Season One, Episode Nineteen
First Aired 2014
Episode Guide
"The Deception Game"
Exposed is the nineteenth episode of Glee: Make It or Break It's first season, it is unknown when the episode will be released, but it is likely to be in 2013. 



  • This episode will be Aidan-centric.
  • A shocking secret about Aidan is exposed in the social media, leading to a infamy, and when it hits McKinley, Aidan reaches a breaking point that may lead to a fatality. When Samantha's prostitute life is fully known around the whole school, Cody tries to be her guardian angel, which angers Cole. Meanwhile, Matthew gets scared when he realizes the detriments of being in a relationship with a school staff member, and Lyndsay believes she may like Hayden after an unexpected move.


Song Title Original Artist Performers
Breathe Me Sia Aidan Andrews
I Bruise Easily Natasha Bedingfield Samantha Parker
TBA TBA Aidan AndrewsSalvatore Anderson, and Hayden Russo
TBA TBA Matthew Humphrey and Brooke Underwood
TBA TBA Aidan Andrews
TBA TBA New Directions

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