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    Carl encourages The Savages to ditch school for the day and take a road trip to Portland, Oregon; however, things backfire when they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. After a night at the Rave, The Savages lose control and are chased by drug dealing businessmen, whom Carl’s father secretively works for. Zachary develops a crush on Trae, but when Joe kisses Trae—a part of his scheme—Zachary feels disappointed. Alex and Gina discover their childhood history together, and Sydney becomes fed up with Nate’s behavior. Rose accuses Dirty Dan of the infamous video scandal, and it leads to one question—who made the video?


    It was 1:00 in the morning—hours after The Savages faced potential consequences in Portland, Oregon. A glo…

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    Gina becomes fed up with the misogynistic attitudes the school boys demonstrate, after she is harassed by two guys at the movies, and she teams up with Lily Blossom and Sydney Prescott to create the Femme Fatale. After Brian and Vik’s little video scandal takes over the school, Rose De Vil tries her hardest to determine who is responsible, and she targets Trae and Zach, who has feelings for Trae. However, Trae isn’t exactly aware of it, nor is he aware of Joe’s manipulative ways to get his power. Alex and Gina have rekindled their relationship, and well… Nate transformed into Breadquanda, inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oh yeah, also, Rufus quits the football team and joins the Savages, but will he fit in?


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    James A. Masters High School has become completely fed up with the new rules—no jackets, no accessories, no cellphones, and no weave—and the students aren’t having it. The Savages encourage the students to start silent protests, which caused friction between the students and teachers, who even threaten to quit. Alex and Gina make amends after Alex tries his hardest to impress her, but Carl convinces him to be natural. Joe continues to manipulate by targeting Sydney, who knows of his suspicious acts. Trae and Zach’s quest to expose Brian and Vik also backfires in the midst of an assembly performance gone awry.


    The same morning that Trae heard his name called on the intercom was the same day things felt tense, bitter, and …

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    Trae Ventura, and his gang, The Savages, attempt to recruit new members to bolster their popularity, and create a movement against the school environment. The group, however, competes with different cliques: The Jocks, the Red Hot Cheer Peppers, The Sexxx Symbols, and The Moneybags, who continue to torment and belittle The Savages. Meanwhile, the Savages recruit Gina, Trae’s best friend, but Sydney doesn’t like her – she proves this by placing a wedge between Gina and Alex’s bond. Joe is also a new member who is determined to steal Trae’s throne in the Savages.


    The day was warmer than usual for a September day – it felt like summer, even though autumn had already started. Despite the beautiful, serene, sunny weath…

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    Black leather jacket, destroyed jeans, scuffed shell-top Adidas – Trae Ventura kept his style as aggressive and exclusive as possible. His parents barely knew him anymore; his closest friends abandoned him, ignored him, or just disappeared. Trae was once a teenager with optimism, sensitivity—he still has this trait, and compassion, but he knew he had to speak for himself, to speak for his school, for his reputation… for America.

    Rihanna’s song, “Hard,” played loudly on his dancing water speakers as he quickly sprayed a Michael Kors fragrance around his apparel. He sprayed hair sheen above him as he looked in the mirror, smirking.

    Trae narrates--My mother always told me that you have to show an image, one that could make or break you or fits …

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    1. Flawless by Beyoncé. Sung by Mercedes Jones.
    2. Cups (When I'm Gone) by Anna Kendrick. Sung by Becky Hamilton.
    3. Let It Go from Frozen. Sung by Caleb Millington and Marcus Fitzpatrick.
    4. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. Sung by Charlotte Oakley.
    5. Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes. Sung by Brittany London.
    6. If It Means a Lot to You by A Day to Remember. Sung by Thomas Hale.
    7. Gossip Folks/Funky Fresh Dressed by Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris and Ms. Jade. Sung by West Ridge High School Students.
    8. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Sung by Vocal Dynamix.
    9. Some Nights by fun. Sung by Harmonic Explosion.

    1. Three's Company by Ray Charles and Julia Rinker. Sung by Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans.
    2. Violet Hill by Coldplay. Sung by Adriana Cruz.
    3. S&M by Rihanna. Sung by New Directions.
    4. Hooked on Your Love from Sparkle. Sung by P…

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    July 22, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded

    So here's what you missed on Glee: Los Angeles:

    Glee Club is super close to Invitationals, even though it's not exactly a competition, but just to make an impression on people, but Harmonic Explosion has yet to decide on performances. Wow. Mercedes has been having difficulties finding a way to maintain a music career, but with the help of new roommate, Patrick, they've become good friends, not good news for Sam. Thomas is Phoebe's target, by keeping Brittany and Stevie occupied with each other, Phoebe is determined to see the insecurities in Thomas. Adriana finally comes forward with joining Glee Club, and love is in the air for Caleb and Charlotte.

    That's what you missed on Glee!


    A large, wooden gavel slammed loudl…
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    May 27, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded
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    May 18, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded

    So, here's what you've missed so far on Glee: Los Angeles:

    Mercedes moved back to Los Angeles, California with Sam after a long break in New York, and in order to focus on her music career and her debut album, it's a bit difficult for her to manage. Especially since she's the director of a new glee club, Harmonic Explosion, at West Ridge High School. Considering that they're a new club, they're already down at the bottom, and in order to get up, they are urged to promote themselves at an assembly, leading to many more members.

    And that's what you missed on Glee: Los Angeles!


    It was completely dark outside of the studio where Mercedes would record her songs. Exactly two hours before the sun would rise, Mercedes sat inside …
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    Test 2

    April 22, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded

    It was a very beautiful sunny morning in Los Angeles, but it was the usual type of weather. But in Mercedes and Sam's loft, it was the sudden usual for the second week living there. Inside, it was dull and boring at first hand, as soon as Mercedes woke up to get ready for work at West Ridge High, she was lacking energy.

    When she walked downstairs in her loft, there sat Sam wrapped in a blanket, with a large bowl of Trix cereal. As he continued eating it, he was watching I Love Lucy on the Hallmark Channel on the TV. All Mercedes could hear is the voices of Ricky Ricardo yelling at Lucy, and the constant repetitive laughter after every punchline. She looked down and called Sam's name.

    "Sam, why are you on the couch? It's such a mess in here."…

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    April 12, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded

    Mercedes Jones walked outside of Los Angeles, California, admiring the beautiful view of the city she knew she'd find her dream. As soon as she walked outside, she felt keen to make her way back to reality. She felt confident in how she walked, and how she looked as soon as people spotted her on the streets of Hollywood.

    "I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world," Mercedes continued to look around, pleased with the attention she received. "Don't forget it, don't forget it. Respect that, bow down b*tches."

    "I took some time to live my life, but don't think I'm just his little wife, don't get it twisted, get it twisted. This my ish, bow down b*tches, bow down b*tches, bow bow down b*tches."

    Mercedes takes over the sidewa…

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    March 28, 2014 by REBƎLReloaded

    Hey, guys, Trae here. Some of you may know that I'm very experienced in writing fanfictions. Formerly, I had made the attempt to write a similar fanfiction, Glee: Make it or Break It, and Las Vegas. But due to the fact that most of those were pushed away because of focus on school and personal life, I decided to take another risk, to which I'm sure I can manage this time. Since my birthday is coming in 2 days, this time I'd want to have a "re-start" on one of my passions. Writing.

    This fanfiction is set now in Los Angeles, the City of Angels! 

    Plot: Aspiring pop-diva, Mercedes Jones, returns back to the City of Angels after her summertime vacation in New York to refocus on her music career, and her rekindled relationship with teen dream, Sam…

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    Hey guys! Since Sectionals is up for the series, it's time for the volume two of the MIOBI Album Collection! However, YOU get to choose which songs will perfectly fit.

    There are many choices you can choose from this list from episodes Bad Girls Club to Royals.

    You may choose up to 17-18 songs.

    1. BBD (Bad Bitches Do It)
    2. Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)
    3. Case of the Ex
    4. Smack You
    5. Bad Girls
    6. Sixteen Candles
    7. Temporary Home
    8. Fine China
    9. Crazy Kids
    10. 16 @ War
    11. Looking In
    12. No Air
    13. Waterfalls
    14. Hurt
    15. Mirrors
    16. If I Lose Myself
    17. Battlefield
    18. Swagger Jagger/Moves Like Jagger
    19. Lipgloss
    20. Boyfriend*
    21. Get Like Me
    22. Pretty Girl Rock
    23. Va Va Voom
    24. Teach Me How to Dougie
    25. Acapella
    26. Rolling in the Deep
    27. I Don't Want You Back
    28. Bennie and the Jets
    29. Falling In Love
    30. Someone Like You
    31. Let It Rock
    32. Royals

    - * indicates that it will ser…

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  • Fundog2

    My Oc

    November 18, 2013 by Fundog2

    Hi So This is my idea for a person in this FF. 

    Juliet Tomson-Woods

    Age: She is 16

    Her Grade is 10th Grade.

    She is Stragith 

    Her Background is She is was born and rasied In LA with her mom and dad. At the age of 4 her father passed away from Cancer before he died she told Juliet to never stop living and enjoy the music, thats how Juliet fell inlove with music. When she turned 7 her mother  moved her to Ohio and remarried Dexter Woods. Juliet felt like she had lost her mother to Dexter because she always hung out with Dexter and not her. At the age 15 she ran away from home when her mother told her she only cared for Dexter. She now lives with her Aunt Lacy and Uncle Dan in Lima. 

    Her Appearance is staright brown hair she has light green eyes and…

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    So, me and RJ decided to come up with more people and names to portray characters for an American Idol FF! Here's how it would go.

    1. Andrew Lovett
    2. Brendon Nicholson
    3. Chantay Coleman
    4. Daniel Spearing
    5. Gabrielle Townsend
    6. James Washington - Wild Card
    7. Julia Woolf
    8. Katherine Webb - Wild Card
    9. Larissa Webb
    10. Lukas Becker 
    11. Oliver Moss - Wild Card
    12. Nick Carrow
    13. Tamara Harvill

    Order Contestant Song Result
    1 Katherine Webb "Heart Attack" Safe
    2 Nick Carrow "Chasing Cars" Bottom 3
    3 Oliver Moss "One" Bottom 3
    4 Gabrielle Townsend "Sure Thing" Top 3
    5 Lukas Becker "I'm Yours" Eliminated
    6 Chantay Coleman "My Funny Valentine" Safe
    7 Tamara Harvill "Chasing Pavements" Safe
    8 Daniel Spearing "Found a Way" Top 3
    9 Andrew Lovett "My Kind of Love" Safe
    10 Julia Woolf "Before He Cheats" Safe

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    1. Amy Nakamura
    2. Brett Hawkins
    3. Cara Mel
    4. Ella Miller
    5. Erika Chase - Wild Card
    6. Esther Goldbloom
    7. Keisha Johnson
    8. Leon Mraz
    9. Maria Rocher
    10. Nicholas Santiago
    11. Sam Novotny - Wild Card
    12. Trae Anderson
    13. William Arnett

    Order Contestant Song Result
    1 Brett Hawkins "Come Together" Safe
    2 Keisha Johnson "Summertime" Bottom 3
    3 Sam Novotny "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" Bottom 3
    4 Maria Rocher "You Oughta Know" Safe
    5 Nicholas Santiago "Love The Way You Lie" Safe
    6 Erika Chase "A Moment Like This" Eliminated
    7 William Arnett "When a Man Loves a Woman" Safe
    8 Ella Miller "I Was Here" Top 3
    9 Leon Mraz "Time of the Season" Safe
    10 Cara Mel "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" Safe
    11 Amy Nakamura "Sweet Dreams" Safe
    12 Esther Goldbloom "Somewhere" Top 3
    13 Trae Anderson "U Got It Bad" To…

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  • Duffy Danger

    Its come to my attention that I've been treating people like crap. If I have people need to tell him Hey Jackie ease up or check your attitude because let me think I'm being nice and wham when a fight happens it gets nasty because that's when they tell me when I'm pissed or mad which adds water to a grease fire.

    And I'm sorry for it.

    Trae you have become the my closest friend here of late. You sit here listen to me when I talk about my insecurities. I wish you luck with Kyle. And you don't know how much I am thankful you.

    Kyler, my man, I have so much more respect for you. You were the only one who had the balls to not give me what I wanted when it wasn't good for me.  Thank You.

    Kyle, I don't know you that well so the only thing will say is t…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Two Worlds

    April 12, 2013 by REBƎLReloaded
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  • CollisionCourse

    NOTE: This will be happening but won't be released until late 2013/early 2014 :)

    Okay, so I've been on a fake movie poster making spree recently and seeing as I love Zac Efron (guilty pleasure :P) and I don't like Finchel, I put this together and I'm quite impressed with myself XD

    Now this would be a Season 5 idea. And Zac would be introduced in the first episode of Season 5 as Charlie McCutchen. Here is some background information on Charlie.

    Charlie grew up in Brooklyn, New York to a military mother and father. His older brothers Nick and John-Paul are also in the army but Charlie chose not to join the military; instead concentrating on sports: being a star player in his high school team, the Abraham Lincoln High Railsplitters and received …

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    My adrenaline's rushing from my wrists to my veins People judge me for everything, it just drives me insane I get crazy questions about my life in the past But you take it for rudeness, you can just kiss my ass You try and call me names, like I'm supposed to cry You go and pull me down, as if I would die I get called white or black, just because of my race But what does it matter? Get all up in my face I try to deal with the judgement, as if I was mature But then I question myself, what the fuck I'm here for? You try and trash me down, like I'm just a target You say this is the end, but my life's just started I get called dramatic, just because I have emotions But when you haters get scared, I cause a commotion But I have a good heart, jus…

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    Want to know what it is? Do you? Do you? Do you? Keep looking below to see.

    Keep on going!

    A little moreeeee!

    A littleeeeeeee moreeeeeeeee!



    YES! Glee: Make It or Break It is doing Amy Winehouse!


    Want to know the songs that may be used from each album? Here they are!

    • Stronger Than Me
    • You Sent Me Flying
    • F*ck Me Pumps
    • In My Bed

    • You Know I'm No Good
    • Back to Black
    • Love is a Losing Game
    • Tears Dry on Their Own
    • Wake Up Alone

    These aren't confirmed, but they are definitely possible!

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    Cherry She used to be a sweet girl Ch-ch-ch-cherry Thought she was better than the whole world She had money in her pockets Kept a case of Polly Lockets in her bedroom Cherry That's right, she was a weirdo Ch-ch-ch-cherry She was a girl that was "on-the-go" Kept marijuana in her purse Went from better to the worse She was so doomed

    If you met this chick, she would look at you Looking so fucked up, not knowing what to do With her hand-me-down heels and her ripped up skirts Messed up her hair, put her face in the dirt She was used and abused Asked to have sex, she refused Yeah, this girl, she was dead wrong

    Cherry, she was so gone (She got herself into the mix) She was so gone (Asked for dudes to give her a fix) She was so wrong (Used to be t…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Eyes all locked when I look at his face Left me shaking and excited, got me all out of place I can't help but feel this way, cause you mean so much to me Closed the door, so I could let it all go If I told him, I'm scared it will hurt him so Deep inside my head, I just want him to know how I feel If he only knew how much I love him How much I need him, how much I adore him It's impossible for him to see That he and I were always meant to be If he could only know That I need him so

    I'm in love with him And he doesn't even know it I don't want to hide it But I'm afraid to show it I'm falling for him But is he falling for me? I'd doubt it But I know that we were meant to be It's impossible, so impossible

    Can't control myself when he says my na…

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  • Duffy Danger

    Good Luck Juan

    April 6, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    As he makes his departure I'm trying not to cry.

    Every time I think of bug crushing maker (which is apparently a person that i'm still trying to figure why they are called that) I'm gonna think of Juan.

    Juan you have been my closest and oldest friends. You have encouraged and teased me so much. You made me feel better about disconcerting feelings. You made me take a chance. You say it will work out which I believe will happen. 

    I just wanted to say Good Luck for this isn't a good bye but a new beginning.

    I will forever butcher your name but that's just my style.

    Love ya man!

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    Daddy was an old man running down the street Full of bruises, scars and blemish from his head to his feet He used to be a good man, used to be the one I admired. Took a journey to death, got caught in a fire. Mommy was a strung-out woman in the house Heineken and Bud Light bottles around the couch Every time I walked by, she used to despise me Every rule I had to follow, and she tried to disguise me Tried to change me to the worse, pushed me out Tried to show me what the real world was all about But then she failed, and then I set sail Looking for a way to pack all of my things and bail.

    You may think you know me But really you don't know me at all Every time I try to climb I reach and then I fall Don't try to judge me Just because you see …

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    "Last night, the Top 12 Boys performed for the chance to make it to the finals, some were given great criticism, some needed improvement. However, tonight, the girls will be performing for us and they are definitely in it to win it. But only six girls will make it through, and six will not make the cut. Ladies and gentlemen, this... is American Idol!" Ryan Seacrest says.

    "And now, let's give it up for your judges!" The announcer said. "Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey!"

    Keith, Nicki, and Mariah all walked out together, Keith held Nicki's hand as they both waved at the crowd cheering loudly, they all sat at the panel, while the announcer yelled, "And your host, Ryan Seacrest!"

    Ryan walked out with his microphone and he amiably greete…

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  • Duffy Danger

    Late Easter

    April 3, 2013 by Duffy Danger


    I've been trying to get something uploaded for everyone since everyone thinks I have an adorable voice :D!

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Matthew's affair with Brooke is explored privately, as sudden attractions slowly surround, but will this relationship last that long and will there be any detriments to this situation. 

    • Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. Sung by Matthew Humphrey.

    Regionals is ahead, and the battle between New Directions, The McKinley Swagettes, and Vocal Adrenaline begins as they all fight to the finish. Meanwhile, the student-teacher affair at McKinley shares risky consequences, and Kendall becomes devastated by the cracks in her relationship with Kai, and Tiffany tries to push her way back into New Directions.

    • Almost Home by Mariah Carey. Sung by Tiffany Winters and New Directions.
    • Betty Woz Gone by Stooshe. Sung by The McKinley Swagettes.

    Plot Here

    Cole and Kalees…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    "At this moment, we're here in Vegas completely ready to start this season strong with our brand new top 24 contestants with outstanding voices, but tonight... the boys will be performing for the chance to make it to the top 6, meaning that only 6 will make it and six others will be eliminated. Ladies and gentlemen, this... is American Idol!" Ryan Seacrest says.

    "And now, let's give it up for your judges!" The announcer said. "Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey!"

    Keith, Nicki, and Mariah all walked out together, Keith held Nicki's hand as they both waved at the crowd cheering loudly, they all sat at the panel, while the announcer yelled, "And your host, Ryan Seacrest!"

    Ryan walked out with his microphone and he amiably greeted everyon…

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  • CollisionCourse

    Character Name: James Isaiah "JP" Powell

    Age/Grade: 16 (Junior)

    Personality: JP is usually described with one single word: troublemaker. He always wants to play practical jokes on people, gets into fights, steals things before selling them to passing randoms who want anything. And he usually won't stop until he gets what he wants, even resorting to physical violence, blackmail and threatening behavior and even though that has come back to bite him on the behind many times, he doesn't care. He never really has cared about the consequences and unless he gets hit really hard around the side of the head, he probably never will care. He's also not afraid to speak his mind and with him being from Lima Heights, he's bound to have many insults up hi…

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  • Luke&DiannaMagick
    • It Ends Tonight by The All American Rejects.
    • If You Could See Me Now by The Script.
    • Wonderwall by Beady Eye.
    • Lost Cause by Beck.
    • Dear Maria, Count Me In (Acoustic Version) by All Time Low (Could change the name Maria to LI)
    • Don't Speak by No Doubt.
    • Six Feet Under the Stars by All Time Low. (this would be my first choice:P)
    • What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. (Yay! Cheesy songs!)
    • Science and Faith by The Script. (Only after troubles with a relationship; Kaidall?)

    • The A Team by Ed Sheeran. (with Jason)
    • Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. (with Kendall)
    • Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk. (with Kendall/Brianna)
    • Nobody Knows by P!nk (with a new friend or Jason)
    • Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston (with Brianna)
    • Inconsolable by Backstreet Boys (with ex LI)
    • We Both Know by Colbi…

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  • Camsay

    Prae Impromptu Scene

    March 12, 2013 by Camsay

    For Jackie, this is. Because she's awesome, and working on The Editors, she needs some good inspiration to write, and well, what would be better than the revival of one of the most sexy ships ever?

    Priscilla landed on bed naked, still shivering with the pleasure of the night. Addison rested next to her wth her arms wrapped around Priscilla's shoulders.

    "Wow" Priscilla limited herself to say. "This was just..." Priscilla sighed.

    "The greatest night of my life. I feel the same" Addison continued. "I think the whole thing that kept us separated and made us wait did this even better. I had never felt all of this before. Not even when I was with Kendel."

    "Well, thanks" Priscilla said as she touched Addison's face and pressing her lips against hers. …

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  • Camsay

    Matt's Song Suggestions

    March 11, 2013 by Camsay

    The following blog contains a list of songs suggested to be sung by Matthew "Matt" Humphrey.

    • Alone by Heart
    • Everybody's Changing by Keane
    • Grace Kelly by MIKA
    • Clocks by Coldplay
    • Don't Cry by Guns N' Roses
    • One Last Kiss from Bye Bye Birdie
    • Suddenly from Les Misérables
    • Everytime by Britney Spears

    • Let's Talk About Sex by Salt N' Pepa. (Samantha/Kaleesha)
    • Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams (Possibly Tiffany)
    • Pretty Women from Swenney Todd (Cole)
    • It Takes Two from Hairspray (Cole)

    • I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. (with Hayden, Cole, Drake and Aidan).
    • I Like It/I Like How It Feels by Enrique Iglesias (Main soloist with New Directions Boys) (Mash-up)
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  • REBƎLReloaded

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  • PurposeLV
    • Gangnam Style - PSY
    • Dancing On My Own - Robyn
    • If You Seek Amy - Britney Spears
    • Piece of Me - Britney Spears
    • We R Who We R - Kesha
    • Die Young - Kesha
    • Genie in a bottle - Christina Aguilera
    • Give Me All Your Luvin - Madonna
    • Can't Get You Out of my head - Kylie Mingoue
    • We run the night - Havannah Brown
    • Gold - Neon Hitch
    • E.T. - Katy Perry
    • Countdown - Beyonce
    • You Haven't seen The Last Of Me - Cher
    • Rocket - Goldfrap
    • Rumors - Lyndsay Lohan
    • Through the rain - Mariah carey
    • Try it on my own - Whitney Houston
    • Any song by Avril LAvigne
    • Tough - Natasha Bedingfield

    • How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the diamonds (with Christopher Sandsmark)
    • Starships (Accoustic version) - (with Hayden Russo)
    • Va Va Boom/Hero - Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey (Jason Duffy)

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  • Duffy Danger

    Ok ok I know i've done this numerous times but I always got busy and had to cancel the others. Now I have something drop off my schedule and would love to start writing again. So here it is.

    Mr. Shue and Holly Holiday decide to make an explosion back on to the Show Choir stage with a new group of misfits.








    Audition Song:


    Name: Dia Grace

    Age: 16

    Sex: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbain

    Backstory: Dia is the youngest of three kids. Her parents are the new owners of Breadsticks. She spent the first two years of high school in a high school that is for smart teenagers but her parents decided to move her back to Lima Ohio.

    Personality: Dia is a very quiet soul. She hides behind her intelligent. She…

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  • CollisionCourse

    I was thinking she could either be a Swagette that eventually goes to New Directions or a ND member for Season 2 and because of her questioning sexuality, one of the Alliance could mentor and befriend her and make her come out of her shell (standing up for herself, knowing what people can be really like, coming out to her family etc). She could get a potential love interest too (that isn't Marco :P)

    • Character Name: Scarlett Diane Fairbanks 
    • Age/Grade: 15 (Freshman)
    • Personality: Growing up in a traditional family, Scarlett likes to keep her opinions to herself when she is around her extended family. Whenever she's at home, she stays quiet and keeps herself to herself but when she's at school, her true self appears. She is a bubbly girl who lov…
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  • PurposeLV

    Message from RiseAgainsT

    February 28, 2013 by PurposeLV


    Is anyone still alive from this page? It seems the Wiki has been deserted for the past two days. ^-^

    Me? I'll admit that I had deserted. Stuff in real life. I wrote my last mid term exam on Monday, I have been celebrating that with friends pretty much non-stop since xD It's just a temporary thing, though, I'll be editing again from today on, I hope.

    Anyway, if you wanna appease me, leave me a comment underneath this blog, to show me you're still alive. xD

    Luv, Andy.

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Think you have what it takes to come up with your own tracklist for Volume 1? Come up with a 17-song tracklist for the first volume of Glee: Make It or Break It! And whoever has the best one will be chosen!

    Note that the volume 1 album goes from episode The Hellraisers to episode The Diva-Off, then there will be a second volume that will go from Bad Girls Club to the Sectionals episode. :D

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  • TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe


    February 17, 2013 by TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe

    Ask me questions! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


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  • TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe

    I was bored so I had an idea for a character who could possibly join New Directions in Season 2? She could be a potential rival/love interest for Cole.

    Character Name: Ivy Mills
    Age/Grade: 16/Freshman
    Personality: Ivy is competitive, driven and passionate. She has her eyes on Broadway and will happily take down anybody in her path to stardom. She can come across as sweet and humble, but underneath her sweet exterior is a fierce girl with a strong mind. Ivy is a diva, but has low self-asteem issues and does not hide her emotions well. There is nothing she wouldn't do to achieve her dreams.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Backstory (must be detailed): Ivy was born in New York City, to a famous Broadway star mother and a stage manager father. However, her mo…

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  • Duffy Danger


    February 12, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    I just wanted to say I love everyone. You are my friends. I don't want to lose you guys.

    These songs are dedicated to you.....

    This song are dedicated to you.....

    It was too hard to choose a song for you so I went with this...

    This is for you....

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  • JamesonOTP

    An Open Letter...

    February 12, 2013 by JamesonOTP

    Dear Trae (and everyone else),

    You were my first and truest friend on Glee Wiki. You created awesome covers for me. You inspired me to join TGWT. You have always been my idol when it comes to graphics and I could never be as good as you...I don't wanna be as good as you because your graphics are amazing and they can NEVER be topped. Trae, please never feel that you are not worth something because you are worth SO much more than you will ever know. You are amazing at everything you do. I hurt so much because I feel that, based on what multiple have people have told me, that Trae, you have anger at me because you feelsyou are in my shadow or whatever. Trae, you could never be in my shadow. I feel we are such good friends who walk SIDE BY SIDE…

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  • Amhs

    Song Suggestions for Deno

    February 11, 2013 by Amhs
    • Ho Hey- The Lumineers
    • Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
    • Carry On- Fun
    • Try- P!nk
    • Lights- '''Nellie Veitenheimer
    • Into The West- Annie Lenox
    • Home- Phillip Phillips
    • It´s Time- '''Imagine Dragons
    • Loosing My Religion- R.E.M
    • White Flag- Dido
    • Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd
    • Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd
    • Please Don´t Leave Me- '''P!nk
    • Rhytm of Love- Plaine White T´s

    • Somebody That I used to know - Gotye ft. Kimbra( maybe with Viper some point theor relationship is going bad)
    • F***ing Perfect-P!nk (with Viper)
    • Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men (with Viper)
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  • Duffy Danger

    Yes Yes you see it

    February 8, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    I've been battling for a week and half to get this its also a surprise for Trae. Well here it is! My new username.!

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  • Camsay

    Chilling :D

    February 8, 2013 by Camsay


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    5/5 for me :D

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    CURRENT NEWS: 3/7/2013

    Yep, you heard right, there are some brand new admins in town! Congratulations to Gleek4ever2012 for recieving admin rights. If you want to be an admin, all you have to do is just edit as much as you can and update.

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  • Duffy Danger

    Jason's Outfits

    February 7, 2013 by Duffy Danger

    I was bored and watching Skins this morning. I was seeing alot of Effy's outfits as something Jason would wear so I decided to make a blog of the outfits.

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  • TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe

    Person 1:
    I’m in love with Judas
    I’m in love with Judas

    Person 2:
    Judas, Judas, Judas, Judas
    Judas, Judas, Judas, Gaga!

    Person 1:
    We are the crowd we're c-comin' out
    Got my flash on it's true
    Need that picture of you
    It so magical we'd be so fantastical

    Person 2:
    Leather and jeans garage glamorous
    Not sure what it means
    But this photo of us it don't have a price
    Lovin' you is cherry pie
    'Cause you know that baby I

    Person 1 (Person 2):
    I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
    But I’m still in love with Judas, baby (Chase you down until you love me)
    I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
    But I’m still in love with Judas, baby (Papa, paparazzi)

    Person 2:
    Promise I'll be kind
    But I won't stop until that boy is mine

    Person 1:
    Baby you'll be famo…

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  • TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe
    • Character Name: Gracia James
    • Age/Grade: 16/Freshman
    • Personality: Gracia is a talented country girl with stars in her eyes, she wants to be flattered and admired. Gracia is competitive, although humble and sweet. She can get highly jealous of anyone who receives more attention than her and she has a strong desire to win. She is an overachiever and excells in her academic studies but her true talent lies in the field of song. Her true dream is to be the next Carrie Underwood, and she will stop at nothing to make sure that her dreams comes true.
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Backstory (must be detailed): Gracia grew up in rural Tennessee, and worked on the farm until she was 11 years old. Her parents were highly religious and Gracia was forced to go to churc…
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