Cole's Quotations is the quotations of Cole Reynolds, as portrayed by Aaron Tveit.

Season OneEdit

Cole, you are officially going to be a star soon, I just know it. You're gonna be the shining star.

Cole, The Hellraisers.

I got the looks, the talent, the cockiness, eh, I'm awesome. Face it, you guys want to be me.

Cole, The Hellraisers.

I just hate how much of a dick your boyfriend is.

Cole to Samantha about Matthew, Numb.

I just hope you don't expect me to fall back like some background dancer. I'm the star at McKinley, you're just rising.

Cole to Matthew, The Broadway Battle

I think I should request a solo from the one and only Les Miserables, of course performed by yours truly at Invitationals, we'll definitely impress everyone out there.

Cole, Duffy Danger

I may have my dreams surrounding me, but I know an asshole when I see one, and that asshole is you.

Cole to Matthew, Duffy Danger

I'm sorry if my super stardom is too good for all of you.

Cole, Blackout

I now expect a large round of applause for coming back to New Directions.

Cole, Blackout

Performing sex songs in a Glee Club is like child pornography.

Cole, Guilty Pleasure

We hardly ever talk in Glee Club, nor do we outside of Glee Club, so what motivates you to talk to me now? The fact that I'm gonna do something better than you can?

Cole to Salvatore, Guilty Pleasure

It's not our faults Tiffany was quiet all of the time. She should have been more active, and maybe she would have the same amount of spotlight as me.

Cole about Tiffany, The Diva-Off

With vocals amazing like that, it's obvious that we'll be getting some straight up competition at McKinley. I'm already willing to destroy them with my solo version of Don't Rain on My Parade.

Cole about the Swagettes, The Diva-Off

Samantha lied to me, Matthew. LIED to me. I trusted her and gave her all of my heart and she lied. She said that she was a virgin. She could be possibly having sex with other boys, giving them oral jobs in the car and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know how DISGUSTING that is?

Cole, The Diva-Off

"Just for once, I want everyone to just walk in my shoes to see what I have to go through instead of just standing to be near me because my personality affects them.

Cole, The Diva-Off

Let's just say that it's better to forget the past, and better to think about your future. I have my whole life ahead of me and I don't want any obstacles to come my way.

Cole, Unapologetic

It takes a slutty drug to know one.

Cole about Jason, Unapologetic