Hayden's Quotations are quotations made by Hayden Russo, as portrayed by Kendall Schmidt.

Season OneEdit

Deno: What jock helps a loser out?

Hayden: The one that could put my fist to your face for the ungratefulness he's given.

Hayden and Deno, The Hellraisers

Yeah, I can sing, but I'd rather sing without wearing tutus.

—Hayden, The Hellraisers

I just guess you have to be brave and be yourself, you know, that's what I try to be.

Hayden to Deno, The Hellraisers

Deno: That was pretty amazing.

Hayden: Not as amazing as you are.

Hayden and Deno, Numb

But don't deny the fact that we're both into each other, you know this. I've realized it ever since I first laid eyes on you.

Hayden to Deno, Numb

This dude is seriously starting to make me love Broadway now!

Hayden about Matt, The Broadway Battle

I think it's time to let out the Viper Venom. It's time to let the badass be a badass again.

Hayden (in voice-over), Duffy Danger

Willy Wonka reference? Dude, you're awesome.

Hayden to Jason, Duffy Danger

Yes, I kissed a boy, and you know what, I liked it. I freaking liked it. But I'm not freaking gay, so back off and leave me the hell alone.

Hayden, Blackout

Also, it's the end of Viper. Just call me Hayden.

Hayden, Blackout