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A New Life
Album: Glee: Make It Or Break It, The Music, Volume 1
By: Jekyll and Hyde
Sung by: Kaleesha Simone
Episode: The Broadway Battle

A New Life is a song from the musical Jekyll and Hyde. It is performed by Kaleesha Simone in the third episode of LoveWithoutTragedy's fanfiction, Glee: Make It or Break It, it is featured in The Broadway Battle.


A New Life -
What I wouldn't give
To have a new life!
One thing I have learned
As I go through life:
Nothing is for free
Along the way!
A new start -
That's the thing I need,
To give me new heart -
Half a chance in life
To find a new part,
Just a simple role
That I can play.
A new hope -
Something to convince me
To renew hope!
A new day,
Bright enough
To help me find my way!
A new chance -
One that maybe has
A touch of romance.
Where can it be,
The chance for me?
A new dream -
I have one I know
That very few dream!
I would like to see
That overdue dream -
Even though
It never may come true!
A new love -
Though I know there's no
Such thing as true love -
Even so,
Although I never knew love,
Still I feel that
One dream is my due!
A new world -
This one thing I want
To ask of you, world -
Once! - Before it's time
To say adieu, world!
One sweet chance to
Prove the cynics wrong!
A new life -
More and more, I'm sure,
As I go through life,
Just to play the game -,
And to pursue life -
Just to share its pleasures,
And belong! -
That's what I've been here for,
All along!
Each day's
A brand new life!



Jekyll & Hyde-A New Life Sang by Lucy (Linda Eder)04:21

Jekyll & Hyde-A New Life Sang by Lucy (Linda Eder)


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