become witnesses of Lyndsay and Gretchen's physical altercation in the McKinley High hallways. In the end, Hayden is happy by Lyndsay's return after her fight, as they sit next to each other and he can be seen watching the New Directions Girls perform Bad Girls.

In Sixteen, Hayden can be seen performing Sixteen Candlesalong with the New Directions Boys, for Kaleesha's birthday. Meanwhile, Hayden is seen in the football field with the others and Coach Beiste as she instructs the routines for their practice. When he discovers that he is paired up with Drake, he is aghast, and devastated by it. Drake comes to pat him on his back and tell him to start, but Hayden demands him not to touch him and never call him by his last name. As they prepare, adrenaline starts to flow and Hayden's volatile manner starts to show as he aggressively pushes Drake to the ground, temporarily maiming him and hurting his leg. At this point, Hayden is shocked by his actions and he is yelled at by Coach Beiste as the football members try to help Drake go to the nurse. He thinks to himself, what has he done and what came over him. Meanwhile, Hayden is seen with Lyndsay in the cafeteria as he explains what happened, and he feels that he doesn't want to regret it, but at the same time he does. He reveals the issues he has with Drake that left him completely torn and confused. Also, he claims that he loves Deno, but he feels as if he's shutting him out. When Hayden tries to catch up to Deno in the hallways, he wants to set a date for two at Kaleesha's birthday party, Deno rejects the offer and lies about spending time with his family, when his original plan is to take Gretchen out without him knowing - Hayden becomes upset by this and feels as if he's not making an effort. Hayden attends Kaleesha's sweet sixteen hours later and has fun as he performs Crazy Kids with New Directions. After that, Hayden is worried as he texts Deno, anxious to talk to him. However, Lyndsay attemps to cheer him up by telling him to dance with her. Although he hestates at first, he decides to dance with her just for the fun of it. Meanwhile, Hayden is one of New Directions members who questions Kaleesha's sadness, and he wishes her a happy birthday at the end along with the rest of the people.

In the beginning of The Side Effects, Hayden is seen annoyed over Lyndsay's consistent obsession rant over Ross Lynch, preferring that she should like someone else for a change like Colton Haynes. Meanwhile, Hayden tries sparking a conversation with Deno, to whom doesn't seem interested, and Hayden immediately feels like Deno isn't listening to him, and he assumes that Deno is still angry at him for kissing Drake. He realizes their distance between each other. Later on, Hayden gets the news of Jason's overdose and he sits in the waiting room at the hospital with others, hoping that she'll survive. He admits that he thought that Jason seemed more of a badass than him. Afterwards, Hayden performs Waterfalls alongside Kaleesha, Kendall, and Salvatore to express their care for Jason's situation. In the end, he performs in Battlefield with New Directions.


Hayden has a very changing personality. He goes from being the aggressive, jock guy with a desire to play football, he's more of a bully. A bad guy with a reputation. However, Hayden's attitude on the outside is all for pretend. Really, he has a sweet, sensitive type of side of himself that's never been shown before. Hayden seems to be also very caring for others, which is also clear when he finds out about Jason's overdose. He can be also seen very sensitive towards certain things or very needy.


Hayden can be assumed to be straight based on his looks and his reputation as a jock, but as time went on, Hayden, at first, was confused of who he was based on the feelings he gathered for Deno. Things went to a new level when he kissed Deno, causing his friends to ostracize and bully him and leading him to quit the football team. As soon as he comes to terms with his feelings, he knows that he likes girls and likes boys, and he is deemed bisexual.


Deno DarkoEdit

Main article: Hayden-Deno Relationship

In the series opener is where Deno and Hayden first interact with each other, and secret feelings start to develop between the two although Hayden is unsure of who he is and what he wants, although Deno is sure of his sexuality. When it comes to a kiss the two share, Deno had began avoiding Hayden to think of how to come to terms with it, but Hayden was immediately attempting to have him prove that the kiss they shared was real. After kissing him once again in the hallways, is where things came to the light, and after Deno defends him while he is attacked by jocks, they directly admit they want each other. They both began dating in Blackout. However, when ex-friend Drake gets to Hayden's issues, resulting in two kisses, leaves Deno broken hearted and puts their relationship at risk. Hayden proves that Drake doesn't mean anything to him. As of now, they are still in a relationship, but it is quite distant.

Drake ShingletonEdit

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Prior to current events in Glee: Make It or Break It, Drake and Hayden have been best friends since third grade, where Drake had been often bullied and Hayden stood up for him, had made Drake develop long-term feelings for him, although he is deemed as a straight person. The two grew up together until McKinley High, where they both became jocks. When Hayden comes out as bisexual, this angers Drake (to which he admits to Hayden after their feud that he was jealous of Hayden coming out because he wouldn't have the guts to do that). Drake had made Hayden's week a living hell, resulting in a physical argument between the two in the locker room, but it leads to Drake making a move on Hayden by violently kissing him. While Drake believes that he and Hayden were meant to be, and he's in love with him, Hayden doesn't believe so and thinks that he is confused. Another kiss is caught by Hayden's boyfriend, Deno, and Hayden tries his hardest to prove that Drake doesn't exactly mean anything to him. Although Hayden does feel things for Drake, it's hard for him to admit it due to the fact that he loves Deno so much not to hurt him.

Lyndsay HanoverEdit

Main article: Hayden-Lyndsay Relationship

Hayden develops a very close friendship to Lyndsay after they fully get to know each other, while they knew each other a lot based on their big popularity in McKinley High, they never fully interacted with each other. When Hayden was continuously bullied by Drake and others based on his sexuality, Lyndsay developed sympathy. The two had later become close in Unapologetic where he had convinced her, as well as her enemy Gretchen to join New Directions. 



Season One:Edit

Solos (In a Duet):Edit

Season One:Edit

Solos (In a Group Number):Edit

Season One

Song Episode Solos with
Don't Stop Believin' The Hellraisers HaileyDenoAidan, and Cole
Tightrope Duffy Danger Holly, Cole, KaleeshaSamantha, Hailey, and Aidan
All of the Lights Blackout Samantha, Hailey, Matt, Deno, JasonKendall, Cole, Salvatore, and Kaleesha
Turn Me On Guilty Pleasure Deno, Kendall, Drake, Hailey, Kaleesha, GretchenLyndsayChristopher, and Jackson
Guilty Pleasure Jason, Kendall, Matt, Tiffany, and Salvatore
Pour It Up Unapologetic Lyndsay, Jackson, and Gretchen
Sixteen Candles Sixteen Cole and Aidan
Crazy Kids Kaleesha, Cole, Samantha, and Lyndsay
Waterfalls The Side Effects Salvatore, Kendall, and Kaleesha
Battlefield Samantha, Aidan, Kendall, Salvatore, Lyndsay, Gretchen, Hailey, Matt, Deno, and Kaleesha