Season One, Episode Sixteen
First Aired April 2013
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"The Power of Madonna²"
"Mad Money"
Father is the sixteenth episode of REBELReloaded's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It. It will be aired likely in April 2013. This also marks the first appearances of the characters' Jason DuffyHailey McConnell, Hayden Russo and Cole Reynolds' parents.


Hailey tries to come clean to her insensitive and rude father, but is left with negative results. Meanwhile, Cole's struggles increase as his parents plan to get a divorce, and is torn when he has to choose between his parents. Later, Jason's father returns to help her get back on track with her health, but she doesn't trust him enough to let him. Hayden flashes back in the past about his sexual encounters with his own father and how afraid he would be if he returned. Meanwhile, Kai is overwhelmed when it comes to his relationship with Kendall, the issues he has with Brianna, and he turns to Jason for recourse, but will this end well for him?



  • There will be a duet with Jason and Hailey in this episode.
  • Kai will have his first solo without the Warblers in this episode, it will be about Brianna.


Song Title Original Artist Performers
Clown Emeli Sande Hailey McConnell
Perfect Life RED Jason Duffy
I Dreamed a Dream Cast of Les Miserables Cole Reynolds
Lost Cause Beck Kai Marsden
TBA TBA Hayden Russo
Dance With My Father Luther Vandross New Directions